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Your Special Boxing Day Bowl Recap #2

I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas.  I hope you didn’t get too drunk.  I could understand if you did but sometimes moderation really is the way to go.  Anyway, where was I…

Oh that’s right.  Bowl games!  Yes they are still going on and will be through January 2nd.  As I have said before, savour these games, even if they suck because soon enough we will be sans college football for months.  The horror!

Alright let’s get to the recap and maybe you can then work off all the eggnog you drank.

Miami Beach Bowl – Tulsa 55 Central Michigan 10

This was about as dominating performance I have ever seen in a bowl game.  This wasn’t even close from the get-go.  I am honestly surprised Philip Montgomery hasn’t got any feelers for Power Five coaching jobs.  He is an offensive guru and deserves a lot of credit for what he has done for the Golden Hurricane.  He has been overshadowed by coaches like Tom Herman and Matt Rhule in the AAC this season.  With them gone, expect Montgomery to get a lot of attention next season.

Boca Raton Bowl – Western Kentucky 51 Memphis 31

Boring bowl number two.  These games that get out of hand relatively early are, a lot of times, tough to watch.  This one was no exception.  I think many expected the Hilltoppers to pour on the points but I, for one, figured that Memphis would keep it close.  Not the case.  Alright so let’s move on to the next bowl and see if things get better…

Poinsettia Bowl – BYU 24 Wyoming 21

Now this is what I’m talking about.  I will say that the quality of play wasn’t exactly the best.  Thanks to San Diego getting one of their four days of rain for the year on that exact night, the Murph/Qualcomm/Former Chargers Stadium ended up being a bit of a quagmire.  But it was a close game.  Wyoming is looking good under Craig Bohl and should continue that next season.  The Cougs are almost always good so it will be interesting how much attention the next time realignment comes up.

Idaho Potato Bowl – Idaho 61 Colorado State 50

Hey another great bowl game.  Again with some extreme weather conditions.  It was one of the coldest bowl games on record in Boise and it showed.  The blue turf (which is getting old btw), turned into a huge skating rink.  It made defense basically impossible.  For once I don’t fully blame the two teams for that.  But it was fun to watch.  Points and points and points and points and points, etc.  I find it a bit ironic that a team that is moving down to FCS just put 61 up on the scoreboard in a bowl game.

Bahamas Bowl – Old Dominion 24 Eastern Michigan 20

This bowl is the bane of my existence (well, one of several banes).  A bowl game before Christmas on at 1 in the afternoon.  Who thinks up this shit?  I get that they want to show the beauty of the Bahamas during the day time and so we also get to see Mack Brown in terrible island tourist wear.  It’s too bad since the game was great and it really was two teams who very much wanted to be there and played their hearts out.  I would watch out for the Monarchs next season in Conference USA as they look to be pretty damn good under Bobby Wilder.  I sure hope EMU can put together two decent seasons in a row but the jury is out on them.

Armed Forces Bowl – Louisiana Tech 48 Navy 45

Of all the good bowl games thus far, this could have been the best.  An absolute classic.  Navy is always fun football to watch but the Bulldogs are a bit of a revelation if you don’t watch much Conference USA (which we here in Canada really don’t).  And speaking of Conference USA, why the hell do they look so bad as a conference during the regular season and then so good in bowl season?  I don’t get it.  Anyway, great game, still not happy with the start time of 4:30 but this is the argument to keep as many bowl games as possible on the schedule.

Dollar General Bowl – Troy 28 Ohio 23

One of the greatest turnaround seasons of the decade ended with the Trojans beating the Fighting Soliches of Ohio in yet another close bowl game.  Neal Brown is already being touted as a coach who may move up to a better program.

Hawaii Bowl – Hawaii 52 Middle Tennessee 35

This is one of the arguments against more bowl games.  It was a pretty good game with a lot of points but there weren’t that many people there to enjoy it.  You know, with the HOME TEAM playing in its own stadium.  They said there were over 20,000 people there.  I don’t buy that.  If there were more than 12,000 I would have been shocked.  It’s a bit of a sad state that a home team can’t at least half fill their own stadium for a bowl game.  No wonder teams move down to FCS.  I can see more of that happening.

There you go!  Again, I hope you had a great Christmas.  Boxing Day’s bowl schedule looks like, possibly, the worst day of multiple bowl games ever.  I sure as hell hope that some of the games are good today.  Also, there is the Monday nighter in the NFL.  Easily the best one of the year as the Lions face the Cowboys.  So there’s always that.  Enjoy the games everyone!


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