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Well how about that…a pretty good Thanksgiving schedule – Week 12 NFL TV Schedule

thanksgiving football

Then again, when is the last time the Lions and Cowboys were both good teams?  There is almost no way it’s been like that this century.

Again, I wish my neighbours to the south a Happy day off to sit and stuff your face and tolerate your family.  There’s also booze.  Enjoy.

Let’s get right to the schedule and then follow up with some things to be thankful about (sort of):


Minnesota at Detroit Thursday, 12:30, CBS/SNO/SNE/SNP/SNW
Washington at Dallas Thursday, 4:30, FOX/SNO/SNE/SNP/SNW
Pittsburgh at Indianapolis Thursday, 8:30, NBC/SNO/SNE/SNP/SNW

Sunday Early

Cincinnati at Baltimore Seattle, Minneapolis, Detroit, Burlington, Boston BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Northern Ontario, Ottawa CKPR, CHEX, CITL, CKWS
San Diego at Houston Spokane
Tennessee at Chicago
Jacksonville at Buffalo Buffalo, Rochester Kitchener, Toronto
Arizona at Atlanta Minneapolis TSN2
NY Giants at Cleveland Rochester, Burlington, Boston Montreal, Atlantic
Los Angeles at New Orleans
San Francisco at Miami

Sunday Late

Carolina at Oakland Seattle, Spokane, Minneapolis, Detroit BC, Alberta
New England at NY Jets Cleveland, Buffalo, Rochester, Burlington, Boston Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Northern Ontario, Kitchener, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal Atlantic CKPR, CHEX, CITL, CKWS
Seattle at Tampa Bay Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane, Detroit, Buffalo All affiliates (except Atlantic) CJDC, CFTK

Sunday/Monday Primetime

Kansas City at Denver Sunday, 8:30, NBC/TSN2
Green Bay at Philadelphia Monday, 8:30, TSN 1/3/4/5

What are we thankful for?

  • OK kind of a misleading title and something I never like openly discussing. Of course it is nice to be thankful for the good things in your life.  I just find many people decide to only be nice or thankful on certain holidays or special days of the year and act like complete dickbags otherwise.  How about trying to be just a little bit kinder all the time?  OK enough of that this is a FOOTBAW blog.  No tears here.  Unless I stub my toe.  Sometimes that hurts a lot.
  • The Thanksgiving schedule is great this season. Ah, NFL up to their tricks.  The first half of the season has been marred by so much that many have probably left watching it for good.  But I had this feeling it would turn around.  I will admit I watched a lot less NFL so far this season than I had in the past.  I think that will start to change this week.  I still think Goodell is an asshat though.
  • It’s interesting how this turned out: four over-.500 teams today alone. There are only nine other over-.500 teams in the rest of the league and they are sprinkled throughout Sunday.  But at least this week we finally get some intriguing matchups.
  • Let’s start with the first game of the week. Incredibly enough, the winner of the Vikings-Lions game is in the driver’s seat in the NFC North.  I can’t see the Packers running the table like A-A-ron Rodgers stated so ten wins will probably win the division title.
  • Redskins-Cowboys looks like a classic. I almost feel weird saying that since it has been a looooooooooooooong time since that has been the case.  The Cowboys basically clinch a playoff spot with a win today.  A loss and the Giants and Skins are back in the divisional race.
  • I feel a bit sorry for the people out east who will have to suffer through a Cleveland Browns game. They host the Giants in a game they will almost certainly lose.
  • KC-Denver Sunday nighter.   Worst part is this is, for now, for second place in the AFC West.  I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see these two teams, plus the Raiders, all go to the playoffs.
  • Speaking of the Raiders, are they the one team that can knock off the Patriots in the AFC? They certainly seem like the most complete team and Derek Carr is looking like a good shot for MVP.  Last year, if you had told me that the Panthers-Raiders game would be shown on a lot of stations throughout Canada, I would have figured it was because of Carolina.  Not even close this season.

So yeah a good slate of games this week.  Nice for once that I can actually easily pick out three or four must-watch games considering what we dealt with earlier in the season.

There’s also a college game tonight and several tomorrow and a ton on Saturday.  TSN has stepped up their game and are showing more than they have all season.  Good stuff.  The schedule is here if you want to see it.

Also, you will notice no TSN for the late afternoon NFL games and only TSN2 for the Sunday nighter. That is all thanks to the Grey Cup that will start just after 6:00 on TSN1, 3, 4, & 5.  The Calgary Stampeders, the best team in a loooong time in the CFL, play the Ottawa RedBlacks in Toronto in front of the biggest football crowd in Toronto since the last Grey Cup here a few years ago.  At least it won’t be too cold.  Supposed to be just above zero and a bit cloudy.

Finally, the Vanier Cup is this Saturday on the Sportsnet Four and 360 at 12:30.  This is what bugs me about Sportsnet’s coverage of Canadian university football.  They just show the semis and the Vanier Cup and consider it a good thing.  Why not show games earlier in the season?  Make them regional.  Have them start at 11 in the morning if that’s what it takes.  The fact they show nothing until now tells me they don’t really care.  They feel they are doing U Sports (or whatever the hell it’s called now) a favour by broadcasting these games.  But no one knows anything about these teams.  At all.  It’s mind-boggling how short-sighted Rogers seems to be with these things.  One of the major reasons it will never overtake TSN as #1 in Canada.  Hell, with the NHL and the Jays’ success I am sure they still aren’t number one.  Pathetic.

Anyways, this is the footballgasm every football fan loves.  Something for everyone.  This is like a football fan’s Christmas.  So for fans of other sports, let us have these four days…and the Super Bowl….and the College Football Playoff.  Please?


2 thoughts on “Well how about that…a pretty good Thanksgiving schedule – Week 12 NFL TV Schedule

  1. In your opinion, is there any chance that Kansas City will beat Denver on Sunday Night Football? Or is this a weekend where all the clubs that are favored by Vegas will win their games?

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