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Finally…the Goff…has come back….to Los Angeles….to start at quarterback – Week 11 NFL TV Schedule


OK sort of.  More like Jeff Fisher decided to stop acting like a stubborn shitbag and get his top draft pick and, hopefully, starting quarterback for years to come to finally get a start.  I really don’t get Fisher’s mindset here.  Was he protecting Goff in some way because he knew his team wouldn’t make the playoffs?  Or was he not that happy in the first place to be drafting Goff and wanted another player back at the draft?  Or is it that he is Jeff Fisher…..yeah that’s the end of the question.  How this man keeps getting head coaching jobs is beyond me.  I understand when a guy has actually won something but really is only a mediocre coach he still has that cache of being a winner.  This is called the Tortorella Effect since he is easily the best example.  But Fisher hasn’t even won anything.  He took a team to the Super Bowl once.  That’s it.  Other than that, it has been steady as she goes…and by steady I mean below average.  The Rams front office does realize there are other coaches out there that might want a job in LA right?

OK, before I get to the schedule, I just want to point out my pick of Houston upsetting Louisville last night.  Hell to the yeah!  I have to hang my hat on something since most of my picks this year (including my preseason ones) have been atrocious.  Speaking of that, who did I pick to get to the Super Bowl?  Good lord.  Moving on….


Baltimore at Dallas Seattle, Spokane, Buffalo, Burlington, Boston All affiliates CKPR, CHEX, CITL, CKWS
Pittsburgh at Cleveland Cleveland, Rochester
Tennessee at Indianapolis
Jacksonville at Detroit Detroit
Chicago at NY Giants Burlington, Boston
Arizona at Minnesota Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane, Minneapolis
Buffalo at Cincinnati Buffalo, Rochester All affiliates CJDC, CFTK
Tampa Bay at Kansas City


Philadelphia at Seattle Seattle, Spokane, Minneapolis, Detroit, Rochester Vancouver Island, Alberta, Ottawa CJDC, CFTK
New England at San Francisco Cleveland, Buffalo, Burlington, Boston London, Toronto, Atlantic
Miami at Los Angeles Detroit

Sunday/Monday Primetime

Green Bay at Washington Sunday, 8:30, NBC/TSN1/3/4/5
Houston vs. Oakland (in Mexico City) Monday, 8:30, TSN 1/3/4/5


  • Why is there a regular season game in Mexico City? Does the NFL seriously think they can put a team there?  Have you heard of the list of things that the Houston Texans have warned their players and staff not to do?  To summarize, here’s a breakdown of that:
    • Breathe, but not too much
    • Eat and drink what we give you and nothing else
    • Stay in your hotel room but check for bed bugs and potential intruders every 4.5 minutes

That’s it.  Go.  Stay in the hotel.  Play.  Come home.  They even tell them to go to the bathroom in pairs.  Yeah sounds safe.  Hey Roger, maybe next year we can look into games in Rio, Baghdad, and off the coast of Somalia.

  • Another reminder that the CFL is in playoff time. Which means TSN is ALL IN with the bigger football and wider field.  Ottawa hosts Edmonton early and Calgary hosts B.C. late.  If the Stamps somehow lose it will be like when the Pats went undefeated all the way to the Super Bowl and lost to a clearly inferior Giants team (who just played really well that one game).  By all rights, the 2016 Calgary Stampeders is one of the best teams ever.  Even better than those Argos teams of the mid-90s or Eskimos teams of the late 70s and early 80s.
  • Because of the CFL playoffs, TSN will not show the NFL on Sunday afternoon for a second straight week. Not even on TSN2 which I am sure will show a lot of darts and poker.  Don’t worry, you still get the Sunday and Monday nighters there which have improved quite a bit over the past couple weeks.
  • CTV is showing Baltimore-Dallas…and that’s it. No afternoon game.  I know for CTV Kitchener it’s because of the Santa Claus Parade so I assume it is that reason everywhere.  Is it just me or is the Santa Claus Parade way earlier than it used to be, say, a decade ago?
  • Only two games not being shown anywhere in Canada unless you have Sunday Ticket or RedZone. And both are games that no one would really want to see although the Chiefs are looking like a probable playoff team.

Alright that’s it, that’s all.  An absolute shit-ton of football starting tomorrow, through the following weekend.  Noice!  Enjoy the professional football matches everyone!


2 thoughts on “Finally…the Goff…has come back….to Los Angeles….to start at quarterback – Week 11 NFL TV Schedule

  1. Same as London. The NFL won’t put a team fulltime in Mexico. Roger is an idiot & he needs to go. Hopefully Robert Kraft can someday form a bloc of owners who want to get rid of that heavy handed moron of a commissioner.

    1. Goodell does need to go. I wouldn’t leave it to Kraft though. Remember, he used to be good friends with the Rog until Commissioner Gingerhammer went Def-con 5 on Tom Brady and that entire relationship went to shit. I’d want someone who has been, at the very least, impartial since Goodell was hired. Ideally it is someone who has always thought less of Goodell to lead the charge. Who that may be I don’t really know.

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