A word about the Grey Cup and then on to the Week 12 NFL Recap


What a Grey Cup that was right?  If you didn’t see it, it was a fantastic game.  It had the underdog Ottawa Redblacks getting out to a huge lead, the mega-favourite Calgary Stampeders coming all the way back to get close, the Stamps having a shot to take the lead and blowing it on a bad playcall, a camera right down on the field for the final snap which picked up a lot of swearing, the Redblacks scoring on a touchdown pass that was bobbled three times before the receiver came down with it, and then a defensive stop by Ottawa in overtime to seal the deal.  It felt like the Giants beating the Patriots.  That’s how good the Stamps were and that’s how mediocre the Redblacks were.  But remember, it’s one game.  Anything can happen…unless you’re the Cleveland Browns.

Alright, on to the news and/or notes from Week 12 of the NFL season.

  • John Harbaugh is a genius…this time. There, I said it.  He made up for his gaffe of not knowing the eligible/ineligible receiver rules back in that playoff game against the Patriots by pulling off what happened on Sunday.  Knowing the game would end because of the nature of certain penalties, the Ravens punt team basically held on to the Bengals punt return team for dear life, drawing at least six flags so that the punter could run back through the end zone as the clock went to zero.  Brilliant!  Also, as far as I can tell, it made it so the Ravens didn’t beat the spread.  It was a push.  Some gamblers must have been pissed off.  This rule will be adjusted in the off-season but for this one week, the Ravens were just that much smarter.
  • Another excellent game Sunday night. That finish was crazy.  The fact that half the players thought the field goal was good and the other half didn’t shows how nuts football can get.  The Chiefs have now leapt past the Broncos into the second spot behind the Raiders.  Amazing that the defending champ Broncos are now third in their own division!
  • Don’t look now but my Super Bowl picks are straight trash. Arizona and Cincinnati have been fucking awful this season.  Thanks a lot guys.  I think it’s about the end of the Marvin Lewis era in southern Ohio.  The Bengals need to move on and have a bit of a fresh start.
  • The Bills are contenders.   At 6-5 the Bills are only a game out of the second Wild-Card spot.  Only problem for them is that they have Oakland and Pittsburgh next up.  Win one of those and they have a decent shot at sneaking into the playoffs for the first time this century.
  • Another great game was in Oakland. The Raiders beat the Panthers and proved that they may be the heir apparent to the Patriots in the AFC.  As of right now they hold the top spot in the conference due to a tiebreaker.  Don’t be surprised if the AFC has to run through the Black Hole before the Super Bowl.
  • Finally, what was Colin Kaepernick doing on that final play in Miami? I get that it looked like a broken play but why wouldn’t you toss the ball into the end zone and hope for the best at that point?  As soon as he started running, everyone knew it would take a miracle for him to get in.  Oh and by the way, Miami is 7-4.  Crazy right?
  • The first two Thanksgiving games were great. Detroit wins on a last second field goal.  They have actually come back in every one of their wins this season.  That is astounding.  The Cowboys then held off the Redskins in another great game.  We won’t talk about the night game but hey, two out of three ain’t bad.

Alright, so as you can see, the NFL has redeemed itself a bit.  They were going to anyway because the games start to mean something around American Thanksgiving.  Saying that, there was still some great football this past weekend, something that was sorely lacking for the first two months-plus of the season.

Tomorrow I will be doing my rankings/bowl projection post.  This will be the last bowl projection post until Saturday when I start updating it as the games get played.  Expect a lot of posts on Sunday as the bowl games will slowly be filled that day.

College football schedule post on Thursday, NFL schedule post on Friday, as per usual.  Enjoy the week everyone!




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