So many bad teams this season– Week 17 NFL Recap (oh and a Playoff Preview)

There are so many bad teams.  Check the logos above.  These teams were awful this season.  Not just kind of bad.  Not below average.  Awful.  Period.  The funny thing is that at least one of these teams will draft a player that, by the end of the next season, they will know was the wrong move, continuing their streak of futility.  I can see quite a few trades (or at least potential trades) going into this coming draft so it might be one of the more exciting in recent history.  We shall see.  Either way, pray for these teams.  They need it.

Other things that happened

  • Aw man couldn’t the Cowboys have left Tony Romo in for the rest of the game? Mark Sanchez is awful and it showed.  He is basically done (or should be).  I say this because if Dallas had won, then Tampa Bay would have gone into the afternoon still alive in the playoff race and it would have sent the media into a frenzy I’m sure because the only way for the Bucs to get in was so complex and absurd it would have been fun to watch it possibly go down.  Alas…
  • If you were like me, you found this week to be kind of boring to be honest. Not a whole lot at stake really as Week 16 ended a lot of playoff-clinching storylines.  This is something the NFL hates.  I am positive of that.  I don’t remember the year (two or three years ago) but there were so many different scenarios that it became must-watch TV because a team taking the lead late in the fourth could change so many things.  Oh well at least the playoffs are finally here so we can take solace in the fact that at least all these games mean something going forward.
  • Why did Anthony Lynn accept the Bills head coaching job? I mean good for him because he is obviously quite the offensive genius to take this crew to the heights they enjoyed, at least on offense.  But the Bills are such a shitty organization and the whole Tyrod Taylor fiasco would have left a bad taste in my mouth I know that.  I hope Lynn gets a lot of control here and can hire the guys he wants and get the players he needs.  It’s already rumoured that Gus Bradley will be the team’s new defensive coordinator.  That’s a good start.
  • So my two Super Bowl picks, Arizona and Cincinnati, won their final games this past weekend and won them easily. These are the teams I thought would go far in the playoffs.  Not the underperforming heaps of crap that they were the other fifteen games.
  • So the Los Angeles Rams experiment isn’t off to a rousing start. So now what?  Let’s move the Chargers there as well!  Yeah this won’t go poorly at all right?  I get that the NFL wants to be in Los Angeles but the LA area is such a fickle sports town.  Other than the Lakers, no other team in this city can draw fans even when they lose (and I even have my doubts about the Lakers).  So having two NFL teams here will divide the fanbase and unless one of the teams gets really good really fast this could become a nightmare in the second-largest city in the US.
  • Even against the Steelers’ backups the Browns couldn’t win. I sure hope they make the right pick in the draft because they have a lot of holes to fill (yeah like most of them).

Alright enough of the week that wasn’t (really), let’s look ahead to the playoffs.  Here are my rankings of the teams left to play for a chance at the Super Bowl, starting at the top and making my way down:

  1. New England – I hate putting them here and it’s not because they are the best team right now. They are still the most complete team and they seem to get the most out of players who can’t seem to stick with other teams.  Look what Michael Floyd did this past week for example.  As long as Brady is the starting quarterback you have to consider this team one of the favourites.
  2. Dallas – Normally when you have two teams this far in front of the others, one of them blows a gasket and we miss out on a true best-on-best Super Bowl. There is less of a chance of that happening this year.  I think the Patriots and Cowboys are so much better this season than any other team and it would take either of these teams to play VERY poorly to not make it.  I do worry about the lead up to the game if this happens though.  The media will go bananas.  More so than usual.  America’s Team against America’s Team.  Fans of every other team will hate it.
  3. Green Bay – The hottest team in the league (sorry Dallas and New England fans) is looking to continue that hot streak in the playoffs. This team is extremely dangerous if A-a-ron and company are playing their best.  Plus playing at Lambeau has to be horrific in the playoffs.
  4. Pittsburgh – Here’s another team that always seems to be in the playoffs and is always a threat. The Killer Bees (Ben, Brown, and Bell) make this offense, arguably, the best in the league.  Their defense is a little suspect compared to almost every other year the Steelers have been a contender but I am sure head cheerleader coach Mike Tomlin will have them ready to play with his ice cold gaze and…actually that’s really all he seems to do with his face.
  5. Atlanta – Matty Ice is back, bitches. Another team with a shit-ton of offensive weapons but not as good a defense.  Good enough to win the majority of games I guess.  It will be interesting to see what the Falcons can do against a top-notch defense though.
  6. Kansas City – Until Alex Smith can take this team to the promised land, he will never be known for being more than a “game manager.” This seems to be the worst tag you can put on a quarterback but honestly it’s not a bad thing.  He does well.  He’s efficient.  I don’t see a problem with that.  Also, let’s pray that there are no end-of-the-game clock situations for the Chiefs since they do have Andy Reid as their coach and he’s not known for his time management skills.
  7. NY Giants – This team is a bit of a Wild Card, no pun intended.   Yes I know they’re a Wild Card team and…you know what, never mind.  Ben McAdoo has done a great job in the Big Apple (technically in New Jersey) and could cause a lot of frustration for some of the better teams like Dallas and Atlanta.
  8. Detroit – Now we get to the teams that I think do not have a hope of making the Super Bowl. Detroit is a nice story this season.  This team has gutted its way to multiple victories.  They are kind of the Cardiac Kids of this season.  I can’t see that happening especially with their first game in Seattle.  However…
  9. Seattle – Other than the home crowd what does this team possess? They aren’t the Seahawks that won the Super Bowl or the ones that had a horrible play call at the end of that other Super Bowl.  Not nearly as good and without a home game after the Wild Card round I think the Hawks’ chances are almost nil.
  10. Oakland – Let’s be honest: everyone would have the Raiders higher if Derek Carr was healthy. And now they don’t even have Matt McGloin possibly.  They will have rely on their ground game and their defense to have any hope of getting past even the first round.  But at least their first game is in…
  11. Houston – Macho Man Tom Savage (oooooooooooooh yeah) may or may not be the starter. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrock Osweiler may or may not be the starter.  Either way, who cares.  Defense carries this team and J.J. Watt and his boys need to come up with the playoff run of their life because this team’s fortunes rest on their shoulders.
  12. Miami – I hate to say I would rate them a bit higher with Ryan Tannehill as the starting quarterback but I would have. Maybe I would have them #11.  This team is probably the worst playoff team this season.  Not a slight against them since they got farther than many thought they would.  Jay Ajayi has been a revelation in the backfield and he will have to imagine that he is playing the Bills the entire postseason if he is to help the Dolphins move past the Wild Card round.

There you go.  Since my original picks were HORRIBLE, this is my new set of playoff predictions:

Wild Card Round

Houston over Oakland

Detroit over Seattle

Pittsburgh over Miami

Green Bay over NY Giants

Divisional Playoffs

New England over Houston

Pittsburgh over Kansas City

Dallas over Detroit (again)

Green Bay over Atlanta

Conference Championships

New England over Pittsburgh

Dallas over Green Bay

Super Bowl LI

Dallas over New England

I think the conference championship games and the Super Bowl will be close ones, providing the entertainment that was sorely missing in the first nine weeks or so of the NFL season.

Alright today there are four bowl games with three of them being part of the fabled New Year’s Six and the other a game that I will watch very little of in Florida against Iowa.  Enjoy the games everyone!


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