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So what are we going to see on ABC now?


Now that the Big Ten has decided to play in the FOX sandbox for a bit as well as the ESPN/ABC sandbox, we have to wonder what kind of schedule we will see when it comes to ABC games.  Not like we are all of a sudden going to see the second Sun Belt selection of the week in the primetime slot but there will be some changes.

For one, there will be probably less Big Ten games…but not that many less.  They fucking LOVE putting the Big Ten on ABC (at least in this area they do) so that won’t change.  What will change is the amount of games on ESPN and ESPN2.  Many of those will go to FOX and, ugh, FOX Sports One.  And the Big Ten Network will get close to the same number of games as last year (who’s ready for some hot Rutgers-Purdue ACTION?).  So all in all, yes we will get less Big Ten games.  Until we go through this season, almost no one has any idea how many less.

Look how about I just post my predicted schedule for ABC this season (which probably will be horrifically wrong after September) and then we can pontificate on it afterward?  Sound good?  Good.  Here we go:

September 2nd Akron at Penn State (confirmed) Noon
September 2nd Florida vs. Michigan (in Arlington) (confirmed) 3:30 PM
September 2nd Alabama vs. Florida State (in Atlanta) (confirmed) 8:00 PM
September 3rd Virginia Tech vs. West Virginia (in Landover) (confirmed) 7:30 PM
September 9th Louisville at North Carolina Noon
September 9th Pittsburgh at Penn State (confirmed) 3:30 PM
September 9th Oklahoma at Ohio State (confirmed) 7:30 PM
September 16th Oklahoma State at Pittsburgh Noon
September 16th Clemson at Louisville 3:30 PM
September 16th Miami at Florida State (confirmed) 8:00 PM
September 23rd Texas Tech at Houston Noon
September 23rd Washington at Colorado 3:30 PM
September 23rd Penn State at Iowa 7:30 PM
September 30th Baylor at Kansas State Noon
September 30th Northwestern at Wisconsin 3:30 PM
September 30th Clemson at Virginia Tech 8:00 PM
October 7th Notre Dame at North Carolina Noon
October 7th Maryland at Ohio State 3:30 PM
October 7th Wisconsin at Nebraska 7:30 PM
October 14th NC State at Pittsburgh Noon
October 14th Northwestern at Maryland OR Boston College at Louisville 3:30 PM
October 14th Ohio State at Nebraska 7:30 PM
October 21st Louisville at Florida State Noon
October 21st Iowa at Northwestern OR Oklahoma at Kansas State 3:30 PM
October 21st Michigan at Penn State 7:30 PM
October 28th Georgia Tech at Clemson OR Rutgers at Michigan Noon
October 28th Indiana at Maryland 3:30 PM
October 28th UCLA at Washington 8:00 PM
November 4th Minnesota at Michigan Noon
November 4th Virginia Tech at Miami OR Texas at TCU 3:30 PM
November 4th Penn State at Michigan State 7:30 PM
November 11th West Virginia at Kansas State OR Rutgers at Penn State Noon
November 11th Florida State at Clemson 3:30 PM
November 11th Michigan State at Ohio State 7:30 PM
November 18th Nebraska at Penn State Noon
November 18th Pittsburgh at Virginia Tech OR Texas at West Virginia 3:30 PM
November 18th Kansas State at Oklahoma State 8:00 PM
November 24th Navy at Houston Noon
November 24th West Virginia at Oklahoma 3:30 PM
November 25th Penn State at Maryland Noon
November 25th Washington State at Washington 3:30 PM
November 25th Georgia at Georgia Tech 8:00 PM
December 2nd AAC Championship Game Noon
December 2nd ACC Championship Game 8:00 PM
December 16th Celebration Bowl (confirmed) Noon
December 16th Las Vegas Bowl (confirmed) 3:30 PM
December 30th Liberty Bowl (confirmed) 12:30 PM
January 1st Citrus Bowl (confirmed) 1:00 PM


  • After the Notre Dame-Texas ratings bonanza last season (not to mention it was an amazing game), ABC has decided to, once again, have a game on the opening Sunday of the season.  Funny thing is they will be joined by FOX who will also air a game that night.  Not a bad idea with no NFL.  They should have games all day.  I mean why not?
  • You will notice a few weeks that the primetime game is at 7:30 and not 8:00.  This is for the Big Ten.  Yes, thanks to the Big Ten practicing network polygamy now, they will be seen on both FOX and ABC/ESPN this season.  So ABC decided to throw the conference a bone of sorts by moving their games up to 7:30.  Not a bad thing really since some of these games end around midnight which is pretty late locally.  Don’t tell the ACC that though.
  • Just like last year, some of the ABC games will be shown on TSN as well.  Lazy?  Sure but considering last year they did a much better job not just taking the ABC game and doing some ESPN and ESPN2 games as well, I have to give them their due (somewhat).  I will be doing the TSN schedule and will most likely be wrong so don’t remind me.
  • Black Friday gets two games again but no Farmageddon!  Iowa-Nebraska has been moved to FS1 (ugh) so we won’t see it at all.  Man, Sportsnet has to figure out someway to get FS1 games this season.  Even one every other week would do!
  • The first week is confirmed along with parts of Weeks 2 and 3.  Same with the bowl games.  After that, a whole lot of conjecture on my part.  I am sure I will hit on at least a few of the games but November really depends on how good teams are.
  • Here is the conference breakdown for ya:
    • Big Ten – 21
    • Pac-12 – 3
    • Big XII – 8
    • ACC – 15 (including conference championship)
    • American – 3 (including conference championship)
  • ABC, I believe, will go heavy Big Ten (as usual) and ACC (as has been trending over the last few years).  I can see a few more games going to the Pac-12 later on in the year but ABC has kind of stepped away from the conference.  The Pac-12 has many more FOX and ESPN games than probably any other conference.  The American somehow snagged three games and the two regular season ones are both in Houston.  Depending on who the really good team is (*COUGH*USF*COUGH*), that might change, especially on Black Friday.
  • Three bowl games appear on ABC this season.  Four if you include the Celebration Bowl WHICH YOU SHOULD!  Last year’s game ended in hilarious fashion on, wait for it…….an excessive celebration penalty followed by a missed extra point.  You cannot make this stuff up!
  • You will notice I have included six times where I have two games listed.  It’s reverse mirror fun kids!  Wait, don’t run away!  Rogers and Bell are usually good with these.  Usually.  Sometimes they screw it up and we get the same game on ABC and the specialty pack and I fume and get pissed off and include it in my post reviewing the weekend’s games.  Can’t always determine which game we would get especially since it all depends on where you get ABC out of.  Hell, one time last year the people who got ABC out of Detroit got a different game than the people who got ABC out of Buffalo.  And in some cases these people live right down the road from each other.  Crazy!

OK next up?  FOX.  Oh yes.  Don’t worry, it’s still GUS JOHNSON! calling the games.  No Joe Buck.  I don’t totally get the hate for Buck.  I think he’s the one of the best for baseball and just alright for football.  He really took a step backward with the golf for the U.S. Open.  That was bad.  OK maybe I kind of get the idea of the hate for Buck.  Oh well, I prefer college football so I don’t have to listen to him…until the NFL starts.


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