college football TV schedule

OK I’m not waiting any longer. Time for the bowl game TV schedule.


I can’t wait any longer.  Well I guess I could but the bowl games start in three days.  What is TSN waiting for?  They have the entire World Junior Hockey Championship schedule (for the most part) but can’t figure out a few bowl games to slot in between?  Give me a break.

So here’s the bowl schedule as of right now.  If you see an asterisk (*) it means the broadcast information isn’t set in stone.  So almost everything post-Christmas is up in the air (somewhat).  I did my best knowing what TSN already has going for them from Christmas past New Year’s with the WJHC.  I am guessing I am pretty close with this but don’t be surprised if a game or two moves to the specialty pack or vice versa.

UPDATE #2: The schedule is fully updated.

Here’s the sked:

US Canada
December 17 Celebration Bowl (Grambling vs. NC Central) 12:00 PM ABC ABC
December 17 New Mexico Bowl (New Mexico vs. UTSA) 2:00 PM ESPN TSN1/TSN3
December 17 Las Vegas Bowl (Houston vs. San Diego State) 3:30 PM ABC ABC
December 17 Cure Bowl (Arkansas State vs. UCF) 5:30 PM CBSSN CBSSN
December 17 Camellia Bowl (Appalachian State vs. Toledo) 5:30 PM ESPN TSN2
December 17 New Orleans Bowl (Southern Miss vs. UL-Lafayette) 9:00 PM ESPN TSN2
December 19 Miami Beach Bowl (Central Michigan vs. Tulsa) 2:30 PM ESPN SP
December 20 Boca Raton Bowl (Memphis vs. Western Kentucky) 7:00 PM ESPN TSN1/TSN4
December 21 Poinsettia Bowl (BYU vs. Wyoming) 9:00 PM ESPN SP
December 22 Idaho Potato Bowl (Colorado State vs. Idaho) 7:00 PM ESPN SP
December 23 Bahamas Bowl (Eastern Michigan vs. Old Dominion) 1:00 PM ESPN SP
December 23 Armed Forces Bowl (Louisiana Tech vs. #25 Navy) 4:30 PM ESPN TSN1
December 23 Dollar General Bowl (Ohio vs. Troy) 8:00 PM ESPN SP
December 24 Hawaii Bowl (Hawaii vs. Middle Tennessee) 8:00 PM ESPN SP
December 26 St. Petersburg Bowl (Miami-OH vs. Mississippi State) 11:00 AM ESPN SP
December 26 Quick Lane Bowl (Boston College vs. Maryland) 2:30 PM ESPN2 TSN2
December 26 Independence Bowl (NC State vs. Vanderbilt) 5:00 PM ESPN SP
December 27 Heart of Dallas Bowl (Army vs. North Texas) 12:00 PM ESPN SP
December 27 Military Bowl (#24 Temple vs. Wake Forest) 3:30 PM ESPN TSN2
December 27 Holiday Bowl (Minnesota vs. Washington State) 7:00 PM ESPN SP
December 27 Cactus Bowl (Baylor vs. Boise State) 10:15 PM ESPN SP
December 28 Pinstripe Bowl (Northwestern vs. #23 Pittsburgh) 2:00 PM ESPN SP
December 28 Russell Athletic Bowl (Miami vs. #16 West Virginia) 5:30 PM ESPN SP
December 28 Foster Farms Bowl (Indiana vs. #19 Utah) 8:30 PM FOX FOX
December 28 Texas Bowl (Kansas State vs. Texas A&M) 9:00 PM ESPN SP
December 29 Birmingham Bowl (South Carolina vs. USF) 2:00 PM ESPN SP
December 29 Belk Bowl (Arkansas vs. #22 Virginia Tech) 5:30 PM ESPN SP
December 29 Alamo Bowl (#10 Colorado vs. #12 Oklahoma State) 9:00 PM ESPN SP
December 30 Liberty Bowl (Georgia vs. TCU) 12:00 PM ESPN SP
December 30 Sun Bowl (North Carolina vs. #18 Stanford) 2:00 PM CBS CBS
December 30 Music City Bowl (Nebraska vs. #21 Tennessee) 3:30 PM ESPN SP
December 30 Arizona Bowl (Air Force vs. South Alabama) 5:30 PM ASN MyTV
December 30 Orange Bowl (#6 Michigan vs. #11 Florida State) 8:00 PM ESPN TSN2
December 31 Citrus Bowl (#13 Louisville vs. #20 LSU) 11:00 AM ABC ABC/TSN2
December 31 TaxSlayer Bowl (Georgia Tech vs. Kentucky) 11:00 AM ESPN SP
December 31 Peach Bowl (#1 Alabama vs. #4 Washington) 3:00 PM ESPN TSN2
December 31 Fiesta Bowl (#2 Clemson vs. #3 Ohio State) 7:00 PM ESPN TSN2
January 02 Outback Bowl (#17 Florida vs. Iowa) 1:00 PM ABC ABC
January 02 Cotton Bowl (#8 Wisconsin vs. #15 Western Michigan) 1:00 PM ESPN TSN2
January 02 Rose Bowl (#5 Penn State vs. #9 USC) 5:00 PM ESPN TSN2
January 02 Sugar Bowl (#7 Oklahoma vs. #14 Auburn) 8:30 PM ESPN TSN2
January 09 National Championship Game 8:30 PM ESPN TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5

UPDATE #5: As of right now (4:00 EST on Dec. 28th), the Texas Bowl isn’t showing anywhere in Canada.  It was removed from TSN’s bowl schedule recently (I was notified of this on Twitter yesterday).  I had checked on Christmas Eve and hadn’t seen it so it couldn’t have happened before that night.  After talking with a Bell rep, I realized it was pointless to talk to a Bell rep about this.  So it MAY show up on the specialty pack but there is no guarantee.  If it doesn’t, it would be the first bowl game in a few years that has not been shown on Canadian television.  I would not be happy since this feels like we are going backwards again with college football coverage in this country.

UPDATE #6: At least on Bell Fibe, the Texas Bowl is appearing on the specialty pack but only in SD.

UPDATE #7: OK was watching the Texas Bowl and it just went off the air.  I don’t get it.  Why stop broadcasting a game half an hour in?

OK maybe I should have put asterisks beside the games that were already set instead.  Geez.

Alright, as of right now the breakdown looks like this on the American side:

  • 33 games on ESPN (including the National Championship)
  • 1 game on ESPN2
  • 4 games on ABC (including the Celebration Bowl)
  • 1 game on CBS
  • 1 game on FOX
  • 1 game on ASN/Campus Insiders
  • 1 game on CBS Sports Network

UPDATE: A few games have been switched between TSN and the specialty packs.

UPDATE #3: The list below is updated and non-specialty pack people will not be pleased.

So for us Canadians it will look like this:

  • 4 games on ABC (one shared with TSN)
  • 1 game on CBS
  • 1 game on FOX
  • 1 game on MyTV
  • 1 game on CBS Sports Network
  • 16 games on TSN (one shared with ABC)
  • 19 games on the specialty pack

More games than ever on the specialty pack (a third of them).  UPDATE #4: Nope.  Wrong.  Almost half of the games on the specialty pack.  Yikes.  Regular subscribers will not be happy for sure.  And of the games already set pre-Christmas, only 5 of 14 are on a TSN channel.  This is when the schedule is pretty open without a ton of hockey on it.  So it doesn’t look good right now but hopefully it all works out for non-specialty pack people.

I will keep updating this schedule as more information becomes available.  Not impressed to say the least but nothing I can do at this point.

Also, there are a few lower-division games this coming Friday and Saturday if you’re into that type of thing.

US Canada
December 16 FCS Semifinal #1 (James Madison at North Dakota State) 7:00 PM ESPN2 SP
December 16 Division III Championship (Mary Hardin-Baylor vs. UW-Oshkosh) 7:00 PM ESPNU SP
December 17 Division II Championship (North Alabama vs. NW Missouri State) 4:00 PM ESPN2 SP
December 17 FCS Semifinal #2 (Youngstown State at Eastern Washington) 6:30 PM ESPNU SP

One note on this: the Fighting Pelinis of Youngstown State head to Eastern Washington Saturday night and it is expected to be ball-freezing cold.  FOOTBAW WEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I should have the NFL schedule up and then on Friday the bowl rankings and predictions.  Or vice versa.  I don’t know yet.  You’ll find out when I do.


20 thoughts on “OK I’m not waiting any longer. Time for the bowl game TV schedule.

  1. Hey Bossman,

    From my videotron 2 weeks advanced schedule I see that the quick lane and the Military will be on tsn 2 on the 26 and 27, the rest beeing shipped to the SP.

    It is a pretty slim offering imo, tsn is just packing their schedule with lousy wj games and the spengler cup, of all things!


    1. I forgot about the Spengler Cup. Ugh. Yeah TSN started showing all the World Juniors games (except the relegation round) a few years back. It is overkill for sure but even the lowest-level games garner decent ratings.
      This is where, and I hate to say this, Sportsnet would be handy to show a few games.


  2. While your article is great, the TV coverage is garbage. When Bell took CBS Sports Net and other channels off the air to make room for the four additional feeds from partner TSN any reasonable person would have expected better. They just need to put the ESPN games on one of five channels. The TSN brilliance is not isolated to football. Before three days of live of the conclusion of the World Series of Poker, ESPN’s terrific lead-up weekly documentaries were missing, out of order and at odd times. Same for the Ultimate Fighter weekly shows before the live finale. Garbage. Garbage. And garbage.


    1. Yeah Bell Fibe subscribers can now get CBS Sports Network but it’s $7 a month (unless you combine it with other channels). Not good.
      Also, TSN and Sportsnet both suffer from the same problem: they downplay the reason TV is still as strong and that’s live sports. Live sports are the biggest reason a lot of people (myself included) still have cable. Without that, the reasons become slimmer and slimmer. I wish TSN (and Sportsnet I guess) would get their act together to realize that live sports still drive ratings and their reason for existence. I don’t trust that they will do that unfortunately.


  3. Looks like we may be heading for our first potential hiccup tonight. TSN2 appears to be showing some UFC replay stuff instead of the Texas Bowl tonight and (at least on Rogers) the SP schedule as of 1230 today is not indicating that we will be getting the game there. Could potentially be falling through the cracks.

    And really, TSN – a REPLAY of UFC stuff??!! I guess displacing bowl games with live coverage of the Spengler Cup was not degrading enough. What’s next – displacing the Orange Bowl with a tape of Steve Simmons droning on about stuff that will make our ears bleed?


    1. Is the Spengler Cup Canadian team a collection of Canadians beyond CHL years but without AHL opportunities? And that’s the champs, the opposition is lesser players.

      Great idea to play but extensive national TV coverage across five channels is a stretch.


      1. From what I know, they are Canadian players currently playing in Europe that aren’t on the other Spengler Cup tournament teams.
        And I agree, it shouldn’t be on more than one TSN channel. But it shows how completely insane both TSN and Sportsnet are about hockey. It’s too much and many sports fans in this country are tuning out.


    2. I have now noticed that on the bowl schedule on, the Texas Bowl has been removed from the broadcast list. I don’t know when this happened but it had to have been in the past few days since I remembered re-checking the list on Christmas Eve and there had been no changes.


  4. And the indignities keep coming – Pitt-Northwestern is right now airing on a standard def channel rather than on one of the more than 20 HD SP channels not currently showing anything.


      1. Oh I know. TSN is able to change their schedule as they see fit. And that’s fine. But then Bell/Rogers/other cable companies who have a specialty pack have to pick up the ball. I get that they really just don’t care about that package at all but people pay for it so they should get what is advertised. I was told this game was:
        1) possibly blacked out
        2) possibly not showing on ESPN
        3) still will show up on the specialty pack despite the fact it doesn’t appear on the guide
        At least #3 seems plausible but the first two are just flat-out wrong. They almost need “content experts” that know about this stuff so you can be sent to the right CSR and not someone who barely knows what CTV is let alone something like the specialty packs.


      1. Lucky you. I now fear that I am going to miss another (more important/interesting game) within the next week due to TSN deciding I need to see a replay of the Grey Cup (I note that has been on the schedule a fair bit lately). At least I can watch Utah-Indiana.


  5. The more I think about thus the more pissed I get with TSN. Who the fuck decides that a replay of ANYTHING ought to bump a live broadcast of ANYTHING? I also wonder if they had some form of exclusivity for this game and actually prevented Bell/Rogers from airing it on the SP after thet decided not to air it. That wouldn’t surprise me at all.


    1. TSN and Sportsnet tend to forget that live sports drives everything nowadays. No one cares about replays of anything and very few care about Sportscentre/Sportsnet Central.
      What happened here I don’t know. Tbh I think this is a Bell/Rogers issue since Bell had the game on for a little less than half an hour and then took it off. Either way it’s bullshit.


      1. Although Bell having the game on for half an hour is equally consistent with the “mistake” being the airing of it for the first half hour as it is with the “mistake” being the pulling of it after the half hour. As you say, either way it is BS and a complete indictment of the state of TV in Canada.


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