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It’s time for the Conference Championships


After Dallas’s defeat last week at the hands of the Packers (in the only game I missed all weekend), many basically anointed the Patriots as Super Bowl champs.  I can see why they would be heavy favourites now.   I won’t count out the other three teams but New England has to be considered the favourite.  So what’s the biggest story (other than Antonio Brown being an attention whore) going into this weekend?  Roger Goodell won’t go to Foxboro this Sunday, opting instead to go back to Atlanta for the NFC Championship.  Not shocking at all.  Problem is for Commissioner Gingersnaps, if the Patriots win and then win the Super Bowl in two weeks, someone has to hand Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady the Vince Lombardi Trophy.  And the only reason that I (and many others) would want the Patriots to win is to see that very thing happen.  My hope is that if it happened, someone says something untoward about the Rog or someone shoves him or something.  Anything.  People would talk about it all the way to the draft.  Publicity for the NFL, what’s wrong with that?

OK, here is your schedule for this Sunday along with a few notes on that any other things that come to my mind:

3:00 Green Bay at Atlanta FOX/CTV
6:30 Pittsburgh at New England CBS/CTV

Some notes

  • So THIS will be the final game in the Georgia Dome (promise this time). They should tell everyone they have set the timer for the explosives for tearing down the building for 7:30 that night and see how everyone responds.  Even if the Packers were leading I am sure most fans would just beg for running plays so the clock keeps moving.  AND STAY INBOUNDS!
  • I believe we are headed for a Packers-Patriots Super Bowl. That’s my prediction.  The thirteen-and-a-half day pre-game show will be insufferable but a whole lot better than if the Cowboys and Patriots had faced off in Super Bowl (Chun) LI.  I am sure they will spend hours talking about:
    • Ballghazi
    • Tom Brady’s wife
    • Potential Belichick hoodies for the big game
    • Who’s better, Brady or Rodgers?
    • A-a-ron not talking with his family
    • Olivia Munn being a possible bitch and/or sociopath
    • The injuries to both Rob Gronkowski and (possibly) Jordy Nelson
    • How an average coach like Mike McCarthy looks so much better because of the talented team he always seems to have
  • Remember, the above is only part of the near-200 hours of coverage I am sure they will have. I mean what other use is there for the NFL Network?
  • OK there is at least one reason for the NFL Network: college football all-star games. The East-West Shrine Game will go this Saturday at 3:00 and then one week later the Senior Bowl airs at 2:30.  There’s another one on FOX Sports One but who gives a shit about that.  These two are really the only two games to watch if you are going to watch these types of games.  And then there will be no college football for months!  And no, I don’t count spring games.
  • Hey remember what I mentioned about the Chargers moving? Now the Raiders look like they will be heading to Las Vegas.  I don’t want to say it’s a done deal but it sure feels like that.  It means that for the 2017 and 2018 seasons, the Raiders would stay in Oakland.  As far as I can see, 2019 could be the first season we see the new Las Vegas Raiders.  Now I don’t truly believe in contraction but without promotion/relegation in North American sports, they almost need to do this with some franchises.  The NHL, NBA, and MLB could all benefit from this as the quality of play for at least a few teams every year is dreadful.  Even the mighty NFL saw that this season with half-a-dozen teams being terrible.  I know it won’t happen unless it’s extreme circumstances but it’s still something these leagues should think about.

We are getting close to the end of football for the season.  Soon enough I will have my first mock draft up and also I will look at how I did with my predictions, both at the college and NFL level (Spoiler alert: I did horrible).  Enjoy the games this weekend everyone!


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