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Oh It’s THAT week in college football – Week 12 College Football Schedule


You know the week.  Highlighted by the SEC’s non-conference scheduling falling off a cliff.  Don’t get me wrong: if you looked at a typical SEC team’s non-conference sked it pretty much evens out.  They have at least one difficult team on the schedule and then a creampuff.  What I hate is that these creampuffs come in November.  Ridiculous.  I truly believe that all those easy games should be over with by the end of October.  I would prefer them all to be in late August and September but I understand the complexities of scheduling outside the conference.  But most of us fans are ramping up to when they select the College Football Playoff teams and all the other bowl games.  This feels like a big valley in the middle of a steep ascent.

Alright here we go, time for some schedules and shit for the next few days.  Let’s begin!


US Canada
#5 Louisville at Houston 8:00 PM ESPN TSN2
Arkansas State at Troy 9:30 PM ESPNU SP

Tonight is a huge much less important game between Louisville and Houston.  If the Cougs had just kept up their end of the bargain this could have been the game of the week.  Alas, it was not to be.  Also, Troy looks to basically clinch the Sun Belt tonight as well as they face Arkansas State.


US Canada
Memphis at Cincinnati 8:00 PM CBSSN CBSSN
UNLV at #20 Boise State 9:00 PM ESPN2 TSN2

Two games, one not important at all really.  The other is a bit more important.  UNLV beating Wyoming last week has made their game against Boise State big.  If the Rebs can somehow win, Wyoming is going to the Mountain West title game.  A Broncos win forces Wyoming to have to beat San Diego State on Saturday, no easy task.

Saturday Early

US Canada
#7 Wisconsin at Purdue 12:00 PM ABC ABC
Iowa at Illinois (Rogers) 12:00 PM BTN BTN
Morgan State at Army (Rogers/Fibe) 12:00 PM CBSSN CBSSN
#2 Ohio State at Michigan State 12:00 PM ESPN TSN3
Kansas State at Baylor 12:00 PM ESPN2 SP
UTSA at #25 Texas A&M 12:00 PM ESPNU SP
UL-Lafayette at Georgia (Bell) 12:00 PM SEC Network SP
Miami at NC State 12:30 PM ACC Network WSBK
Virginia at Georgia Tech 12:30 PM ACC Network WNLO
#23 Florida at #16 LSU (Bell) 1:00 PM SEC Network SP

The interesting game here is the Florida-LSU game, made up from earlier in the year after some fun scheduling re-arrangements and a lot of bullshit.  1:00 starting time on the SEC Network for a game that has huge implications.  For Americans, not a big deal.  For anyone not on Bell in Canada, a much bigger one.

Also, we have yet another ACC Network split.  So if you get your ACC Network game from WSBK out of Boston, you’re seeing Miami-NC State.  If you get your ACC Network game out of Buffalo on WNLO, you’re seeing Virginia-Georgia Tech.  If you get both, you can’t complain.

Finally, even though it’s a reverse mirror situation, very few of us up here (if any) would get Texas-Kansas on ABC.  No reverse mirror early on though.  Everyone gets Wisconsin-Purdue early on ABC.

Saturday Afternoon

US Canada
#17 Florida State at Syracuse 3:30 PM ABC/ESPN2 ABC
Texas at Kansas 3:30 PM ABC/ESPN2 SP
Temple at Tulane (Rogers/Fibe) 3:30 PM ASN MyTV
Northwestern at Minnesota (Rogers) 3:30 PM BTN BTN
Missouri at #19 Tennessee 3:30 PM CBS CBS
San Diego State at Wyoming (Rogers/Fibe) 3:30 PM CBSSN CBSSN
Indiana at #3 Michigan 3:30 PM ESPN TSN3
Buffalo at #21 Western Michigan 3:30 PM ESPNU SP
#22 Washington State at #10 Colorado 3:30 PM FOX FOX
Virginia Tech at Notre Dame 3:30 PM NBC NBC
Western Carolina at South Carolina (Bell) 4:00 PM SEC Network SP
Austin Peay at Kentucky (Bell) 4:30 PM SEC Network SP
Southern Miss at North Texas 5:30 PM beIn Sports beIn Sports

Washington State and Colorado are playing a football game on FOX.  Washington State.  And Colorado.  In the year 2016.  We live in strange times folks.  I am truly glad to see these teams doing well though since for years they received little respect (and rightfully so in some years).  Now, with Washington, they are anchoring the Pac-12, something the California schools can’t be too pleased about.

Saturday Primetime

US Canada
USF at SMU (Rogers/Fibe) 7:00 PM CBSSN CBSSN
#4 Clemson at Wake Forest 7:00 PM ESPN TSN2
Chattanooga at #1 Alabama 7:00 PM ESPN2 SP
Arkansas at Mississippi State 7:00 PM ESPNU SP
Arizona State at #6 Washington 7:30 PM FOX FOX
Alabama A&M at #15 Auburn (Bell) 7:30 PM SEC Network SP
#9 Oklahoma at #14 West Virginia 8:00 PM ABC ABC
#8 Penn State at Rutgers (Rogers) 8:00 PM BTN BTN
Ole Miss at Vanderbilt (Bell) 8:00 PM SEC Network SP

This is what I don’t get.  The first two ESPN games of the day are on TSN3.  Then it moves to TSN2 at 7:00.  Why?  Is there a reason there this is happening?  TSN3 has Golden State-Milwaukee on at 8:30 on TSN3.  So why not move that to TSN2?  Or have the CFB games on TSN2 all day?  This is just lazy programming if you ask me.  We are going to get overlap at 7:00 for at least a few minutes and have two channels showing the same thing.  Ugh.

Saturday Late Night

US Canada
New Mexico at Colorado State 10:15 PM ESPN2 SP
Air Force at San Jose State (Rogers/Fibe) 10:30 PM CBSSN CBSSN
#13 USC at UCLA 10:30 PM ESPN TSN2

But hey, I can’t truly complain when TSN picks up some #Pac12AfterDark action.  Usually The Battle for L.A. is on at 3:30 or 8 on ABC.  Thanks to UCLA stinking up the joint this season it has been “relegated” to 10:30 on ESPN.  Still not bad really.

The Ones to Watch

#9 Oklahoma at #14 West Virginia (8:00, ABC) – I don’t remember the last time West Virginia had a home game in primetime on a big network on a Saturday.  So let’s just say it’s been a long time.  This game could end up being for the Big XII title and a guaranteed spot in the Sugar Bowl.  However, if we see more chaos like we had this past weekend, the College Football Playoff is not totally out of the realm of possibility (although the chances are still remote).  Since this starts in primetime, Dana Holgorsen will have probably gone through a case of Red Bull by this time.

#22 Washington State at #10 Colorado (3:30, FOX) – I will reiterate this again.  Did you, as a college football fan, ever think you would see Wazzu and the Buffs on a major network in an important timeslot?  Did you think they would ever comprise of the second biggest game of any week?  I didn’t think so.  A Wazzu win will set up the biggest Apple Cup of all-time on Black Friday.  A Colorado win sets up a massive showdown with Utah next week.  Interesting times in the Pac-12 for sure.

#23 Florida at #16 LSU (1:00, specialty pack) – Ah this game.  The rescheduled one.  The one that caused so many issues.  Finally, it can be played and we can get this ordeal over with.  If the Gators can win this, they clinch the SEC East and go to Atlanta to probably get crushed by Alabama.  A Gator loss opens the door for Tennessee, somehow, to win the SEC East which would arguably make it an even worse SEC Championship game.

#5 Louisville at Houston (Thursday, 8:00, TSN2) – If Houston was even 9-1 we could have a huge Thursday night matchup here: possibly the biggest Thursday night game in a long time.  Instead, we have a Louisville team who doesn’t control their destiny at all against a Cougars team who we know now is not nearly as good as the pre-season hype.  And this is the fourth-best game this week.  Yeah.

#4 Clemson at Wake Forest (7:00, TSN2) – Remember, it’s these types of down weeks where we tend to see more craziness.  I don’t expect it here.  I also don’t expect Clemson to find out about Wake Forest’s new plays, am I right Bobby Petrino?

#11 Oklahoma State at TCU (Noon, FOX Sports One, check the highlights) –  A sneaky good one here.  Gary Patterson’s Horned Frogs could throw a monkey wrench in Okie State’s plans.  They beat the Cowboys and a Big XII title opportunity goes up in smoke and makes the OU-WVU game in primetime that much bigger.  But you won’t get to see it so, as I said, check the highlights during halftime of whatever game you’re watching in your area.

Da Peeks boss.  Da peeks!

Here are my less-than-scientific picks for the week upcoming in college football.  And since it’s a not-so-great schedule, I have to pick some upsets!

Oklahoma over West Virginia (no upset yet)

Washington State over Colorado (yeah I guess some would call this an upset)

LSU over Florida

Houston over Louisville (there it is!)

Clemson over Wake Forest

Oklahoma State over TCU

Western Michigan over Buffalo

Troy over Arkansas State

USC over UCLA (although I think the Bruins will keep it close)

San Diego State over Wyoming

So there you are.  Also, for any Canadian University football fans, the national semi-finals are this Saturday as well.  Laurier plays Laval at Noon and St. FX plays Calgary at 4.  All on Sportsnet 360 who now all of a sudden has an interest in university football.  What a joke.  They should be showing a game every week all season.  That’s how you promote it.

I am going the PVR route this weekend.  Wish me luck, I might need it since this is a bit of a funny schedule this time around (thanks a lot Florida, LSU, and the SEC).  NFL schedule will be out tomorrow.  Enjoy the games everyone!


4 thoughts on “Oh It’s THAT week in college football – Week 12 College Football Schedule

  1. The last time I can remember West Virginia having a primetime game at home on a big network would have been in September 2011 against LSU. It was on ABC.

    1. So over five years ago. Almost seems odd for a team that has the reputation of West Virginia to not have a primetime game on ABC or ESPN in that long. I guess it’s that Big East stink that rears its ugly head.

  2. Earlier that day, ABC was showing the Notre Dame @ Pittsburgh game which kicked off at Noon. Urban Meyer was one of the game analysts that day. The drive from Pittsburgh to Morgantown is 90 minutes. Meyer had appeared on the set of College Gameday with their crew during the halftime segment of LSU-WVIR.

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