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Mock Draft 2.0 + How Did I Do – NFL Edition (Spoiler alert: Poorly)

Let’s start with the mock draft since that’s the easy part (at this point).  Here’s my second version of the NFL Draft:

1 Cleveland Myles Garrett, DE (Texas A&M)
2 San Francisco Mitch Trubisky, QB (North Carolina)
3 Chicago DeShone Kizer, QB (Notre Dame)
4 Jacksonville Jonathan Allen, DE (Alabama)
5 Tennessee Jamal Adams, SS (LSU)
6 NY Jets Marshon Lattimore, CB (Ohio State)
7 LA Chargers Malik Hooker, FS (Ohio State)
8 Carolina Solomon Thomas, DE (Stanford)
9 Cincinnati Reuben Foster, LB (Alabama)
10 Buffalo Teez Tabor, CB (Florida)
11 New Orleans Derek Barnett, DE (Tennessee)
12 Cleveland Leonard Fournette, RB (LSU)
13 Arizona Mike Williams, WR (Clemson)
14 Indianapolis Ryan Ramczyk, T (Wisconsin)
15 Philadelphia Dalvin Cook, RB (Florida State)
16 Baltimore Tim Williams, DE (Alabama)
17 Washington Malik McDowell, DT (Michigan State)
18 Tennessee O.J. Howard, TE (Alabama)
19 Tampa Bay Corey Davis, WR (Western Michigan)
20 Denver David Njoku, TE (Miami)
21 Detroit Zach Cunningham, LB (Vanderbilt)
22 Miami Carl Lawson, DE (Auburn)
23 NY Giants Jabrill Peppers, LB (Michigan)
24 Oakland Marlon Humphrey, CB (Alabama)
25 Houston Deshaun Watson, QB (Clemson)
26 Seattle Cam Robinson, T (Alabama)
27 Kansas City Taco Charlton, DE (Michigan)
28 Dallas Sidney Jones, CB (Washington)
29 Green Bay Jarrad Davis, MLB (Florida)
30 Pittsburgh Christian McCaffrey, RB (Stanford)
31 Atlanta Takkarist McKinley, DE (UCLA)
32 New England Quincy Wilson, CB (Florida)


  • Top 4 haven’t changed since my previous mock. A few have Watson picked before Kizer.  I don’t see it at this point but you never know with about two months left before the draft.
  • Biggest move up my board goes to David Njoku. I have him moving from #30 to #20 to go to Denver.  I can’t honestly see him moving up the chain too much more than this unless he has an amazing combine.
  • Biggest drop goes to Deshaun Watson dropping 13 spots. Saying that, between Cleveland at #12 and the Giants at #23 no one needs a quarterback.  So if the Browns pass on Watson to get Fournette (which I have in this mock at least) it makes no sense that he would be picked before the Giants.  And even then.
  • I STILL don’t see Christian McCaffrey going to the Patriots but now at least I have him in the first round.

That’s enough analysis for now.  It’s too early for this.  So why did I do it?  Hmmm…..I should try and figure out an answer to that question.

Alright now on to my NFL predictions and how terrible they were.  And boy were they.  Let’s get a rundown of the gaffes shall we?

OK no crazy AFC East bullshit this year. Despite the fact Tommy Touchdown will be absent for the first four games, I am sure Jimmy G and the Pat-tones can hold the fort until he comes back.  Other than the opening week trip to Arizona, it’s not a tough schedule so they should be 2-2 at worst when all of Massachusetts blows its wad and Gisele’s hubby comes back to save the day.

Yeah this pretty much happened to the glee of Patriots fans everywhere (and to the bitter disappointment of pretty much everyone else).

I could see Pittsburgh and Cincinnati really being the class of the AFC so it will suck when one of them has to be the #5 seed and playing on the road the entire playoffs. I wish the division winners were only guaranteed a top-5 spot.  Keeps these 9-7, 8-8, or, dare I say it, 7-9 teams from getting a home playoff date.

I still wish this to be the case.  But Cincinnati was god-awful this season.  Why is Marvin Lewis still their coach?

The two worst divisions in football, yet again, will be the two South divisions. Houston and Indy will actually have a battle and Jacksonville will be much improved but I kind of see a 9-7 division champ there.  As for the NFC South, Carolina should clinch the division sometime around Thanksgiving…our Thanksgiving.

The NFC South was quite good this year.  The AFC South was still shit but nothing compared to the NFC West.  Good fucking lord.

Yes I have Dallas winning the NFC East. No I am not drunk or high.  Other than Philly, it should be a bit of a dogfight but I can’t see Washington repeating last season and I just don’t trust the Giants offense enough.

Holy shit I was pretty much bang on with this.

Arizona, Green Bay, Minnesota, and Seattle will be the four of the five best teams in the NFC (Carolina fits in somewhere there) which again outlines the poor NFL playoff structure. Wait until they put a third Wild-Card team in for each conference.  I’m sure Commissioner Gingerhammer will fuck that up as well.

Arizona and Carolina were not good at all.  And Minnesota, after their strong start, shit the bed.  Then again, I didn’t foresee Adrian Peterson being gone for most of the season.  So yeah, there’s my excuse.

And now the playoff outlook.  I have Pittsburgh and Arizona nabbing the top seeds in their respective conferences.  Kansas City, Indianapolis, and Baltimore will be just on the outside looking in with the rest of the AFC teams not really having much of a shot at anything.  In the NFC, the aforementioned Redskins and Giants, along with Chicago and Detroit will be close but no cigar (the NFC North should be extremely tough this season).  Finally, I am struggling to figure out where Tennessee and Cleveland will get more than two wins this season.  And they play each other week six so one of them will at least get one win unless they tie which would be hilarious, especially if one of the teams went 0-15-1.

For fuck’s sake where do I begin here?

  • Arizona was garbage.
  • Indianapolis was pretty bad too. So was Baltimore.
  • Chicago wasn’t close at all, unless you are talking about the #1 pick in the draft.
  • Tennessee was very close to a Wild Card spot. Cleveland was really the one thing I got right here.

I picked Cincinnati and Arizona to play in the Super Bowl.  Not a good start.  At least I had the actual conference championship losers correct in Pittsburgh and Green Bay.  I also had Atlanta nowhere close to the Super Bowl.  So yeah, brutal picks overall.

OK enough of this tomfoolery.  Since there is really no realignment news, I will defer from doing an entire post on that.  I will do another mock draft so I am guessing two weeks or so from now?  Looks like the next post will be the NCAA College Basketball conference tournament schedule.  Yes, March Madness is almost upon us.  Technically, conference tournaments start on February 28th with the Atlantic Sun tournament; however, us here in the Great White North (which isn’t so white right now depending on where you live) will not receive any conference tournament coverage until probably March 3rd.  Usually the OVC tournament is the first one we get to see up here so I will make the leap and assume that’s true again this season.  Then it becomes a shitload of college basketball over a ten-day span.  So gear up for that.


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