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Welp, this is it…possibly – Week 14 College Football TV Schedule

I say possibly because it sounds like there is a possibility a few of the bowl selections would be pushed back if Navy ends up as the top ranked Group of Five team.  If Western Michigan wins, they get the spot. I can’t see how they wouldn’t.  However, if WMU loses and Navy wins they would get the spot…but they still play Army the next weekend.  Wouldn’t that be something if that happened and then Army erased a looooooooong losing streak to the Naval Academy by costing them a trip to the Cotton Bowl?  It would be the most exciting Army-Navy game in recent memory.

Alright let’s get to the schedule.  Back to the old way of doing it…and by old way I mean two weeks ago.


US Canada
MAC Championship Game (Western Michigan vs. Ohio) (in Detroit) 7:00 PM ESPN2 SP
Pac-12 Championship Game (Washington vs. Colorado) (in Santa Clara) 9:00 PM FOX FOX

The G-5 picture and Cotton Bowl spot could be solidified by around 10:00 if the Broncos beat Ohio.  If not, we can commence chaos proceedings.

Washington and Colorado should be a good game but I wonder about the 9:00 timeslot and the site.  I do recall last year’s game not being very well attended.  You can partially blame a 6:00 local start time but other than putting the game on Saturday night in primetime against all those other conference championships, we are basically stuck.  I am honestly shocked the ACC or Big Ten haven’t decided to move theirs to Noon on Conference championship Saturday.

Saturday Early

US Canada
AAC Championship Game (Temple at Navy) 12:00 PM ABC ABC
Conference USA Championship Game (Louisiana Tech at Western Kentucky) 12:00 PM ESPN TSN2
Troy at Georgia Southern 12:00 PM ESPN2 SP
Oklahoma State at Oklahoma 12:30 PM FOX FOX

They’re pretty much all big games at this point: even the Troy-Georgia Southern game.  Troy needs a win and some help later on in the day to win the Sun Belt.

Bedlam is the Big XII Championship Game this season.  I can’t foresee a way either team would get into the College Football Playoff though so they are fighting for a Sugar Bowl spot.

Navy can turn the G-5 world on its head if they win here after a Western Michigan loss.  That would be fun to see.

Right now, the Conference USA Championship is on TSN2.  There is also a slot open in the specialty pack for a second game.  I don’t know how that is going to work or if another game will be moved on to the specialty pack that is currently on ESPN3.  For right now, we have to assume that it will stay on TSN2.

Saturday Afternoon

US Canada
SEC Championship (Alabama vs. Florida) (in Atlanta) 4:00 PM CBS CBS
SWAC Championship Game (Grambling vs. Alcorn State) (in Houston) 4:00 PM ESPNU SP

No one goes up against the SEC Championship.  I understand that.  Too bad because this would have been the year to do it.  Unless Florida keeps it close, I can see a lot of people tuning out and waiting for the primetime games.

The SWAC Championship also falls in this timeslot.  Winner goes to the Celebration Bowl which is kind of the first bowl of the season even though it’s FCS.

Saturday Primetime

US Canada
Arkansas State at Texas State 7:30 PM ESPN2 SP
Mountain West Championship (San Diego State at Wyoming) 7:45 PM ESPN SP
ACC Championship Game (Clemson vs. Virginia Tech) (in Orlando) 8:00 PM ABC ABC
Big Ten Championship Game (Wisconsin vs. Penn State) (in Indianapolis) 8:00 PM FOX FOX

Here’s where it gets packed.  I will reiterate what I said above: Either the ACC or B1G should move their conference championship to Noon.  They would dominate the timeslot and not have to compete with the other conference.  Alas, I can’t see it happening.

I honestly think the Big Ten Championship won’t mean anything unless Washington and/or Clemson lose their respective games.  Should be a good game but there will be some scoreboard watching for sure in Indianapolis.

Win and they’re in.  That’s all Clemson has to do.  Watch them blow it now.

Wyoming and San Diego State were all primed to have a Mountain West Championship game that could be considered extremely important.  That all went to shit last Saturday when both teams laid an egg in embarrassing losses.  Now, chances are, this is for a trip to Las Vegas…to play football and nothing else.

Arkansas State can clinch the Sun Belt title and, supposedly, go to the New Orleans Bowl.  I say supposedly because bowl tie-ins work quite oddly these days and it has nothing to do with being champ; it has everything to do with being the first selection.  And the rumour is that if UL-Lafayette wins this Saturday, the New Orleans Bowl will select them instead of Arkansas State.  I have the Red Wolves going to the Cure Bowl for that reason.  Isn’t bowl selection fun?  No?  OK fine then.

Conference Championship Week picks for gambling purposes

Alright time to get some picks in.  Here we go!

Western Michigan over Ohio.  As much as I love chaos in college football, I can’t see the Broncos losing this one.

Washington over Colorado.  I think the Huskies make a statement going into the CFP.

Navy over Temple.  It will be too little too late for this.  The Committee won’t push Navy over WMU if both teams win.  Right?

Western Kentucky over Louisiana Tech.  If WKU hadn’t lost a heartbreaker to Vanderbilt earlier in the season, this might have put the Hilltoppers in the G-5 New Year’s Six conversation.  Alas, I can see them thumping the Bulldogs here in a somewhat meaningless game.

Troy over Georgia Southern.  This sets up the nightcap game putting pressure on ASU.

Oklahoma over Oklahoma State.  Then Stoops and Co. start beating their chests to show that they believe they are CFP material.

Alabama over Florida.  I’d love to say this will be close.  But this won’t be close.

Grambling over Alcorn State.  Other than that one really, REALLY bad year, Grambling has been competitive if not one of the better HBCUs out there.  They should win this one going away.

Arkansas State over Texas State.  I can honestly see this one being close, especially if Troy wins earlier in the day.  The pressure may get to ASU a bit.

San Diego State over Wyoming.  I’d love to see Craig Bohl’s Cowboys win this one but I just don’t think they will.  The best running back very few have heard of, Donnel Pumphrey, could go off in this game.

Clemson over Virginia Tech.  I feel like I am taking mostly favourites this weekend.  And for good reason.  This one shouldn’t be close either.

Wisconsin over Penn State.  Should be a good game (as I said above) but other dominoes have to fall for this to become a CFP qualification game.

Tonight there is NO COLLEGE FOOTBALL.  However, there is a Thursday night NFL game between Dallas and Minnesota…holy shit that could actually be a good game for once.  I didn’t think that was allowed on Thursday nights.  I just wish they would scrap this Thursday Night Football thing (other than opening night and American Thanksgiving) and bring back the Saturday games later on in the season.

Anyway, tomorrow I will have the NFL schedule out.  Enjoy the game tonight.


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