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From one legend to another – this is your (very tentative) SEC on CBS schedule

verne 1












Well, along with a couple other games but yeah it’s very SEC heavy.

Yes Verne Lundquist is gone.  God rest his broadcasting soul since he’s not dead but he is no longer doing the SEC on CBS which is still painful in a way.  He is easily on the Mount Rushmore of college football play-by-play men along with Keith Jackson and Brent Musburger.  A while back I stated the same thing, wondering who the fourth one could be.  Well, his replacement might just be it.  Brad Nessler is also a damn legend and CBS somehow got him to replace Uncle Verne.  What a coup!  Well it was either him or Carter Blackburn and his star has fallen quite a bit since he was lured to CBS years ago as the heir apparent.  Poor guy.  Maybe he should try FOX now that they have a bazillion games a week.

Alright onto my projected schedule.  I have noted when the times are confirmed although it seems that some confirmed times have been changed after they were supposedly confirmed.  Yeah.  Anyway, here you go followed by some DEEP ANALYSIS:


September 9th TCU at Arkansas (confirmed) 3:30 PM
September 16th Tennessee at Florida (confirmed) 3:30 PM
September 23rd Arkansas vs. Texas A&M (in Arlington) 3:30 PM
September 30th Georgia at Tennessee 3:30 PM
October 7th Alabama at Texas A&M 3:30 PM
October 14th Auburn at LSU 3:30 PM
October 21st Tennessee at Alabama 3:30 PM
October 28th Florida vs. Georgia (in Jacksonville) (confirmed) 3:30 PM
November 4th Florida at Missouri 3:30 PM
November 4th LSU at Alabama 8:00 PM
November 11th Florida at South Carolina Noon
November 11th Arkansas at LSU 3:30 PM
November 18th Kentucky at Georgia Noon
November 18th LSU at Tennessee 3:30 PM
November 24th Missouri at Arkansas (confirmed) 2:30 PM
November 25th Alabama at Auburn 3:30 PM
December 2nd SEC Championship Game (confirmed) 4:00 PM
December 9th Army vs. Navy (in Philadelphia) (confirmed) 3:00 PM
December 29th Sun Bowl (confirmed) 3:00 PM


  • This year, from what I can see, the schedule will not be heavily skewed towards the SEC West this season.  Here is the count:
    • 4 times – Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, LSU
    • 3 times – Georgia
    • 2 times – Texas A&M, Auburn, Missouri
    • 1 time – South Carolina, Kentucky
    • Not a single time – Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Mississippi State
  • Looking at the numbers it may come as a bit of a surprise to see Arkansas at 4 and Missouri at 2.  Remember, they get the Black Friday game every year.  Also, South Carolina and Kentucky I both have in for Noon games where it is obviously not the first or second SEC choice.  As for the three no-shows, considering the pedigree, I am not surprised at all at this number for them.  Not saying all three haven’t had their moments recently (with the two Mississippi schools near the top of the rankings two seasons ago for a time) but not everyone can be on CBS (unless they do doubleheaders every week which would make the non-specialty pack citizens VERY happy).
  • Most of the other SEC games will appear on either ESPN or the SEC Network.  ESPN2 gets probably a dozen at most (I would have to actually count that and I am not in the mood for it right now).  ESPNU gets very few and now with the Big Ten getting a lot of their games moving over to FOX and FS1 I can see a time very soon where no SEC games would go to ESPNU.
  • Other conferences get in on the action as well!  TCU gets to appear along with Army and Navy as per usual.  The Sun Bowl again appears on CBS even though the SEC doesn’t send a team to remote El Paso (I have gone over this before a few times).  As you will also see, CBS does not have a game during Week 1 this season.  With what was available, I have a feeling CBS opted out of grabbing a game from ESPN despite the fact they don’t have the US Open tennis tournament anymore.  What does it mean?  CBS will have sweet fuck all on that weekend.  Movie of the week (probably an 80s movie starring Lou Diamond Phillips), infomercials with Billy Mays’ ghost, and reruns of 2 Broke Girls is what you will probably get.

Next up?  ABC.  This shouldn’t be too bad.  Then FOX.  Now that is one schedule I will probably butcher.  Then again, other than the games that FOX itself has said they would broadcast, it’s really a crapshoot this year.  No one knows because there is no historical basis for it.  Plus, there’s tripleheaders!  That’s a good thing right!  Just please don’t put Joe Buck on a broadcast.  Thanks.

Finally, there is 65 days until the first official college football game of the season.  I love doing the countdown.  Gets me anxious but also gets me excited for the days where I spend 14+ hours watching college football on a Saturday and accomplish absolutely nothing.  YAY!


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