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CLANGA! – Week 10 College Football Recap


Yes a lot happened this past weekend in the college football world.  But not a whole lot of it was surprising.  Maybe the margin of some victories but other than that, nothing earth-shattering.  Except for what happened in Starkville.  Mississippi State’s upset of Texas A&M was monumental.  The Aggies were ranked 4th in the first College Football Playoff rankings which we all know mean absolutely sweet fuck all at this point.  But still, the Bulldogs will be one of very few SEC teams to not go bowling this season so this was a huge upset.  It also vindicates Washington…sort of I guess.  I still think they would have made the CFP anyway if they won out regardless of anything else happening.  Maybe that’s just me who knows.

Molto Recap-o

  • I was starting to think that LSU might actually do it. They might beat Alabama.  But once Bama started driving for their first touchdown I had that feeling it was over.  Did you?  I’m sure you did too.  We have all seen this story too often with the Crimson Tide.  At least we got one time where Saban yelled openly at Kiffin.  That was nice.
  • Michigan, Clemson, and Washington left no doubt that they all feel that they deserve to be in the College Football Playoff. Michigan especially is putting up points at a ridiculous clip.  Even if I watch it live (and I did watch part of the trainwreck against Rutgers live), it gets boring after a while.  Nothing against them or the Tigers and Huskies.  You have to win and look good doing it as we are in November now and everything is looked at a lot closer.
  • Speaking of beatdowns, holy shit did Ohio State smack Nebraska all over the field. This wasn’t even close.  Also glad to see Tommy Armstrong wasn’t too seriously injured.  At the time it looked really bad but he came out later on in the game to cheer his teammates on.
  • Wake Forest is now bowl-eligible. Good for them.  Dave Clawson deserves something big for what he has done with this Demon Deacons team.
  • Baylor lost big to TCU at home. The Committee has to be very pleased about this since the last thing they want is to put Baylor in either a CFP game or a New Year’s Six bowl.  The Bears losing makes it easier.  One more loss will almost definitely put the Bears out of contention for any major bowl.
  • Florida is still somehow in the driver’s seat for the SEC East title. Georgia’s victory over Kentucky kept the Wildcats from taking the lead in the division which would have been hilarious if you asked me.  Next week, the Gators host WILL MUSCHAMP! for the first time as head coach of South Carolina.  Will be VERY interesting if the Gamecocks pull off the upset.  All this also keeps Tennessee inexplicably in the race to get their asses handed to them by Alabama in early December.
  • Lamar Jackson continues to look Heisman-esque heading into November after another seven touchdown performance against Boston College. Problem is they control nothing the rest of the way.  With Houston falling off a cliff, the Cardinals have no opportunity for another big win.  All that means is they need teams above them to lose for them to have any hope of a College Football Playoff berth.
  • Watch out for Penn State. They run the table, they could win the Big Ten East meaning the CFP would be in a bit of chaos.
  • Worst overall conference? That’s easy.  Conference USA is an absolute mess.  Other than Western Kentucky there is not a single good team really.  It’s nice to see Old Dominion going bowling for the first time and Charlotte making some moves up the ladder but other than that it has been a lot of disappointment.  They aren’t looking a whole lot better than the Sun Belt these days and the MAC has overtaken them in the Group of Five ladder.
  • Navy holds on to beat Notre Dame. Pretty much clinches a losing season for the Irish since I can’t see them winning their last three.  Brian Kelly will be on the hottest of hot seats next season in South Bend, that is for sure.
  • Chad Kelly, unfortunately, is done with college football as he suffered a torn ACL during Ole Miss’ win over Georgia Southern. It will be interesting to see how this affects his draft status as he is considered one of the better quarterbacks available in the 2017 NFL draft.

So there we go.  Honestly, other than the Aggies’ loss, nothing huge happened that really affected the top end of the college football world.  Bama and tOSU won like everyone thought they would (although the Buckeyes’ win was much bigger than many, including myself, thought it would be).  The other top teams won big as well.  This coming week should start the true separation of the contenders from the pretenders.

Finally, a quick look at the Bossman Top 25:

#1 Alabama
#2 Clemson
#3 Michigan
#4 Ohio State
#5 Washington
#6 Wisconsin
#7 Louisville
#8 Auburn
#9 Oklahoma
#10 West Virginia
#11 Western Michigan
#12 Penn State
#13 North Carolina
#14 Texas A&M
#15 Oklahoma State
#16 Utah
#17 Florida State
#18 Nebraska
#19 Colorado
#20 LSU
#21 Virginia Tech
#22 Florida
#23 Washington State
#24 Baylor
#25 Boise State

HOT TAKE TIME (sound the sirens).  Yes I have Ohio State ahead of Washington.  No, I am not an asshole…most of the time.  Washington has beaten…Utah.  And, then #7 Stanford who is now not ranked.  That’s it.  They’ve looked impressive doing it but they need another good win.  Ohio State and Michigan are both in my top four with the full knowledge that unless complete chaos happens, only one will be standing (at most) at the end.  Meaning if the Huskies win out, they play for all the marbles.  Remember, they face USC next week and then Washington State for the Apple Cup on Black Friday.  There are the two other marquee regular season wins they need to cement their semi-final spot.  And hey, look at Western Michigan.  #11.  Yeah.  If they keep winning they are almost assured a spot in the Top 10, something even Northern Illinois didn’t do in that one year that Jordan Lynch was there and everyone was so amazed at this MAC powerhouse.  You member Jordan Lynch and that NIU team?  I member.

Tomorrow I will have my short NFL recap, a still-somewhat-way-too-early bowl projection post, then back to the bump n’ grind with the CFB schedule on Thursday.  Have a great week everyone.


6 thoughts on “CLANGA! – Week 10 College Football Recap

  1. Bloody hell – no Western Michigan game on Rogers tonight. Plus, Florida at LSU on November 16 (just what we need to save the usually barren week before Thanksgiving) looks like an SEC Network Game. What a fucking fiasco.

    1. Really? We’re getting it here. Plus I am sure that part of the deal to put UF-LSU the week before American Thanksgiving was to keep the game on an ESPN-run network. From what I have heard, CBS wasn’t allowed to select that game. Makes sense considering the odd start time of 1:00.

      1. Yeah, I have no issue with LSU-Florida being on an ESPN network – sorta’ expected that. But this is similar to FOX shunting top tier games to FS1. I have noticed that in the past few weeks the quality of games appearing on the SEC Network has been increasing. Disturbing trend for us with Rogers.

      2. Until I saw it, I assumed CBS was ecstatic since they would actually get a good game since the rest of the SEC schedule that week is awful. I wonder if ESPN had selected all their games for ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU and would have trouble shuffling them properly to include LSU-Florida. I know some games aren’t picked until six days in advance but a lot of times the networks like to set their games a month in advance and then move things around as they see fit. And with the SEC having their normal shittastic pre-Thanksgiving schedule, ESPN was going to stay away from showing SEC games in prominent timeslots or are on the main ESPN network.

  2. Well at 7 pm ESPN2 is showing Arkansas at Mississippi State. At noon, Texas San-Antonio at Texas A&M is on ESPN2 or ESPNU. Inexplicable that Florida-LSU is not in one of those slots – if not the main ESPN game at 7 pm (which remains vacant at the moment).

    1. I think because the original game was supposed to be a Noon start that both schools made it as part of the deal that it would not be a night game. That took the primetime slot out. Now why it isn’t on ESPNU instead of UTSA-TAMU I don’t know. The odd start time is the one thing that I haven’t really found an explanation for. What the 1:00 start time does is eliminate ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU though.

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