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Super Bowl Preview of sorts


Yeah I am not going all in with this since there are approximately seventeen million previews out there for the BIG GAME that may be better than mine.  Or at least more thorough.  So why re-invent the wheel right?

Let’s start with the broadcast information.  To summarize, the Super Bowl is on everywhere…………….OK to be more specific, the game is on FOX, CTV, CTV Two, and the TSNs (except the Deuce).  That is a crazy amount of coverage.  I don’t fully understand it (especially the CTV Two part…why?) but hey, whatever.  The game is already on FOX so I don’t understand having it on CTV AND CTV Two AND TSN.  Feels like oversaturation.  I guess they really need to show you those Canadian Tire commercials more than once.

And why is this happening?  I have a theory.  Bell is laying people off.  Sad for sure.  Their reasoning?  They point the finger directly at the CRTC banning simsubbing.  What a fucking joke.  That is an out-and-out lie.  There are various reasons why Bell is going to have to do layoffs and that really is not one of them.  The CRTC has finally put their foot down (gently) and Bell has to change their practices.  They can’t seem to grasp how to do business without being crooked.  Don’t get me wrong: I am a Bell subscriber.  Their internet is pretty good and I enjoy Fibe TV.  Their U.S. College Sports Package is great (despite my complaints sometimes).  This, however, has nothing to do with me loving Bell as a company.  I don’t.  They are greedy.  My decision to be with Bell, for now, has more to do with Rogers than anything.  Rogers’ pricing and their reprehensible customer service (along with some very unsavoury past dealings with them) basically forced me to move to Bell.  It’s the lesser of two evils I guess.  OK this has gone on too long.  Let’s get back to FOOTBAW!

I will be honest with you: I feel there are two somewhat satisfying outcomes of this game, one more satisfying than the other.  Outcome number one, the Falcons win.  Not in a blowout mind you.  It has to be relatively close.  A blowout on either side would be no fun to watch really.  Outcome number two is much less likely to happen but for pure trainwreck quality this would be highly entertaining.  This outcome would involve the Patriots winning and then during the post-game trophy presentation when Jim Nantz (Hello, Friends) talks to as many Patriots personnel as possible, Tom Brady and/or Bill Belichick and/or Robert Kraft (or anyone else from the Pats organization really) proceeds to talk about Roger Goodell in a, um, less-than-flattering way.  This would be really fun if it happened while Goodell was still on stage either just about to hand them the Vince Lombardi Trophy or just after he has done so.  I am not a Patriots fan.  At all.  To be honest, the team rubs me the wrong way at times.  Their fan base is insufferable.  But having someone talk shit to Commissioner Gingerhammer basically to his face would be glorious.

Alright, let’s break down the game very quickly and go to my pick:

Offense – This is a tough one.  Brady is arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time.  They have found the right mix of offensive weapons even without Rob Gronkowski in the lineup.  Their offensive line has been awesome for over a decade.  Yet, the Falcons are so freakin’ awesome offensively.  They call back the time when The Greatest Show on Turf was wowing everyone with their offensive prowess.  That really is who this team reminds me of.  So I think the advantage here goes to Atlanta.

Defense – Again a tough one.  Normally I would go with the defense that isn’t the Patriots’ defense but this season is different.  They have had an amazing year defensively and it shows.  For once, the offense hasn’t carried this team most of the way.  Atlanta’s defense is great too but with four rookie starters I wonder how much the bright lights and spectacle of the Super Bowl might affect them.  So the advantage here goes to New England.

Special Teams – Honestly I know not a whole lot about either team’s special teams unit.  I do know that Stephen Gostkowski is still the kicker for the Patriots so I give the edge to New England.

Coaching – If this were a cage match, Belichick would be toast.  Dan Quinn looks like he could be the coaching heavyweight champ (as long as he gets through his match with Andy “Earthquake” Reid) of the NFL.  But this isn’t a street fight.  It’s more of a chess match.  And Billy Boy has shown he can outsmart almost any other coach.  Advantage Pats.

So in the end, I have to go with the Patriots.  I think it will be close though.  I am going to say 34-30.  That pick makes me feel a bit dirty.

So after this Sunday night, that’s it.  No more live football of any sort until June when the CFL starts their short pre-season schedule.  In the meantime I will be doing a few mock drafts every few weeks.  I will also look back at how poorly I did with my predictions this season in both college football and the NFL.  We are embarking on the dark period folks.  Stay safe.  As for this Sunday, eat crappy (but tasty) food.  Drink beverages that are not altogether good for you.  Depending on my plans (which are still up in the air) I may be on the Twitter machine that night.  Enjoy the Super Bowl everyone!



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