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Brief and very late recap of Super Bowl. Also, a longer look at how shitty my predictions were.

First off, the Super Bowl was exciting.  I know a lot of people will say it wasn’t just because the Patriots won.  Did I want them to win?  No.  Did I think they were going to win?  Yes, by a small margin.  Actually, my prediction was 34-30 for the Patriots so I had New England’s score dead on and Atlanta’s off by two.  One of my best predictions ever (this will be an important point later on in the post).  Secondly, I still do believe that Kyle Shanahan overthought that series with around four-and-a-half minutes to go and the Falcons in long field goal range.  Run the ball three times and try to gain a few yards and give your kicker a shot to pretty much put the game away.  Nope.  Let’s get fancy and fuck things up!  The Patriots were on fire and their offense was not going to be stopped.  Shanahan (and I guess Dan Quinn) got too cute and messed up and it cost them.  In the end, this Super Bowl, unfortunately, will be best known for the Falcons blowing one of the biggest leads in football history (they beat the old Super Bowl mark by 15 points).  I feel bad for the Falcons fans who were as close as you could get to finally having a Super Bowl champion in your city and have it torn away from you over about a 90-minute span in excruciating fashion.  Finally, can we give it a rest already: Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback ever.  Period.  End of story.  Some will debate but how can you know.  The guy is amazing.  Too bad he’s on a team with one of the most insufferable fanbases in sports history.

Actually, this is my final thing about the Super Bowl: for the most part, after the win, there were very few Patriots fans that I could see that were pricks about winning.  Most were as amazed as the rest of us were.  And besides, wasn’t it a lot of fun to see Roger Goodell get the biggest booing any commissioner has ever received?  I smiled at that.

Ok we are done football for the season.  Yes, I know.  Sad times.  But we will endure.  We have before.  And no, I am not talking about spring college games (which I do not watch at all).  I mean it’s not like I have access to most of them but I find it to be pointless.  Just something else that ESPN can air really.  I will watch the NFL Draft (and yes, I will watch most of it because I am insane).  I also tend to watch old college football games in the near-seven months we have before the season starts again.  Ok I lied a bit: I will watch a bit of CFL football once it starts.  The pre-season starts in June so we aren’t that far away.  Maybe I should watch more CFL this season.  Or not.  With the sheer amount of just college football I watch it tends to take away from doing, well, anything else.

Alright, now the part of the post you have been clamoring for: how bad my predictions were.  And some of them were god-fucking-awful.  Here’s a few of my, um, missteps on the college football season:

  • My entire CFP bracket. Good lord, why?  Let’s look at this quad-fecta of garbage:
    • LSU – Once they lost their first game in Green Bay I knew I was probably screwed with my picks. They actually picked up steam once Crazy Cajun Ed Orgeron took over so my pick there didn’t look that bad in the end.
    • Florida State – Another pick that was doomed after losses to Louisville and Clemson. Saying that, they still had a pretty good season and played in one of the greatest Orange Bowl games in recent memory (and won it!).
    • Oklahoma – An early loss to what amounted to be only a decent Houston team killed any Sooner chances the rest of the way. And then came the Joe Mixon debacle and that was all she wrote.  Too bad because the Sooners had TWO Heisman finalists in Baker Mayfield and Dede Westbrook and could have been something special (and may end up being that next year).
    • Michigan State – What in the blue hell happened in East Lansing? I took a chance with this pick and thought, at worst, they would be third in the Big Ten East but still firmly in the Top 25.    Not even close.  They must thank Jim Delany profusely for making sure that Rutgers was in the league.  Otherwise it was basement time for the Spartans.
  • I also had Baylor and Notre Dame in the New Year’s Six. Well fuck me.
  • Ole Miss to go into the bowl games #12 and juuuuuuuuuust outside the New Year’s Six. All they did was end up being the worst team in the SEC West.  Which is still good.  But not that good.
  • Not having Lamar Jackson even in my honourable mentions for the Heisman. Man I’m on a roll here.
  • Drunk Uncle Dana’s West Virginia Mountaineers to be pretty horrible. They ended up being an upset over Oklahoma away from being in the New Year’s Six conversation.

I am not including Colorado or Hawaii here since no one thought that….not even Buffs or Fighting Rainbow Warrior fans.  So with all that compiled I used the Stassen method once again to determine how good or bad my predictions were.  Drum roll please.  I ended up with a score of…


Hey that’s not bad.  Let’s check my number against the Stassen list and….OK yeah I would have been second-last.  So, terrible.  Only one prognosticator was worse.  I mean there were certain conferences/divisions where everyone was horrible (Sun Belt, C-USA East) but some I just gacked on and it cost me.  Like my score for the SEC West.  15.  That was two whole points lower than the next worst score.  Really I was just below average on almost everything.

Well, not everything.  Let’s look at my few successful predictions:

  • Two out of my top four (and four of my top eight) coaching hot seat picks were fired. I consider that pretty good although some were pretty obvious (like my number one coach on that list, Darrell Hazell).
  • Had Western Michigan going 11-1. They actually bettered that by going 12-0 and winning the MAC and almost the Cotton Bowl.
  • Rutgers, Purdue, Syracuse, and Virginia with their last place division finishes. Not really shocking at all but a win is a win.

OK we’re done here.  I’ve had enough of talking about how poorly I did.  Doesn’t help that I did better the previous season.

Up next will be more mock drafts, a quick look at how I did with my NFL predictions (also horrible), and perhaps some other rants that I put in from time to time.  Oh, and college basketball tournament time is like three weeks away.  So stay tuned for that schedule as well (if you’re into that).


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