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And the week did end up a bit mundane – Week 12 College Football Recap


You know…..except for THIS!

It was kind of a boring week in college football really.  We had a few close calls as we normally do with so many games.  You can’t have the favourites winning 60+ games in a week.  However, what happened in Lawrence was insane.  Not that Texas is that good because they aren’t.  But Kansas (KANSAS!) beat Texas in overtime.  Repeat that one or two more times.  It hasn’t happened since 1938.  That is completely insane.  It is also the final nail in the coffin for ol’ Charlie Strong.  Poor guy has been run through the ringer in Austin.  No way he comes back from that.  Not a chance.

Rest of the Fun-time Recap

This was the kind of week I don’t mind having to watch stuff through PVR.  I was able to catch Florida-LSU.  I had tOSU-Sparty on there.  Also decided to record KU-UT.  So most of the more exciting football I got.  There really wasn’t a lot to choose from.

  • Let’s start the rescheduled mess that was Florida-LSU: Lucky for them it was a good game with an amazing finish. That goal line stand by Florida was epic (broken play on 4th and Goal notwithstanding).  Seeing Jim Bob McElwain get emotional at the end there was the coup de grace.  Greg Sankey and the SEC should feel damn lucky this game turned out the way it did.
  • Michigan State shouldn’t have been within an area code of Ohio State. Yet somehow they were within a single point when Mark Dantonio went for two.  I don’t know why.  Usually I am a proponent of rolling the dice but this felt like the risk was not worth it.  Tie it up and force the Buckeyes to score something.  Oh well, my Michigan State prediction for this season continues to look worse and worse.
  • Snowy weather everywhere. It feels like we bypassed most of Fall and went straight to Winter.  Case in point: you could barely see what was going on at times in Morgantown.  Doesn’t seem to matter though: the Sooners thoroughly destroyed the Mountaineers in every facet of the game.
  • Speaking of keeping it close in the Big Ten when it shouldn’t have been, what was going on at Michigan? Another way-too-close game that should have been anything but.  Doesn’t give me much confidence in the Big Ten.
  • Good job, Louisville. Any hope to sneak into the College Football Playoff went up in flames Thursday night.  And who picked Houston to pull off the upset?  This guy!
  • Colorado played tough against Washington State and pulled off the win. I thought Wazzu would give a bit more of a fight but oh well.  It sets up a game against Utah where a win inexplicably gives them the Pac-12 South.    Mike MacIntyre has clinched Coach of the Year.  The reason they haven’t clinched the division is because…
  • USC beat UCLA pretty handily for the Victory Bell. They are done their Pac-12 schedule so have to await their fate.  I will be honest: as much as I am enjoying the Buffs’ run to glory, a USC-Washington rematch would be quite tasty.

I don’t have much more to say in the recap.  There wasn’t much to recap in the first place.  So let’s move to some clinching scenarios.

Clinching Scenarios!

Alright, more important to look at these now since we are in the last true regular season week (other than those crazies from the Big XII and Sun Belt: I will include them but they should just conform to the rest of the conference friends):


Alabama and Florida have clinched their respective divisions and will play in the SEC Championship in two weeks’ time where Bama will probably kick the Gators’ ass all over the Georgia Dome for the last time.

Big Ten

In the east, Penn State controls its destiny: beat Michigan State and they are off to Indy.  Lose and then the game that will have just ended between Ohio State and Michigan will be for the division title.

CORRECTION: Thanks to reader John M, I need to correct this.  Michigan goes to Indy with a win.  They lose and it’s Penn State that controls its destiny.  I wonder if I put that because I believe tOSU will win.  No excuses though.

The Big Ten West race could be over on Black Friday.  Nebraska plays Iowa in Farmageddon.  If they win, they force Wisconsin to have to win to clinch the Big Ten West.  If Nebraska loses, Wisky goes to Indy no matter what they do.


It’s all about Bedlam.  Winner takes the Big XII and the Sugar Bowl spot (although the CFP spot is probably long gone).


The Apple Cup will decide the Pac-12 North title.  I don’t think this has ever happened before.

I mentioned above what the scenario is between Colorado and USC.  All up to the Buffaloes now in a tough match against Utah.


Clemson is in.  They await either Virginia Tech or North Carolina.  The Hokies control their own fate.  Win the Commonwealth Cup over Virginia and they go to Charlotte Orlando to face the Tigers.  If they lose, then North Carolina will have the opportunity to set up the ACC Title rematch.  They would have to beat NC State.  If both teams lose, it’s the Hokies will get the nod.


Navy is already going to the title game but probably won’t host it.  Temple has the upper hand on USF.  They beat them head-to-head.  Win and they host Navy for the American title.  Lose and USF wins, then USF will play Navy (I would have to check the tie-breakers to see where it would end up being).  If both teams lose, Temple will win the East.

Mountain West

San Diego State clinched like seven months ago.  Wyoming is still in the driver’s seat and could be heading for a rematch with the Aztecs (again at home) if they can beat New Mexico (no easy task).  If they lose, a Boise State win over Air Force would propel the Broncos into the title game.


The West comes down to Western Michigan and Toledo this Friday.  A Toledo win gives the Rockets the MAC West title and ruins the MAC’s chances at getting into the New Year’s Six.

In the East, Ohio has the upper hand.  Beat Akron tomorrow night (tomorrow night?) and they go to Detroit.  Lose and Miami-Ohio of all teams can win the East if they defeat Ball State (again tomorrow night…MACtion baby!).

Conference USA

Louisiana Tech is in as they seem to be the only halfway-decent team in the West division.  In the East, WKU and Old Dominion are tied in the standings but the Hilltoppers slaughtered the Monarchs earlier this season.  Beat Marshall Saturday night and they are golden.  Don’t and ODU gets a chance to get in if they win their final regular season game against FIU.

Sun Belt

Next year will be interesting to see if the Sun Belt decides to go with divisions in their only season with twelve teams.  They should.  Why not right?  Anyway, Arkansas State would have to lose their final two games to cause potential chaos in the Sun Belt.  Win just one and it’s over.  If for some reason the Red Wolves do lose both, Troy, Appalachian State, and even Idaho could have a shot depending on the tiebreakers.  Idaho winning the Sun Belt a season before they leave for FCS would be glorious.

There you go.  I will have much more on bowl eligibility and the postseason in my scheduling post on either Wednesday or Thursday.  Sure to be a loooooooong post.

Tonight, Mexico City hosts Houston and Oakland on Monday Night Football.  Finally, two good teams at an international site.  That definitely was not done on purpose.  Hope both teams survive.  NFL recap coming tomorrow.  Enjoy the game tonight!


2 thoughts on “And the week did end up a bit mundane – Week 12 College Football Recap

  1. Regarding B10 East, i believe the clinching scenarios are

    1. Michigan needs a win
    2. Penn St needs a win and Ohio St to beat Michigan
    3. Ohio St needs a win and Penn St to lose

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