College Football

Now THAT’S the New Year’s Six we were hoping for (kind of)


We were into the fourth quarter of the first New Year’s Six game (the Orange Bowl) and it was already better than the entire New Year’s Six from the previous season.  That was awful last season.  This season, a fair amount better.  Two amazing games, one quite good game and then three that weren’t that great.  So they’re batting .500.  That’s an improvement, no?

Alright let’s get to the recap of all the rest of the bowl games:

Citrus Bowl – LSU 29 Louisville 9

Talk about ending your season with a thud.  The Cardinals looked lifeless in this one.  And as for Leonard Fournette (or more like his absence)?  No problem.  Derrius Guice was good enough in this one and Arden Key was huge on defense.  Also, Louisville’s turnover problems caught up with them again.  Amazing that a team as good as Louisville gave up that many turnovers (the most in the FBS this season).

TaxSlayer Bowl – Georgia Tech 33 Kentucky 18

The schools from the state of Kentucky did not have a good day.  Kentucky never seemed to be close with the Ramblin’ Wreck.  After that one really bad season last year, the Yellow Jackets are back where they seem to always be: a few games over .500 but never really in contention for the ACC title.

Peach Bowl (College Football Playoff Semi-Final) – Alabama 24 Washington 7

It felt like I was just waiting for Bama to pull away in this one and it never happened.  A couple of Husky mistakes gave the Tide some points but other than that Alabama did not look strong at all.  It has to be worrying.  And now with Lane Kiffin kicked to the curb before the National Championship I could see some issues with preparation.  Doesn’t sound so cool and calm in Tuscaloosa (like usual).

Fiesta Bowl (College Football Playoff Semi-Final) – Clemson 31 Ohio State 0

Now this was an ass whoopin’ on a grand scale.  Clemson was just way too good for the Buckeyes.  Cue the “Ohio State shouldn’t have even been in the College Football Playoff because they didn’t even win their division and they lost to the true Big Ten champ and yada yada yada.”  This type of talk is ridiculous.  We all know that conference championships are money grabs, plain and simple.  And now The Committee has made it clear that conference championships mean a lot, but not as much as strength of schedule.  They have put their stake in the ground (for the most part) and now we know.  I just wish they would make it clear to everyone, including fans.  It would alleviate a lot of these debates.

Outback Bowl – Florida 30 Iowa 3

More scoring than I thought…at least from Florida.  Looked like a boring game and I watched very little of it.  I feel like I didn’t miss much.

Cotton Bowl – Wisconsin 24 Western Michigan 16

The Broncos have nothing to be ashamed of after this loss.  They played well but it felt like after Wisky got that first touchdown that WMU would never be able to row the boat hard enough to get into the lead.  And that was exactly the case.  The Broncos also didn’t play as well as they did throughout the season so there is that.  It does show, though, that the G-5 is still quite a ways away from the P-5 in terms of quality of football programs.  It just is what it is unfortunately.

Rose Bowl – USC 52 Penn State 49

An absolute instant classic.  Between this game and the Orange Bowl you can’t say enough good things about college football (or at least the games on the field).  Penn State overcame three double-digit deficits to take a double-digit lead of their own.  Then USC comes back to tie it.  I feel bad for poor Trace McSorley.  He was near-perfect all game and then threw up kind of a wounded duck interception in the final minute which lead to the Trojans game-winning field goal with no time left.  If the National Championship ends up being a dud at least we can look at this game with some satisfaction.

Sugar Bowl – Oklahoma 35 Auburn 19

This game was never going to be in doubt.  It was just waiting for Mayfield and Westbrook and Mixon and Perine and the rest of the offense to wake up.   They finally did.  This team is going to be something next year with all the returning pieces.

All that is left now is the Natty.  I believe Clemson has a real shot here and I am going to go with a bit of an upset pick and say Clemson will win this.  I will even give a score.  It will contain numbers.  And one number will be more than the other………………OK fine twist my arm.  31-27 Tigers.  Happy?

It looks like the FCS Championship will be appearing on TSN5 according to the current schedule.  Like the weather, it has the opportunity to change nine thousand times before the day arrives.  So once it is confirmed I will let you know.  I will also have the NFL Wild Card round schedule up once the TSN and CTV broadcasts are sorted out (hell, even my guide doesn’t even have the American networks figured out when it comes to those games).  Hope everyone had a great New Year as we are almost coming to the close of the college football season.


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