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Most Important Games of the 2017 College Football Season – Part III

OK I got to watch some football.  It was CFL football.  CFL PRESEASON football.  But football nonetheless.  It felt good.  It felt right.  Plus it gave me some better background noise than the hockey game.

Alright, it’s the hump post………..what I mean is it’s the third of five posts on this subject.  Like Wednesday is Hump Day because it’s in the middle of the, oh never mind let’s just get on with this.

Week 7

Auburn at LSU (3:30, CBS) – This could end up being one of the games of the year if both teams come in undefeated.  The only way to dethrone Bama is to win games like these (oh, and to also beat Bama…you need to do that too…duh).  Ed Orgeron would be named governor of Louisiana if he could somehow beat Auburn and Alabama in the same season.

Oklahoma vs. Texas (in Dallas) (Noon, TSN3) – I have a feeling this will come back to ESPN after some time on FOX (and most notably last year on FS1).  It was fine when it was on FS1 when the Longhorns were not so good.  But now they have TOM FUCKING HERMAN at the helm so expectations are very high.  I read it somewhere that this is the first time in seven decades that both teams come into the Red River Shootout with new head coaches.  That’s pretty crazy.

Texas A&M at Florida (7:00, specialty pack) – This feels a bit meh to me but it’s third in the rankings so I have to go with it.  Either it’s going to be really close which will make it a potential GOTW candidate or Florida will win it going away.  Now watch the Aggies mop the floor with the Gators and make me look like an idiot.

Arkansas at Alabama (7:00, specialty pack) – The Hogs are another team that, for some reason, gives Bama fits.  I don’t understand why.  Maybe they all believe in the power of Bret Bielema and the six racks of ribs he probably ate before the game.  Who knows?  Only one definitive fact comes out of this game as of this time: Bret still has a smokin’ hot wife.  Sometimes the world is perplexing.

Oregon at Stanford (11:00, FOX Sports One) – I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one move elsewhere.  A lot depends on how the Ducks are doing since I am under the assumption that David Shaw’s boys will be good again this season.  If it doesn’t move then it’s going to suck since, well, you know.

Honourable mention: Ohio State at Nebraska (7:30, ABC), Georgia Tech at Miami (Thursday, 8:00, specialty pack), Utah at USC (10:30, specialty pack), Baylor at Oklahoma State (3:30, FOX Sports One (i.e. nowhere in Canada)), TCU at Kansas State (Noon, FOX Sports Net…even worse).

Worst televised game of the week: Texas State at UL-Lafayette (Thursday, 7:30, specialty pack) – If this wasn’t on a Thursday night then it would be even worse.  Then again, it wouldn’t have been on ESPNU then.  If the GT-Miami game is not close then this game will get a lot of eyeballs…unless it isn’t close either.  I will still watch it.  I have no shame.

Week 8

Michigan at Penn State (7:30, ABC) – Now, we’re stepping up.  This week has three huge games.  I have selected this as the most important since I am sure either one of these two teams or Ohio State has a good shot at getting to the College Football Playoff.  Oh and just so you know, the Big Ten has received an exemption to start their ABC primetime games at 7:30 rather than 8:00 this season.  Don’t know why but we get a ton of B1G football on ABC so I guess they have a tiny bit of leverage.  Plus their move to FOX means they are not shy about moving inventory to another network.

Louisville at Florida State (Noon, ABC/TSN4) – This week is pretty stacked.  The best pre-November week of the season.  Case in point: there’s a good chance that this game goes on at Noon.  Usually only a few times a season do games like this end up at Noon.  One of the ACC-A 3 (w/Clemson), this should be more exciting than last year when the Cards mopped the floor with the Noles.

Tennessee at Alabama (3:30, CBS) – This is Butch Jones’ chance.  His Vols win this game, he could go 5-6 the rest of the season, sneak into a shitty bowl game, and it wouldn’t matter.  He will have beaten Bama which is huge.  I think the Volunteers will be much better than 6-6 this season but that’s how big this game is (especially for Jones’ future in Knoxville).

USC at Notre Dame (7:30, NBC) – How often will the Bush Push be mentioned?  I hope never but it will be.  Especially if the Trojans are national championship contenders and the Irish are not too far behind.  I recall the last primetime game these two had in front of Touchdown Jesus was almost unwatchable.  Hopefully it’s better this time around (spoiler alert: it should be).

Oklahoma at Kansas State (3:30, specialty pack) – This feels like a reverse mirror possibility.  Meaning there is a good chance Bell and Rogers will fuck it up by putting the same game on ABC as you get on the specialty pack.  This tells me there is almost no quality control when it comes to the SSP/USCSP.  Anyway, if we do get this one, it should be a good one.  Bill Snyder is old enough to be Lincoln Riley’s grandfather I think.

Honourable mention: Oklahoma State at Texas (Noon, FOX), Auburn at Arkansas (6:00, specialty pack), LSU at Ole Miss (Noon, specialty pack), North Carolina at Virginia Tech (7:00, specialty pack), Oregon at UCLA (Friday, 10:30, specialty pack).

Worst televised game of the week: Purdue at Rutgers (Noon, BTN) – Ah, back to lovely Piscataway (or wherever the hell Rutgers plays).  This is the bottom of the barrel matchup of the entire Big Ten Conference season.  It will be buried by the sheer number of good early games (but let’s be honest…it would have been buried by a decent American conference game).  This is one of the reasons I am not that upset I don’t get the Big Ten Network.

Week 9

Penn State at Ohio State (3:30, FOX) – This is how you tell FOX is changing the college football broadcasting game.  Instead of putting this game in primetime where it probably belongs, they just put it in the late afternoon window.  No.  Fucks.  Given.  Now if they can just convince the CRTC that we should get the FS1 games up here then that would be the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae.  As for this game, it is one of the games of the year at this point.  This will go a long way to determining who gets out of the VERY tough Big Ten East.

Florida vs. Georgia (in Jacksonville) (3:30, CBS) – It’s time once again for the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party (or Cocktail Party for short).  CBS absolutely DESPISES that name and will not use it (although Verne always got a dig or two in during the telecast).  I hope Nessler will be the same and mention some sort of drinking reference…or just show pics of the Head Ball Coach plastered somewhere.  There has to be a bunch of those somewhere online, no?

Georgia Tech at Clemson (Noon, TSN4) – By this point in the season we will have a pretty good idea of if Clemson can have a legitimate shot at repeating as national champs and if the Ramblin’ Wreck’s frustrating offense (frustrating for other teams usually) is good enough to win the usually wide open ACC Coastal.

UCLA at Washington (8:00, ABC) – Now this only gets to ABC if the Bruins are WAY better than they were last year and the Rosen One is back to form.  The Huskies are national title contenders so they will get an ABC game this season for sure (if not two or three).  This is they type of game where you just know that Keith Jackson would be welcoming all of us to blustery Seattle.  Back then it was tough to get into college football in Canada with only a few games each week.

NC State at Notre Dame (3:30, NBC) – Remember the last time these two teams played?  Hilarity ensued.  The monsoon conditions in Raleigh made for some horribly hilarious football.  It was like a trainwreck: you couldn’t look away.  The conditions should be better in South Bend as it’s not quite snow season yet.  If both teams are horrible, then I will regret putting them in this section.  And I’ll blame Brian Kelly.

Honourable mention: Texas at Baylor (3:30, FOX Sports Net…seriously?  Hmmmm maybe I should look at this one again), Mississippi State at Texas A&M (7:15, specialty pack), USC at Arizona State (10:45, specialty pack), Tennessee at Kentucky (Noon, specialty pack), Utah at Oregon (11:00, Pac-12 Network…another one I might have to have a closer look at).

Worst televised game of the week: South Alabama at Georgia State (Thursday, 7:30, specialty pack) – This looks familiar.  Another Sun Belt game on ESPNU on a Thursday night.  This one gets some help since Stanford-Oregon State is offset by 90 minutes.  This means if this ends up being a close affair they should get more people over to watch it.  Question: why do people get all on the MAC’s case for MACtion and the mid-week games when the Sun Belt has at least one game on Thursday night pretty much all season?  Just wondering.

Hey I’m getting there.  Over halfway now.  Now we get into the REALLY good part of the season.  Well the really good part with a horrible part in the middle.  It’s like getting one of those chocolates and all of them have like almonds and peanut butter or hazelnut filling inside and then there’s that one with chicken gravy.  Yeah, exactly like that.

Two more posts and then I start “playing out” the season so to speak.  I should start having some predictions going by the end of June.  We are 77 days from the first official college football games of the season.  Yeah I am starting the countdown.  Yeah I know it’s early.  Yeah I don’t care.




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