I love seeing this – Week 15 NFL Recap


I love what happened during the Titans-Chiefs game.  Icing the kicker really annoys me.  Like REALLY annoys me.  The worst part is it’s not like it makes a huge difference.  According to ESPN Stats & Information kickers hit a field goal 81% of the time when a timeout is not called and only 76% when they are iced.  It’s only a 5% difference.  Not significant enough at all.  So Andy Reid hit the daily double this time around.  He iced Ryan Succop and Succop missed the first attempt.  Then Succop tries again and hits it for the Titans win.  Awesome.

Other tidbit of information from the past weekend:

  • Did anyone watch the Thursday Night Special Saturday Night Football game? Why call it Thursday Night Football?  It’s dumb.  Hell, the Jets couldn’t even fill half the stadium it seemed.  That’s because they suck but it’s beside the point.
  • The Bears had the Packers on the ropes. They HAD THEM!  And they let them off the hook.  Ah, Dennis Green you magnificent man.  Sorely missed.  Anyway, I was so hoping the Bears would win.  I want a pissed off Packers team next season to destroy the league.  Not a Packers team that sneaks into the playoffs because the Lions have a brutal schedule to finish the year.  Look at who the Lions have to play.  They played (and lost) to the Giants on Sunday, then they have the Cowboys and then the Packers.    Thanks a lot Senor Schedulerino.
  • Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrock Osweiler gets yanked for Tom Savage against Jacksonville (JACKSONVILLE!) and the Texans crowd cheers.   I don’t blame Osweiler here.  If you had a huge contract laid before you and you were getting a good chunk of that money no matter how well you played, wouldn’t you sign it?  Of course you would.  I blame Texans’ management for this.  Which is apropos because the Texans have never shown they can put a solid team together.  They’re like a Texas version of the Bills this century.  Oh and Gus Bradley got shitcanned.  Worst record EVER for a coach with over 50 games coached.  Also, they can just quit it with the Blake Bortles experiment?  He isn’t that great.  Period.  Time to move on.  Draft Mitch Trubisky and start over.
  • The Cleveland Browns lost again. I will be shocked if they win a game this season.  Just tear it all down and start over.  And for Joe Thomas’s sanity, trade him.
  • Remember when I said Minnesota was an elite team earlier in the season? No?    Well for the few who do remember, boy was I wrong.  Holy crap have they ever imploded.  So now Sam Bradford isn’t the answer at quarterback, Adrian Peterson might be finally on the downward swing of his career, and, well I could go on and on.  Things aren’t too rosy in the Twin Cities right now.
  • Man does NBC love them some Cowboys. This past Sunday was the second of three games in a row on Sunday Night Football.  Then again, when you play the Giants, Bucs, and Lions in consecutive weeks, you are bound to get a good timeslot.  I just wish they would move them to the late FOX game one week just for variety’s sake.

Alright, let’s look at the playoff picture as of this moment:

Division Champs Division Champs
1 New England (East) 1 Dallas (East)
2 Oakland (West) 2 Seattle (West)
3 Pittsburgh (North) 3 Atlanta (South)
4 Houston (South) 4 Detroit (North)
Wild-Cards Wild-Cards
5 Kansas City 5 NY Giants
6 Miami 6 Green Bay


In the AFC, the Pats and Raiders are in.  The Chiefs are pretty much in as well.  Somehow Miami has snuck into the last playoff spot for now.  The AFC North is between the Steelers and Ravens and the AFC South is a three-team race.  Denver is the only other team that can make noise there.  The Bills aren’t mathematically eliminated but too much has to happen for them to qualify for the playoffs.

In the NFC, Dallas is WAY out in front.  Seattle is also in and the Giants are pretty much in as well.  Atlanta holds a one-game lead on the Bucs and we all know what’s going on with Detroit and Green Bay. New Orleans and Carolina are basically out without it being official.  Minnesota is close to that point as well.  At the very least we should have a great Week 17.

Bowl game tonight.  Not in the afternoon but tonight.  It’s the Boca Raton Bowl between Memphis and Western Kentucky.  For all you fans of offense, this game is for you.  Enjoy the game (if you choose to watch it).


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