OK so what in the hell is going on in Los Angeles? – Week 14 NFL Recap


So let me get this straight.  The Rams give Jeff Fisher a two-year contract extension not even a couple weeks ago and then they fire him not long after?  What did they not believe they could get to 7-9 so they figured might as well pull the trigger?  What is this horseshit?  I think the Rams are trying to outdo the Browns in terms of franchise dysfunction.  This is not a good look for the first season of professional football back in Los Angeles.  Well, at least they have USC…and a new stadium that will cost taxpayers a new mortgage each.  Here’s an idea: don’t make everyone pay for a new stadium because at least 20% of those people will never be able to afford to go to a game.  So make the ticket prices higher for the first ten years and point out on the ticket the “fee” going towards the new stadium.  Oh, and have the NFL create a by-law that forces an owner to pay for a minimum percentage of the stadium.  If an owner has to front 50% of the cost it may stop this garbage of building new stadiums everywhere.  We all know stadium economic impact studies are based on bogus math and false stats.  Why stop fooling everyone?  Oh wait, that would be not greedy and that is certainly not what the NFL is all about.  Remember, (professional) Football is Family…a very rich family who wants the poors to prop them up.

Wow, that was not in the Christmas spirit at all.  So in keeping with this theme, the rest of this recap will be in AngryPost.  Let’s go.

  • People harp on Jeff Fisher being the King of Mediocrity. Has anyone checked the Bills?  This team is almost ALWAYS between 6 and 9 wins.  Since they last went to the playoffs they have been outside of this range all of three times.  THREE TIMES in SIXTEEN SEASONS!  Rex Ryan is almost guaranteed to be fired and it’s starting to look like maybe Tyrod Taylor is not the quarterback of the future.  Not fun times in Buffalo…unless you’re at the tailgate outside.  The Bills Mafia need their own 30 for 30 short film like yesterday.
  • Andy Reid and his glorious mustache are now on top of the AFC West.   Last thing anyone wants is the top contender to the Patriots to be a team that loves to choke in the playoffs.
  • I sincerely hope the Raiders do make it to the Super Bowl basically as one big F-U to the NFL. That organization refuses to follow protocol, tries to break the rules, has the ugliest owner in the league (which is a feat in itself), wants to move to Vegas, and is the least-disciplined team by far.  It would make the Super Bowl (and the lead up to it) glorious.
  • The Browns lost again. I should just copy and paste this into the next three posts now.
  • The Lions came back to win again. Then again it was just the Bears but still.  OK a Raiders-Lions Super Bowl is what I want because I think Commissioner Gingerhammer and the league brass would secretly hate it.
  • Speaking of shitty teams, have there ever been this many shitty teams in one season? Let’s go through them shall we?
    • Cleveland – A trainwreck of epic proportions. There had to have been only about 20,000 fans at the game on Sunday.  Talk about pathetic.
    • Los Angeles – I have gone through their shit above. Bad first season in LA.
    • Jacksonville – I think it’s time to realize that Blake Bortles is no better than a good backup and that’s it. He will never be an elite starter.
    • NY Jets – The Jets S-U-C-K, SUCK, SUCK, SUCK. Todd Bowles is an awful head coach and the team is in disarray.  And they will probably get the fourth pick of the draft despite their ineptitude.
    • San Francisco – Their game against the Jets was a close one that went to overtime. It was actually pretty exciting.  I think 10,000 fans saw it.  For such a supposedly nice stadium, very few people are experiencing it.  And is Chip Kelly now regretting not going back to the college game?
    • Chicago – The Minions of the Midway are awful and for god’s sake just let Jay Cutler go already. The joke is played out.
  • So six teams out of 32 are awful. Not just below-average…awful.  Almost 20% of the teams.  And we wonder why less people were watching the NFL.  Would you watch a game with any of these teams involved?
  • The Tennessee Titans are going to win the AFC South aren’t they? I guess it would be new blood and light years better than watching Amish Manning and the Colts or Cyborg J.J. Watt and his Texans in the playoffs.
  • Oh and Green Bay is going to come back and make the playoffs aren’t they? I kind of wish they wouldn’t so they could come back next year and tear through the league like a wet paper bag because they’re pissed the fuck off.
  • The Patriots are not likable. Without Gronk, they are insufferable.  And Pats fans are as well.  Well, most of them at least.  It’s refreshing to find the Pats fan who seems normal and doesn’t act like some Boston-area shitbag.
  • So the Cowboys have found their kryptonite. The Giants defense.  So all it took was a guy with a blown-up hand and the Cowboys offense turns into…well, the Browns offense.

Alright, let’s look at the playoff picture quickly.

Division Champs Division Champs
1 New England (East) 1 Dallas (East)
2 Kansas City (West) 2 Detroit (North)
3 Pittsburgh (North) 3 Seattle (West)
4 Houston (South) 4 Atlanta (South)
Wild-Cards Wild-Cards
5 Oakland 5 NY Giants
6 Denver 6 Tampa Bay


The six teams I mentioned above are obviously mathematically eliminated.  You can also include another six teams who are pretty much eliminated (San Diego, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Arizona, New Orleans, Carolina).  So only eight teams left vying for five spots in the NFC.  As per usual, the AFC is more wide open.  Denver seems to be in trouble and who the hell knows what will happen with the AFC Dirty South but the rest of the teams are almost locks.

Done.  No more.  I love Christmas but at the same time I kind of hate Christmas.  A love-hate relationship with the holiday I guess.  I wasn’t as angry as I figured I would be but not nearly as optimistic as any sane, rational person would be.  Let’s call it a wash.

Tomorrow I will either post the bowl schedule or the bowl rankings.  This all hinges on TSN’s ability to get their shit together.  Funny how they can post the ENTIRE World Juniors schedule that goes into the first week of January yet they can’t figure out the bowl game schedule where all of the games except one are done by January 2nd.  I just don’t get it.


2 thoughts on “OK so what in the hell is going on in Los Angeles? – Week 14 NFL Recap

    1. Considering it’s the NFL we are talking about, almost nothing is a stupid question because you never know what Commissioner Gingerbread will do.
      Saying that, I don’t think they will restore the TV blackout rules for next season. I don’t see any reason why they would go back to that to be honest.


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