Ladies and gentlemen, your Las Vegas Raiders – Week 8 NFL Recap


The Raiders are actually pretty fun to watch.  First off, usually Kevin Harlan does their games which is a big plus to begin with.  Secondly, they have an explosive offense with Derek Carr flinging the ball all over the field.  Thirdly, with Jack Del Rio at the helm you know they will have at least a good defense.  Finally, they are doing all this with being, arguably, the least disciplined on-the-field team in football in the last decade.  They had the most penalties in a single game EVER and still won on Sunday.  Yes it was Tampa Bay but the Bucs aren’t a bad team, they’re just mediocre like 80% of the teams this season.  Oh, and by the way, with all this going on, the Raiders are quietly moving into the 2-spot right behind New England in the AFC.  And in the background, you have a move to Las Vegas looming over this entire thing.  To be honest, Oakland’s success and a potential move to Vegas spells disaster for the NFL.  If the Raiders stunk then fine.  No one (other than some people in St. Louis) cared that the Rams moved to Los Angeles.  Why?  Because the Rams have been shit for over a decade.  But the Raiders are starting to taste success and with the team they have, they should be top tier for at least the next few seasons.  It would be like all of a sudden moving the Seattle Seahawks to Portland.  The NFL would take shit for that because it’s a successful team moving elsewhere.

Other action this weekend:

Oh ho, it is going to be VERY interesting when Tony Romo comes back.  I have said it before but it would make me laugh if Tony the Baloney Pony and his candy corn bone structure comes back as the starting QB and Dallas starts to struggle.  I hate it when guys go out because of injury and lose their starting spot in the meantime; however, there are some cases when you need to keep going with the hot hand until it’s not hot anymore.  Until Dak Prescott struggles, Jason Garrett should keep him in.  Once he does though, it’s Romo time!

So Cam Newton doesn’t feel safe.  I can kind of understand that.  He takes some brutal hits.  And he’s a former MVP.  So he should have some semblance of protection from dirty hits.  Saying that, he isn’t the only quarterback facing this.  There are a few others who have been brutalized so far this season and you haven’t heard much about it.  What I hope Cam means is that there is a trend towards an epidemic of quarterbacks being targeted in the league.  Unfortunately, I think for now, Cam is just talking about himself.  Until another quarterback takes the same kind of stand Newton does, it will fall on deaf ears.

So the Vikings lost to the Bears last night.  I get that in single game scenarios, anything can happen.  So who are the elite teams in the NFL?  The ones that will get at least 11 wins and look like true Super Bowl contenders.  I think I can do it with one hand.  And that’s what is sad.  Already, I would say at least ten teams are completely eliminated from a chance at the Super Bowl.  In a few weeks, that number should jump to 17 or 18.  Even the teams that do make the playoffs, a few of them will have almost no chance of winning the whole thing.  Anything can happen in the playoffs and I understand that but there hasn’t been a year where there are this many teams probably out of it in a long time.

New England beat Buffalo.  Not so surprising.  In other news, a dildo was thrown on the field during the game.  Considering the fan base, also not surprising.

So finally there were two fairly decent teams playing in London.  Washington, who is surprisingly better than many thought and Cincinnati, who many believe will come back to have a legitimate shot at the playoffs.  So what happens?  After a fairly entertaining regulation time, neither team scores in overtime so we end in a tie.  Unlucky, really.  Would have been much more satisfying to have one of the teams win in OT and end another season in England on a high note.

Is Cleveland going to lose all their games this season?  Let’s look at the rest of their schedule:

  • Dallas
  • At Baltimore
  • Pittsburgh
  • NY Giants
  • Bye week
  • Cincinnati
  • At Buffalo
  • San Diego
  • At Pittsburgh

This is not an easy schedule for any team, let alone the Browns.  You could stretch and say the Ravens, Giants, Bengals, or Bills are winnable games but that is a stretch.  The only truly winnable game, I believe, is the home game against San Diego and probably because it should be cold that day (the game is on Christmas Eve).  Other than that, Cleveland will have to pull off an upset to avoid the indignity of being 0-16.

Alright, alright, alright.  That’s enough of the NFL for now.  Tomorrow I will have an updated bowl projections post followed by the CFB schedule and then the NFL schedule.  Tonight we have a couple MAC games on the specialty pack.  Also, the first College Football Playoff rankings come out tonight just before the games begin.  Probably still a bit too early considering what has happened in the past but everyone loves rankings so we have to do them at least a few weeks before the end of the season.


8 thoughts on “Ladies and gentlemen, your Las Vegas Raiders – Week 8 NFL Recap

  1. I don’t think the Raiders will move to Las Vegas. Not sure they will remain in Oakland either. My guess is that the Raiders are going to be the second team in Los Angeles. Which is a shame because the fans in Oakland have sold out the Coliseum in recent years and they are doing well on the field this year. How does a team set the record for penalties in a football game, yet they still come out on top with the victory in overtime?

    We have had two weeks in a row where a game ended up in a tie. If the NFL would take a two minute intermission break, switch sides and begin a second 15 minute period of overtime where the score is still tied after the initial 15:00 expire in the regular season, tie games would become a thing of the past & it would be one of many ways that the NFL can get lost viewers back. Cutting Thursday Nights back to only the Season Opener & Thanksgiving would be a good start in the right direction.

    In a city where the Cavaliers are defending NBA Champions, the Indians could win the World Series, Ohio State (not based in Cleveland but a regional favorite) has a decent shot of being in the College Football Playoff, the Browns could end up being 0-16. That will make Cleveland the subject of jokes to start off 2017 if that last thing happens.

    A poor showing by the Vikings last night. It’s not going to get any easier for them with the Lions this Sunday, the Redskins on the road next Sunday, Arizona the week after and in Detroit on Thanksgiving. They need to turn things around with a win against the Lions at home or their season might very well go to waste.

    Three Sunday Night games in a row that have gone to overtime. I think that streak is going to end this Sunday. The Raiders aren’t as good at home and I think Derek Carr will have a rough time against Denver’s defense.

    1. The only reason the Raiders would move to Los Angeles and share the new stadium with the Rams is because Mark Davis is the poorest owner in the league. He doesn’t have the money to really do much. He has to hope that guys like Sheldon Adelson out in Las Vegas help him out (which he is kind of planning to do) with monetary assistance.
      The NFL is a bit of a mess in terms of watchability. For every good game there has been, there are at least four others that were terrible. I agree with cutting out Thursday nights. It’s a joke and needs to stop. It won’t because the NFL doesn’t care about the product on the field (obviously).

    1. That’s a great idea. Hopefully the NFL will go for it. As for scheduling, here are my thoughts:

      Every team plays in the first & final three weeks of the regular season. Each team gets a bye week between Weeks 4-9 and a second bye week between Weeks 10-15. It would still be a 16 game regular season schedule and at the same time we would get an extra week of regular season action if this is the direction that the NFL decides to go.

      I have done the mathematical calculations and the final total would still equal 256 regular season games. If you want me to explain it further, I can & most definitely will.

  2. My idea for 2 byes would be based on the current 16 game schedule. The purpose is to help more players stay healthy.

    My proposal would be around week 5 all AFC teams get a bye while the 16 NFC teams play each other. Week 6 would have all NFC teams getting a bye while the 16 AFC teams play each other. Repeat this in weeks 15 and 16. It may extend the season a couple of weeks, which would be fine with me…more football.

    Although it won’t happen, I would really like to see the Thursday night games eliminated. I love the NFL but I have boycotted the Thursday games. Terrible football.

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