Good lord – Week 7 NFL Recap


That picture shows all you need to know.  I had decided, for some reason, to watch a fair amount of this game.  I watched a good part of the first half, the last few minutes of regulation, and then overtime.  I am regretting it still today.  What I saw was the worst example of professional football I have ever seen: and I remember watching games during the CFL’s American expansion.  This was college level at best.  Two teams with this much talent shouldn’t have had this much trouble scoring.  And it wasn’t that the defenses were that great.  They weren’t.  The offenses couldn’t get anything done.  Then those two field goal tries in overtime.  Wow.  What can you say?  Just terrible.

This was the type of game that solidifies my recent stance on the NFL.  It’s one I don’t like taking because I have always been a fan of the NFL.  It’s the one league I have always followed since I was a kid.  I never got the chance to watch much college football until about six or seven years ago because it really wasn’t available up here much.  My interest in the NHL has waned to the point of barely watching it anymore.  I’ve talked of other sports on this blog before but nothing more than a sentence here and there.  The NFL is supposed to be the biggest spectacle in professional sports (at least here in North America) and it just hasn’t been at all this season.  People are making other excuses as to why the NFL isn’t as much fun to watch as in the past (Kaepernick, games in London, etc.) but it all comes down to the product on the field.  If that improves, even a bit, then it’s better for the game.  When the product is shitty, like it was Sunday night, then all the other issues are blown up even more.  It’s like a big piling on penalty.  Anyway, enough of this rant…for now.

Are the Browns going to go 0-16?  They sure look like it.  They are terrible.  Sad but true.  I would wager a guess that the 2008 Detroit Lions, they of the only winless season ever, would probably beat this version of the Browns.  Saying all that, the Browns are playing the Jets this coming week in a game they may be able to win since the Jets are pretty bad as well.

Speaking of the AFC as a whole, here is the current playoff picture:

  1. New England (East leader 6-1)
  2. Oakland (West leader 5-2)
  3. Pittsburgh (North leader 4-3)
  4. Houston (South leader 4-3)
  5. Denver (First Wild-Card 5-2)
  6. Kansas City (Second Wild-Card 4-2)

Buffalo is 4-3 and everyone else is below .500.  Oakland is #2 in the AFC.  I know they are as good as they have been since their AFC Championship season earlier this century but for them to be #2 in the conference doesn’t speak much of the conference.  New England is the CLEAR #1 here and, as of right now, seems to have an easy path to the Super Bowl.  It is early, I do understand that.  But can anyone conceive of a scenario where New England doesn’t get the #1 seed at the very least?  I don’t.  This feels like any time a team is dominant in its conference then in the Super Bowl has to finally face some really good competition.  It almost never ends well for that dominant team unfortunately.

That’s really all I’ve got for this week.  I am hoping things get better or if they don’t, that Week 17 is an awesome weekend full of different playoff scenarios.  It may be the only way to salvage a season that has been quite underwhelming from the get-go.

Tomorrow I plan on running my first crack at some bowl projections.  Thursday is the college schedule.  Friday is the NFL schedule.  Starting this Thursday there will be football every day (college or pro) through November 22nd.  November 23rd is the only day from this Thursday until November 29th when there isn’t any football.  So yeah I am pretty happy.


2 thoughts on “Good lord – Week 7 NFL Recap

  1. It’s Colin Kaepernick’s right to kneel down during the anthem. By doing that though, it’s very disrespectful to police officers and military personnel that put their lives on the line and fought for the freedoms of Americans. Also, it’s bad for team chemistry in San Francisco. Look at how the 49ers played in the second half last week against Tampa Bay and the week before against the Bills.

    Commissioner Gingerhammer needs to really give up on this London thing. A team is not going to end up there anyway. So why continue to play games in the United Kingdom? As far as Thursday nights go, the Opening Kickoff & Thanksgiving Night games are the only ones that should be played in future seasons.

    The New York Jets are a joke. In fact, they are a bigger laughingstock than the Leafs in my opinion. (That’s coming from a Senators fan.) I can see the Browns winning their first game on Sunday against the Jets. Especially if whoever is starting under center for Cleveland has a great game passing and the receivers are able to beat Darrelle Revis in coverage. But if Revis is great at shutting them down & he’s picking off passes as well and/or Cleveland doesn’t have a strong performance in the second half, then the Browns will remain winless.

    1. It is his right. Plus many military personnel have gone on record saying they do not fight for a flag or an anthem. They fight for freedom. I have always said (and will continue to say) that playing the national anthem at every sporting event they can think of will dilute the importance of it. And lo and behold, it is starting to happen. I do agree though that Kaepernick should have been cut. Whether or not you agree with his stance, he is bad for team chemistry (as you stated). CK put the organization in a bad spot as they are now in a no-win situation: cut him and take flak from many people who are fully behind his protest or keep him and take flak from people who think his protest is garbage. They can’t win. Sad, but true.
      Yes, the London experiment should be scrapped. Or used during the preseason. Thanksgiving games don’t even seem that important anymore since every Thursday has a game anyway.
      Yeah the Leafs at least look like they may have some promise in the future. The Jets have nothing. Their game against the Browns this week could be between the two teams with the top two picks in the next draft.

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