NFL TV Schedule

NFL Divisional Playoffs TV Schedule

Before I get into the NFL stuff, I just want to talk about the college football National Championship.  What a game.  An instant classic.  Other than the 2006 Rose Bowl, this is the best true national championship game of all-time.  I am not going to include any of the games from the poll n’ bowl era since it was rare to set up #1 vs. #2 at the end of the season (although some of those games were great as well).  Just the last five minutes alone is must-watch material for any college football fan.  Nice to see Dabo Swinney and Clemson win the title after coming so close last season.  Deshaun Watson put on a performance for the ages.  And we all know Alabama will be back next season looking to get to the top of the mountain again.  It was a spectacular end to what was, at times, a mediocre season.

Speaking of not-so-good seasons, let’s switch gears to the NFL.  The first half was terrible, let’s be honest.  The last six weeks were good although the final week left a lot to be desired.  This bled into Wild Card weekend which was one of the worst weekends of playoff football in NFL history.  Almost totally unwatchable crap.  Games that, for the most part, were decided by early in the third quarter.

As a bit of an aside at this point, I would like to talk about the lack of a recap this week.  I am going to cut back on the recaps a lot from now on.  I would say they are the worst part of this blog.  Most of them aren’t bad (I would even go far as to say some of them are pretty damn awesome!) but I would be lying if I said I didn’t mail it in once or twice this season just to get the post out in a relatively timely manner.  That’s when I ask myself what the point of doing that is.  Getting out the schedules on time is important and needs to be done in good time.  Otherwise the information is no good.  Recaps are different really.  I could have done the recap this Friday and it would have held the same gravitas as if I had done it Monday morning.  I would prefer to give you, the reader, better quality posts on the things that you come to this blog to see; which, during the season at least, is the TV schedules.  Alright where was I?

Oh yeah, back to the NFL playoffs.  Dreadful start. This weekend should be better.  Mostly because it can’t get worse.  Here is your schedule, followed by some notes:


4:30 Seattle at Atlanta FOX/CTV
8:00 Houston at New England CBS/CTV


8:30 Pittsburgh at Kansas City NBC/CTV
4:30 Green Bay at Dallas FOX/CTV


  • UPDATE: The Pittsburgh-Kansas City game has been moved to 8:30 due to the impending ice storm in and around the Kansas City area.
  • CTV gets the first three games on the full network. Then the Green Bay-Dallas game goes to the full CTV2 network.  I don’t know why this is happening.  Then again, last week I missed the Giants-Packers game being shown on CTV2 as well as TSN.  Didn’t think that would happen so never bothered to check.  My bad.  UPDATE #2: DAL-GB has been moved to the full CTV network. 
  • Oddly enough, NBC does not get the Saturday night game. CBS does.  Instead, NBC will be showing the Pittsburgh-KC game early Sunday afternoon.  I am sure they will still call it Sunday Night Football.
  • There is a possibility that three of these games will be close. Unless there is a freak snowstorm in Foxboro Saturday night, I don’t see a way that Houston keeps it close with the Patriots.  Then again, stranger things have happened.
  • No offense to the other games but Green Bay-Dallas is the game of the week.   There is a very real possibility that the Packers could thwart Dallas’s chances of getting to the Super Bowl and sparing us from, perhaps, the worst run-up to a Super Bowl ever (I am talking about a Patriots-Cowboys Super Bowl here).
  • I am positive not a single team will have a single player on a boat before this weekend’s games.

Alright, kind of short but oh well.  I believe there are a few college all-star games this coming weekend but I can’t, for the life of me, determine where these games will air or even if we will get them in Canada.  I am leaning towards no here.  I know the East-West Shrine Game and Senior Bowl are coming up soon and honestly, they are the only two college all-star games I watch.

Soon enough I will be starting my mock drafts.  Other than that, it will be quite a bit of radio silence for the next few months.  The dark period is almost upon us my friends.  Until then, enjoy the (professional football) games everyone!


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