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Very, VERY Quick College Football TV Schedule Post

And I mean VERY quick.  There isn’t much going on tonight and tomorrow.  A couple of FCS playoff games, the Army-Navy game, and the Heisman trophy presentation.

Here’s the sked, then some tasty morsels afterwards:

US Canada
Friday Sam Houston State at James Madison 7:00 PM ESPN2 SP
Saturday South Dakota State at North Dakota State 12:00 PM ESPN SP
Saturday Army vs. Navy (in Baltimore) 3:00 PM CBS CBS

Tasty Morsels

Yes we are getting the Heisman Trophy presentation.  TSN has four channels of the MLS Cup (which is big I understand) but it’s the other one (TSN2) that is the issue.  According to the TSN website, the Heisman Trophy presentation is on at 8:00 Saturday night on TSN2.  On other guide sites though (including looking at my own Bell Fibe guide this morning), it said it was UFC at 8:00.  My guess is by tonight all the guides will show the Heisman Trophy presentation on TSN2.  I am not going to say that 100% though since I know what can happen when I do that.

UPDATE: No Heisman Trophy presentation for us.  UFC is in Toronto tonight and gets the nod on TSN2.  If it wasn’t for the MLS Cup on at the same time, the Heisman show would have appeared on at least one of the channels.  Alas, you will have to find out who wins online (spoiler alert: it’s probably Lamar Jackson) or check at halftime of any college basketball games you might watch on the specialty pack.  Sorry folks!

Army-Navy had the chance to be so big and so important.  It is always a big game but if Navy was in line for the G-5 spot in the Cotton Bowl, there would have been a lot more eyeballs than usual on this game.  Instead, many of us are actually pulling for Army since it would break a 14-game losing streak for the Black Knights.  Also, it is the last college football game that will be called by Verne Lundquist so there is also that.

We may end up getting a third FCS playoff game on the specialty pack this weekend.  Last year a replay was shown of one of the quarter-final matchups during primetime even though the game had been done for three hours.  I don’t know why since I can’t see why anyone would watch a replay of an FCS game (hell, I didn’t even watch it).  As of right now there is no sign of that.

ESPN’s College Bowl Mania show airs this Monday night at 7:00 and will go through all the bowls…hahaha, just kidding.  90% of the show will be about the College Football Playoff and the New Year’s Six and the other 10% will go to the other 34 bowls.  Still could be an interesting watch.  Yes, I am putting it on the PVR.

As for TSN’s bowl game schedule, I still don’t see it yet.  The first few days are set but beyond that it is anyone’s guess.  Hopefully it comes soon so I can post the schedule.  I will do it next week anyway no matter what so I may have to guess on some.

I will also be doing the bowl rankings again and it’s time to bring back the UNCLE VERNE RANKING SYSTEM in honour of Verne Lundquist who, as I said earlier, is calling his last college football game on Saturday.  Expect to see that next week.  I will include my predictions as well in there.

We are in the home stretch people.  I know people complain about the sheer amount of bowl games (I am one of them) coming up.  But remember…after January 9th we have no college football for seven-and-a-half months (except for the odd college all-star game here and there).  So yeah, drink it in because the struggle during those months is real DAMMIT!  Enjoy the games tonight and tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Very, VERY Quick College Football TV Schedule Post

  1. Verne Lundquist will be missed on college football broadcasts. At least he will still be doing play by play for college basketball, March Madness & The Masters. It’s too bad that Navy had a poor showing last Saturday against Temple. It would have been cool to see Navy in a New Year’s Six bowl game.


    1. He will be. It was smart that CBS was able to sign Brad Nessler to replace Uncle Verne. I was worried they would bring in someone who is either a) good but will never get to that elite level (ex. Carter Blackburn) or b) a guy who is, in many people’s minds, overrated (take your pick…there are many out there).
      Yeah I usually catch bits and pieces of Army-Navy but haven’t watched the whole game in years. If Navy was in line for that spot I would have probably made sure to watch the whole thing.


      1. Agree with you on Nessler. Really missed him this year – also Sean McDonough. ESPN’s depth chart really took a hit with them leaving. My ears bleed whenever I have to listen to Mike Patrick or Mark Jones. That’s not true, actually – I simply mute any games to which they are assigned.


      2. I agree with ESPN losing depth in the booth with Nessler and McDonough not doing college football for them anymore. The hope has to be that some of the newer ones step up although who would be considered “new” at ESPN right now for college football?


  2. I have the NCAA package on Bell. I’m not a huge Ncaa Basketball fan, but I don’t mind watching the odd game. I find the NCAA package on Bell is terrible for NCAAB coverage. Many nights there are very few if any games on either of the five channels while there are many on the schedule. Do you know how basketball games are selected for the Bell package? Thanks.


    1. Along the same lines as how games are chosen for college football. Any game on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, and the SEC Network not shown on TSN is sent to the specialty pack. Some weeknights ESPN networks show very little college basketball. On other nights there’s four games on at the same time. For example, tomorrow night only has three games all night. But guaranteed later on in the season, most nights will have at least four games throughout the night.


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