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Most Important Games of the 2017 College Football Season – Part II

Yes the wait is still a long one; however, this way everything seems that much better when the games begin again in late August.  At least that’s what I tell myself…

Back to the most important games of the season.  It’s going to be five posts this year, not four.  Wouldn’t want a case of verbal diarrhea for four straight blog posts (like I have done in the past).


Week 4

NC State at Florida State (3:30, specialty pack) – Now I understand why this week is near the bottom of the list.  Yeesh.  This is the best game of the week (arguably).  Not a bad game obviously but I am sure Wolfpack fans would not be impressed if I said a Dave Doeren-coached team was part of the GOTW.  Then again, NC State has given FSU troubles in the past so maybe this will be a classic?  Who knows?

Oklahoma at Baylor (7:30, FOX) – A couple seasons ago this would have easily been the game of the week.  My how Baylor has fallen.  Good luck to Matt Rhule dealing with that firestorm.  What this could end up being is Baker Mayfield going all Patrick Mahomes and throwing for a ton of yards and making the game last into the next morning.

TCU at Oklahoma State (3:30, specialty pack) – To be honest, with this Big Ten to FOX deal, I honestly don’t know where many of these games will go past Week 3.  I do know one thing: there are a lot more games this year on the main FOX network.  From a quick glance there’s not quite twice as many with a few tripleheaders sprinkled throughout the season.  I don’t know why I said this here since I see this game going to ESPN (and hence the specialty pack).  I guess I figured I needed to say it at some point.  As for this game, expect a lot of offense.  Basically you will have to win out to keep pace with Oklahoma this season.

Penn State at Iowa (3:30, ABC) – OK maybe I should have put that FOX mini-rant here as this game has a chance to move over to FOX but for now I have stuck it on ABC.  Penn State will have to grind out these types of games if they are to be a College Football Playoff contender (and I fully expect them to be one this season).

Washington at Colorado (8:00, ABC) – See?  My schedule has already broken down a bit.  I don’t think Colorado will fall as far as many feel they will but they won’t be going to the Pac-12 title game this season that is for sure.  This is here more for Washington who is an instant national championship contender and needs solid wins over teams like the Buffs if they are to keep in the Top 4.

Honourable mention: UCLA at Stanford (3:00, FOX Sports One…ugh), Florida at Kentucky (6:00, specialty pack), Alabama at Vanderbilt (Noon, TSN3), Mississippi State at Georgia (Noon, TSN2), Arkansas vs. Texas A&M (in Arlington) (3:30, CBS).

Worst televised game of the week: Georgia State at Charlotte (7:00, beIn Sports) – Wow, beIn Sports really scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one.  Watch it be an awesome game that comes down to the wire.  Still isn’t enough to make me want to get this channel.

Week 5

Clemson at Virginia Tech (8:00, ABC) – An even worse week than the previous one.  At least this week’s top game is a big one.  Potential ACC Title game preview?  Could be.  I could see the Fighting Fuentes getting over the hump this year and perhaps looking at some CFP talk.  Clemson has to get through a brutal early schedule without Deshaun Watson (and a few others).  Can’t see them repeating but you never know if they find the heir apparent early.

USC at Washington State (Friday, 10:30, specialty pack) – I sincerely hope Mike Leach is at his Leachiest in this one.  It’s the only way I will feel good about staying up VERY late on a Friday night to watch this.  I mean I still will but I might not feel good about it (the next morning).

Georgia at Tennessee (3:30, CBS) – Has the talk of Tennessee winning the SEC East started yet?  I know they will have to defend their “Champions at Life” crown this season.  I’m sure there will be many contenders for that.

Ole Miss at Alabama (7:00, specialty pack) – I was just getting used to Ole Miss giving the Tide a tough time every season and then last year happened and the Rebs went to shit (kind of).  This being the fourth most important game of the week tells you how shitty this week is especially since we are almost into full conference play at this point.

Northwestern at Wisconsin (3:30, ABC) – This is a bit of a tasty affair and I am starting to think I should have moved it up a spot.  Well too late!  Northwestern will still be good and Wisky has a pretty easy schedule for a B1G team, one that could see them making a run to the CFP if they don’t fuck up or have injuries to starters.

Honourable mention: Mississippi State at Auburn (7:00, specialty pack), Baylor at Kansas State (Noon, ABC), Indiana at Penn State (3:30, specialty pack), North Carolina at Georgia Tech (3:30, specialty pack), South Carolina at Texas A&M (7:30, specialty pack).

Worst televised game of the week: Nevada at Fresno State (10:15, specialty pack) – ESPN2 and ESPNU get a LOT of Mountain West games in the late night slots.  When they involve Boise State or San Diego State or Wyoming or even Air Force then fine.  But then you get this.  Nevada should be improved from last season but FSU is still pretty bad.  Thankfully there should be other games on in that time slot like…Colorado at UCLA?  Hmmm, maybe I will go to bed early instead.

Week 6

LSU at Florida (7:00, TSN1/TSN5) – Remember last year’s ridiculous circumstances involving the game between these two?  So much controversy.  But hey, the game itself was not bad (OK it was mediocre with an amazing finish).  This year should be no exception…well except that the game is scheduled, probably won’t move, and is earlier on in the season so they may still both think they have national championship aspirations.

Alabama at Texas A&M (3:30, CBS) – Important Game 1B right here.  Will Bama win?  Probably.  At this point I would be interested to see how many times Brad Nessler talks about Kevin Sumlin’s possible shitcanning during this game.

Louisville at NC State (Thursday, 8:00, TSN2) – First true Thursday nighter on this list.  I could see a lot of people (i.e. Wolfpack fans) saying that if Dave Doeren isn’t fired by this point that this game shouldn’t be this high on the list.  I can honestly see NC State becoming a thorn in the side of the ACC Atlantic Big Three (UL, Clemson, FSU) this season.  They will get a chance to prove it here (again…man they have a tough three-game stretch).

Penn State at Northwestern (Noon, TSN3) – I can see this being the week where TSN finally starts getting their shit together and really brings it with a robust college football schedule.  Saying that, this game could end up on FOX for all I know (or the dreaded FS1).  God, I wish we got the games from FS1 (not the channel…I don’t need or want more Skip Bayless in my life).

Kansas State at Texas (Noon, FOX) – Yes we do not get FS1 up here or the FS1 college football games.  However, FOX is showing tripleheaders a few times this season so at least it’s being made up somewhat.  I still say I would pay a premium to get a tailored college football package where I could see all the games I want.  Basically I would want P5 conferences, BYU, Notre Dame, Boise State.  The rest is gravy really but those are the most important teams to watch.  Anyway, where was I?  Oh yes, let’s see what Tom Herman is made of when he goes up against Jesus’s college football coach, Bill Snyder.

Honourable mention: Washington State at Oregon (10:30, FOX Sports One…I hope this changes), Wisconsin at Nebraska (7:30, ABC), Ole Miss at Auburn (7:30, specialty pack), Stanford at Utah (8:00, FOX), Notre Dame at North Carolina (Noon, ABC/TSN5).

Worst televised game of the week: Fresno State at San Jose State (Friday, 10:00, CBS Sports Network) – Two straight weeks with the Fighting Bulldogs of Fresno State in this slot.  Poor Fresno State.  No, really, poor Fresno State.  They will have a poor team this season.  Possibly the worst in the Mountain West.  It’s probably a good thing this is on a Friday night since people too worn out by the rest of the action on Saturday would avoid this game like the plague.

Three more weeks complete.  Not quite halfway through the season.  We will get there but I figured might as well spread out the posts since there’s nothing much college football to talk about except…

Holy shit Bob Stoops retired!  Wow.  Talk about a bombshell.  The timing is a bit odd.  It would have made more sense to retire a few months back around the time of spring ball so that the new head coach would get acclimated to the team.  I get it, it’s Lincoln Riley, the offensive coordinator, taking over but still…new position takes time to iron out the kinks and infuse it with his own personality.  I think there is something else to this but for now I guess we just have to say Goodbye to Big Game Bob.  That’s two sudden retirements in two years (The HBC was the other one).  It will be interesting to see how the Sooners players respond to this.


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