College Football

Somewhat still too early bowl projections


So, on this U.S. Election Boxing Day, we all have to listen to the fifteen thousand (or so) doomsday scenarios about what is going to happen now that human Orange Julius smoothie Donald Trump has been elected.  To be honest, people have to realize he has a lot of power but it only goes so far.  He has to have, at the very least, his own party agree with him.  That alone may cause rifts.  Could be worse I guess.  He’s not Putin or Kim Jong Un.  So, I should pose a question to all the people out there who didn’t vote for Trump: do you think democracy works now?

OK enough of that.  I am not political enough to care that much about what is going on.  Hell, I barely care what happens here in Canada since I know it won’t be much.  I mean we would have to stop Trudeau from taking selfies to do something of importance.  That shit isn’t happening any time soon.  So let’s go on to what we are all here for (or at least what I am here for): bowl projections!

First off, a quick note on the College Football Playoff rankings.  What is The Committee doing?  Some of their moves make no sense.  So they punished LSU heavily for the loss to Bama yet didn’t punish Texas A&M too much for the loss to Mississippi State?  And then Florida drops like a stone after a loss to Arkansas who now is in at #25.  OK just breathe.  There we go.  It will all work out in the end.  It has the first two years and it should this year as well.  The process is ridiculous leading into it but we are a results-based society right?  That’s all that matters correct?  Let’s go with that.

Alright, business at hand.  Let’s start with my CFP picks.

Fiesta Bowl Clemson Washington
Peach Bowl Alabama Ohio State

I STILL believe Ohio State will beat Michigan in The Game.  I also believe this will drop Michigan to #5 in the final CFP rankings meaning it will be one of the cleanest rankings ever.  An easy dividing line if you will from the CFP and the New Year’s Six.  Which leads to another relatively easy look, at this point, of the NY6.

Sugar Bowl LSU Oklahoma
Rose Bowl Michigan Utah
Cotton Bowl North Carolina Western Michigan
Orange Bowl Louisville Wisconsin

Now that LSU dropped huge and Texas A&M didn’t, I might have to rethink this.  So I could swap out LSU for Texas A&M no big deal.  The Big XII is Oklahoma’s to lose at this point so don’t tempt them with that.  Michigan and Utah are almost shoo-ins for the Rose.  Louisville gets in for the ACC and I think Wisconsin would still end up in the Orange over another SEC team.  Western Michigan wins out, they row their boat to the Cotton.  Meaning it’s that one at-large team that is going to be debated no matter who is picked.  I have North Carolina there because I think they will win out but not have to face Clemson and lose in the ACC Championship which will actually be a blessing in disguise.  Other teams that could be considered there right now would include Virginia Tech, Penn State, Florida State, or Washington State.  We are due for a massive upset that SHOULD shake up the rankings, something the Mississippi State upset of Texas A&M didn’t do for some unknown reason.  When that happens, expect all these projections to go to shit.

Finally, the rest of the bowl projections:

Outback Bowl Florida Penn State
TaxSlayer Bowl Auburn Florida State
Citrus Bowl Texas A&M Nebraska
Arizona Bowl Wyoming Idaho
Music City Bowl Tennessee Minnesota
Sun Bowl Colorado Wake Forest
Liberty Bowl Georgia TCU
Alamo Bowl Washington State West Virginia
Belk Bowl Kentucky Miami
Birmingham Bowl South Carolina Temple
Texas Bowl Arkansas Oklahoma State
Russell Athletic Bowl Baylor Virginia Tech
Pinstripe Bowl Northwestern Pittsburgh
Cactus Bowl Colorado State* Kansas State
Holiday Bowl Iowa Stanford
Military Bowl Georgia Tech USF
Heart of Dallas Bowl Texas Tech** Southern Miss
Independence Bowl Ole Miss Western Kentucky
Quick Lane Bowl Maryland Akron
St. Petersburg Bowl Boston College** Houston
Hawaii Bowl Hawaii Middle Tennessee
Dollar General Bowl Toledo Troy
Armed Forces Bowl Navy Texas
Bahamas Bowl Tulsa Eastern Michigan
Foster Farms Bowl Indiana USC
Idaho Potato Bowl Boise State Ohio
Poinsettia Bowl BYU Air Force
Boca Raton Bowl Cincinnati Old Dominion
Miami Beach Bowl Memphis Ball State
New Orleans Bowl Louisiana Tech Appalachian State
Camellia Bowl Central Michigan Arkansas State
Cure Bowl Army* Georgia Southern
Las Vegas Bowl Arizona State San Diego State
New Mexico Bowl New Mexico UTSA
  • Hey, hey Eastern Michigan is going bowling this season. Good for them.  I am not going to apologize for shitting all over the program up until a few months ago because they fully deserved it.  Now, Chris Creighton has turned this program around quickly.  Meaning he will be off to a better job soon enough.
  • Old Dominion is also bowl-eligible and I think UTSA will become bowl-eligible as well. So two teams going to their first bowls ever.  Also, these are two programs that could be considered very valuable years from now as they are definitely on the rise and have the resources to soon compete.
  • As of right now, I would have two spots that couldn’t be filled by tie-ins and two more spots that would have to be filled by a 5-7 team. The Mountain West is the only conference with what seems like an excess of bowl-eligible teams so they would slot into the Cactus Bowl since the Pac-12 will be woefully short I believe.  Army would easily get a waiver to go to a bowl game and would slot into the Cure Bowl as the American would also be short on bowl teams.  For the two 5-7 teams, I just picked two because I don’t know about the APR scores at this point.  So Boston College and Texas Tech, you’re in (despite the fact you probably don’t deserve it).
  • Games of note on this list:
    • Las Vegas Bowl (Arizona State vs. San Diego State) – Since it’s probably Wyoming going to the Mountain West Championship I see SDSU winning the conference crown.
    • Poinsettia Bowl (BYU vs. Air Force) – Should be one of the most-watched pre-Christmas bowls considering the size of each team’s fan base.
    • Armed Forces Bowl (Navy vs. Texas) – Another game with HUGE fan appeal. Only problem?  It’s on late afternoon on a Friday.  We need to get rid of those timeslots.
    • Alamo Bowl (Washington State vs. West Virginia) – The over/under could be triple digits.
    • Sun Bowl (Colorado vs. Wake Forest) – Two programs have been almost the bottom of the barrel in the Power Five having resurgent seasons. Too bad one of teams has to lose.
    • Arizona Bowl (Wyoming vs. Idaho) – If you thought both these teams would be in bowl games raise your hand.   None of you thought this.  I feel good to have had one right (I had picked Idaho to go bowling in my preseason projections).
    • Citrus Bowl (Texas A&M vs. Nebraska) – An old Big XII rivalry re-ignited! I still think the Aggies would prefer Texas as a bowl opponent.

Again, this should change significantly as the weeks go by.  Which is fine by me.  For now it’s just speculation and entertainment. Once we get to American Thanksgiving weekend that is when shit starts to get real.

Tomorrow, the college football schedules will be up.  Most of it is set although the specialty pack still needs to be confirmed.  Surprised to hear that the WMU-Kent State game last night was not on Rogers.  That makes absolutely no sense.  Too bad since for about 3.5 quarters it was a good game, albeit a sloppy affair in the rain in Ohio. Hopefully Rogers customers can get tonight’s two MACtion games despite the fact neither are as important as last night’s game was.  Friday is the NFL schedule.  Enjoy the games everyone!


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