You knew it was bound to happen – Week 11 NFL Recap


OK not exactly what I am talking about but still, this always amuses me.  And most others.  Just not anyone from Minnesota.

But it is a great segue into what happened this past weekend.   When they moved the extra point try back to the 15 from the 2 (essentially changing it from a 19-yard chip shot to a 32-yard field goal attempt) I was surprised at how well the kickers adapted.  Well that all went to shit this past Sunday.  Kickers from around the league missed TWELVE extra points.  Twelve.  On one day.  And three of them were indoors.  It’s like the kickers did so well up until this point that they created this extreme case.  Oh well it was funny to watch.  And lucky for him, Roberto Aguayo was not one of the perpetrators.  He would have been roasted in the media if he had.

Alright on to a short recap and then some things we can discuss at this venture:

  • No one got sick in Mexico City. Count that as a victory.  Or as Commissioner Ginger Spice would say, now the time is ripe to expand to Mexico City.
  • Are we heading towards a Cowboys-Patriots Super Bowl? Wouldn’t that be something.  The two most insufferable fan bases in all of football squaring off for the big prize.  It would be the epitome of annoyance to everyone else.  Really this is something that should happen in 2016 since it has been such a crazy year in everything.
  • The Browns lost again. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.
  • Either the Redskins are for real or the Packers aren’t. I believe it’s a bit of both.  It’s funny how the NFC North (arguably) has become the shittiest division in football and the NFC East has become the best…in a matter of 10 months.
  • OK the NFC East isn’t solely the best division. The AFC West is damn good too.  The Broncos, who by the way are still a very good team, could end up third in their division.  You know who else will finish third in their division?  The Rams.

OK enough of the recap of sorts.  Now let’s look at the playoff picture.  As of right now, this is what it looks like:

Division Champs Division Champs
1 New England (East) 1 Dallas (East)
2 Oakland (West) 2 Seattle (West)
3 Houston (South) 3 Detroit (North)
4 Baltimore (North) 4 Atlanta (South)
Wild-Cards Wild-Cards
5 Kansas City 5 NY Giants
6 Denver 6 Washington


In the AFC, Miami has made an inexplicable run to the point where they are only a game out of the Wild Card race.  They are also only two games back of New England for the AFC lead.  Good turnaround in south Florida.  Pittsburgh and Indy are in their respective divisional races.  I guess you could count Buffalo as well but really, that’s about it.  The rest of the teams are pretty much toast unless they run the table the rest of the season.

The NFC is way more interesting.  Dallas and Seattle have separated themselves from the rest of the pack.  The NFC East is pretty good and could get both Wild Card spots (like they have now).  Detroit is now on top in the NFC North with the tiebreaker over Minnesota.  Green Bay still has to be considered a contender despite the fact they have played like anything but so far this season.  They do sit two games back of the Lions and Vikings.  Really, other than San Francisco and Chicago, everyone has a chance to make the playoffs…even the Rams.

Oh, and Cleveland has been officially eliminated.  So sad.

Short and sweet.  This Thursday we get some American Thanksgiving action and some good games.  My hope is that I will get the schedule out early enough on Thursday.  We shall see if that happens or not.  Keep your eyes peeled.

Tonight we have some MACtion.  And important MACtion.  The MAC East will be decided tonight.  On the specialty pack, Akron travels to Athens (Ohio) to face Ohio (University).  A Bobcat win gives them the MAC East.  If they lose, it gives Miami-OH the opportunity to win the division.  They also play tonight and host Ball State (but not on the specialty pack).  Tomorrow I hope to get out the big American Thanksgiving post that I usually do.


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