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Well it was a good run Big XII – Week 9 College Football Recap


OK actually it wasn’t.  It was pretty pathetic.  There is basically no way the Big XII will put a team in the College Football Playoff.  Not saying it is impossible, but it’s highly improbable.  The best overall records still belong to Baylor and West Virginia and no one will put them in a four-team playoff unless they absolutely have to.  Meaning it has to be 1990 or 2007 again for that kind of insanity to occur.

It was a really fun day full of quite a few upsets.  It’s the kind of weekend that you always look forward to as a college football fan.  Let’s recap it shall we?

Jabrill Peppers, Heisman Trophy Winner?  Don’t be surprised if this conversation picks up steam.  He had an absolute MONSTER game against Michigan State.  He’s basically Myles Jack on crack.  Arguably the best pure athlete in college football today.  Unless he falls off drastically, he should at least get an invite to New York in December.

So now it’s the ACC officials turn.  Clemson-Florida State was a great game.  Unfortunately it was a bit marred by terrible officiating.  Like Big XII awful.  It’s too bad this was the case because there were a lot of moments where it looked like the Noles would pull off the upset…a phrase that no one would think they would be saying in 2016.  Deshaun Watson proved his mettle putting the Tigers on his shoulders and carrying them to the win, keeping their College Football Playoff hopes intact.

A Big Ten West battle worth watching.  The best game of the night, in my opinion, was Nebraska-Wisconsin.  A great game that went to overtime with the Badgers coming out on top and Nebraska losing their first game of the season.  The kind of game Big Ten officials have been clamoring for since the Huskers joined the conference.

And now for the game we couldn’t see… Of course Washington-Utah ended up being a great game.  It was like another slap in the face.  It’s one thing to not be able to see a big college football game, something I thought was behind us now in 2016.  It’s completely another that the game was a great one with a punt return touchdown being the deciding score.  Let’s hope this changes next season (I won’t hold my breath that we would get access to FOX Sports One games).

Hey, the Iron Bowl looks like a good one again!  It was assumed that Alabama would get to the Iron Bowl with one loss at most.  They are such a dominant team that I can’t even foresee them falling out of the top four even with a loss.  But now that Auburn is moving up the rankings, this could become a HUGE Iron Bowl.  If Auburn wins out, then beats Bama in the Iron Bowl, it would be Auburn going to the SEC Championship which would bring back memories of the Tide losing to LSU and getting back to the BCS Championship (and eventually winning it).

That’s not the Houston we thought we’d see.  Yes, the Cougars won the game in a great comeback.  But still, they looked awful shaky and not like the dominant team of last season (and the dominant team we saw earlier this season).  Tom Herman’s stock has fallen slightly but he is still almost a lock for a Power Five head coaching job next season now that Houston isn’t going to the Big XII and isn’t going to the CFP or New Year’s Six.

Lamar Jackson is still in front in the Heisman race.  True statement.  Another true statement?  Louisville almost botched their New Year’s Six (or even CFP) plans by narrowly escaping Charlottesville with a win over Virginia.  I can see the Wahoos being a contender starting next year if they can get a good quarterback.

Don’t count Virginia Tech out in the ACC Coastal.  I’m finally getting those ridiculous division names right.  Anyway, everyone seems to have North Carolina as holding their own destiny in the ACC Coastal division.  Not so fast!  The Hokies have finally woken up under Justin Fuente and if they win out, they would go to the ACC Championship game against what looks like Clemson.

And then there was one.  Undefeated Group of Five team that is.  Wyoming (kind of) shocked the college football world with their upset of Boise State on Saturday.  It is not quite an Appalachian State over Michigan in 2007 type upset though.  Wyoming is a good team with a really good offense.  Craig Bohl is a great coach as was seen by taking North Dakota State to the FCS mountaintop.  And Boise wasn’t exactly destroying teams as of late.  So now we are left with Western Michigan as the Group of Five hope.  Win out and they are assured of a trip to the Cotton Bowl.  Lose once and all hell breaks loose.

Back to the Big XII for a second.  Baylor loses to Texas.  West Virginia loses to Oklahoma State.  As I mentioned above, the Big XII’s chances at the CFP are almost over and it’s Halloween today.  Pathetic.  I don’t care what anyone says, the Big XII’s days are numbered.  And if they do stay together it is solely for Oklahoma and Texas to have an easier conference to play football in, period.  I can’t see ESPN or FOX throwing a lot of money their way.  Would you?  Not for football I wouldn’t.  And now with the Big Ten moving first tier games over to FOX/FS1 next season, the writing is on the wall.  Unless it’s a huge game, don’t expect to see the Big XII on FOX much at all next season.

Rocky Stop.  How do Butch Jones and the Vols keep doing this?  They, for the most part, look like the true team to beat in the SEC East.  Not really a threat to Bama for the SEC as a whole but a solid team that would put the division in the Top 20 at least once.  Now, they lose to a much improved but still mediocre South Carolina team and looked horrible doing it.  Now it’s Florida who controls their own destiny but see who is looming right behind them?  That’s right, Kentucky.  Strange times we live in folks.

Alright, enough recapping for today.  A look at my Bossman’s Top 25:

#1 Alabama
#2 Clemson
#3 Michigan
#4 Washington
#5 Wisconsin
#6 Louisville
#7 Ohio State
#8 Texas A&M
#9 Florida
#10 Auburn
#11 Oklahoma
#12 Nebraska
#13 Baylor
#14 LSU
#15 Western Michigan
#16 Florida State
#17 West Virginia
#18 Penn State
#19 Utah
#20 North Carolina
#21 Oklahoma State
#22 Colorado
#23 Washington State
#24 Virginia Tech
#25 Boise State

I have Western Michigan up at #15 and I think they will sloooooooowly move up the chain and should end up in the Top 10 by the time the final rankings come out (as long as they keep winning).  I would say the top 8 in my list are probably the only teams that could have a legitimate shot at the CFP.  Then again, who knows.  This is college football and it has already been a pretty crazy season.

Alright there you have it, another week in the books.  Tomorrow is the NFL recap/rant, then updated bowl projections Wednesday, college football schedule Thursday, NFL schedule Friday.  The usual.  Or the yoozh (ush?  Oozh?).

UPDATE: Damn, already an update.  And it’s all about me forgetting about EVERYDAY FOOTBALL for the next three-plus weeks.  Anyway, tomorrow night, we have MACtion on the specialty pack.  Western Michigan-Ball State and Bowling Green-Northern Illinois both starting at 8.  Also, Wednesday night there’s more MACtion with Toledo-Akron starting at 7:30.


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