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More games in London? – Week 13 NFL TV Schedule


As per an article on Pro Football Talk, the NFL is planning four games for London next year.  My question is why?  Other than money I can’t see a reason why the NFL should go back to London.  Why don’t they go elsewhere in Europe?  Like Germany, a place that actually is totally bonkers over football (and not the football the rest of the world knows as football but actual American-style football).  Well they can’t put an expansion team there, right Rog?

Alright time for the sked but before that…how bout dem Cowboys?  11-1.  Amazing.  That team has Super Bowl written all over it.  I have said it before and I will say it again: a Cowboys-Patriots Super Bowl would be a fitting end to a season that started in 2016: the year everything went to shit in America.  Right?  At least that’s what I hear.  I haven’t actually seen proof of that but I’m sure it’s there.


Houston at Green Bay Seattle, Spokane, Minneapolis TSN2
Kansas City at Atlanta
Denver at Jacksonville
Miami at Baltimore Cleveland
Los Angeles at New England All affiliates (except Minneapolis & Detroit) All affiliates (except Kitchener) CKPR, CHEX, CITL, CKWS
Philadelphia at Cincinnati
Detroit at New Orleans Minneapolis, Detroit Kitchener
San Francisco at Chicago


Buffalo at Oakland Detroit, Buffalo, Rochester, Burlington, Boston TSN2
NY Giants at Pittsburgh All affiliates All affiliates (except Atlantic) Atlantic CKPR, CHEX, CITL, CKWS
Washington at Arizona
Tampa Bay at San Diego

Sunday/Monday Primetime

Carolina at Seattle Sunday, 8:30, NBC/TSN 1/3/4/5
Indianapolis at NY Jets Monday, 8:30, TSN 1/3/4/5 (TSN5 in progress at about 9:30)

Notes and things and possibly stuff

  • Scheduling later in the year is always interesting to me. There has to be some reason NBC didn’t flex the Panthers-Seahawks game out of their timeslot since there are a few other much better games available.  I know networks are able to hold games so they cannot be traded/flexed out.  To me it is getting too convoluted.  I still believe they should basically draft games at the start of the season, regardless of NFC and AFC since they are being switched a lot anyway nowadays.  Then they can do trades as the season goes on but they must be done a month in advance.  So basically, all the games from this point on, for example, would be set with no ability to flex games.  I would make exceptions for Week 17 since this is sports and it’s a business and entertainment value is important.  OK enough of the same rant I have done at least a few times before.
  • By the way, those better games include the Bills traveling to Oakland to face the Raiders, a huge matchup between the Giants and Steelers, and, amazingly enough, the Lions going to New Orleans. Any of those games would have worked much better in primetime.  Oh well, I guess that’s why I don’t schedule games for a living.
  • Yes I said Detroit-New Orleans is a huge game. It is.  The Saints are actual players in the NFC South and could make life very hard for the current division leader Atlanta Falcons.  Detroit leads the NFC North.  And no, this isn’t the early 90s and they do not, in fact, have Barry Sanders as their starting running back.  It would take a Lions collapse of sorts for them to lose the division since the other three teams don’t exactly inspire confidence.  Well the Bears are out of it already so let’s say two teams.
  • There are six games not showing in Canada (except for you RedZone and Sunday Ticket yahoos). That’s quite a lot.  Feels like too much when that is the exact same amount of games being shown.  I get that TSN wants ratings.  I really do.  But to show a game that most of the country will get (Buffalo-Oakland) is kind of absurd.  But hey to each their own right?
  • At least with the playoff push, more games become interesting. It’s just the way it works.  So a game between two teams around .500 right now might seem like a stretch to invest any time in.  In Week 17, these two teams could be fighting for a Wild Card spot and all of a sudden it is hugely important to watch.  I am fully fine with this and I know I will be watching more NFL now that it’s coming down the stretch.

That could be one of the worst set of points I have ever put out on this blog.  Oh well.  I’m sure I will do better next time.  I hope.

Tonight we have the MAC Championship (for specialty pack people) and the Pac-12 Championship (for people who like to hear GUS JOHNSON!).  College football madness continues tomorrow and then we got your professional football on Sunday with a decent sked.  Enjoy the games everyone!

Oh and a reminder that I will be updating bowl game schedules throughout the weekend as news comes in.  It will be slow and a lot will depend on what happens starting tonight.  Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “More games in London? – Week 13 NFL TV Schedule

  1. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Why the Gingerhammer & NFL owners won’t end the London games (and Thursday Night Football) is beyond me.

    Bell Media didn’t want to show 1 pm games that have meaningful playoff value such as Kansas City @ Atlanta or Miami @ Baltimore nor a third late game? Oh well, I guess that those games will be viewed by me at a local sports bar.

    My guess is that New England will play against Seattle in the Super Bowl & the Seahawks will win the Lombardi Trophy.

    1. It’s all about money plain and simple. But even the NFL has to understand the concept of oversaturation. That’s what we are coming to. Everyone, even non-football fans, know Sunday as football day. Why mess around with that?

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