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I would expect this with college football – Week 9 NFL TV Schedule

I expect issues with the college football TV schedules.  It happens almost every week.  Most of them are easy to solve.  Or at least I can have a good idea of what will happen (like with this week’s CFB schedule).  For some reason, it took well into today to get the Canadian info (the US info is usually up by Wednesday evening at the latest).  And some of it I still can’t find.  So I am going to guess for now and hope the rest comes up soon.  Not impressed at all.

So here’s the schedule with some notes afterwards.


Pittsburgh at Baltimore Seattle, Spokane, Detroit, Rochester, Boston BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northern Ontario, Toronto, Ottawa, Atlantic CHEX, CITL, CKPR, CKWS
NY Jets at Miami Buffalo, Burlington
Jacksonville at Kansas City
Dallas at Cleveland Spokane
Philadelphia at NY Giants Tacoma, Seattle, Buffalo, Rochester, Burlington, Boston Montreal All Affiliates TSN2
Detroit at Minnesota Minneapolis, Detroit Winnipeg, Kitchener


Indianapolis at Green Bay All affiliates All Affiliates (except Atlantic) Atlantic CHEX, CITL, CKPR, CKWS
Tennessee at San Diego
Carolina at Los Angeles
New Orleans at San Francisco  Vancouver Island, Alberta, Ontario

Sunday/Monday Primetime

Denver at Oakland Sunday, 8:30, NBC/TSN1/3/4/5
Buffalo at Seattle Monday, 8:30, TSN 1/3/4/5

Some Notes

  • I took guesses with CITL, CKPR, and CKWS. Trouble finding info.  I guess I could look individually and find out on other sites that have full cable guides for up to two weeks but that seems a little ridiculous at this point.  They should be up DAMMIT!
  • How much will Dak Prescott torch the Browns for? It’s going to end up one of two ways: either the Cowboys win by 40 or it’s a close game.  No matter what I can’t see the Browns winning unless all the starters for Dallas get hurt.  Even then.
  • The primetime games actually aren’t too bad this week. Bills-Seahawks on Monday night can be considered a pretty decent game.  If the Bills win they are right back into the Wild-Card race.  Huge game on Sunday night.  Second week in a row!  Denver travels to the O.No Coliseum to face the Raiders and their crazy good offense.  Maybe they will go for 24 penalties this time!
  • Everyone gets Indy-Green Bay late.   I think even the other smaller channels will get this game.  How bad do the other games have to be for this to happen.  It’s not like there is one more game: there’s three!  So let’s take a look-see shall we?
    • Tennessee at San Diego – Tennessee is kind of fun to watch but really this isn’t that big a game.
    • Carolina at Los Angeles – Other than Cam Newton getting pissed off at the officials again or a nice brawl in the stands, this also seems like a non-must-see.
    • New Orleans at San Francisco – Good lord.
  • Is it just me or has Pittsburgh not played that well to start the season? It feels like they shouldn’t be out in front in the AFC North but they are.  To be honest, I could see them damn near running the table as long as Big Ben isn’t out too long.

UPDATE: Thanks to reader Dan for noticing that New Orleans-San Francisco will be on CTV Two everywhere except in the Atlantic region.  So now at least you have some choice for the late game.

At least now the games start to become a tiny bit important.  The playoffs are on every team’s mind not named the Browns or 49ers.  At the very least, the stakes are getting higher.  Hopefully the quality of football comes back up just a bit; just enough for it to feel like the old NFL…of, say, 2013 I guess.

Sorry this was so late.  Still not impressed with TSN, CTV, or some of those independent channels to be that late with this.  Very odd.  I am assuming something is up with that.  Tomorrow you have your college football.  Sunday NFL.  Then back to the bump n’ grind for most of us.  Unless you work shift.  Many pros and cons with that.  One con: weekends don’t really exist anymore.


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