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You get ALL THE POINTS – Week 8 College Football Recap


If you were able to bear witness to the defensive atrocity that was Oklahoma-Texas Tech it was equal parts horrific and incredible to watch.  The sheer amount of offense was absurd.  People who love defensive football would cry at what happened.  Let’s go over what happened in this game:

  • Oklahoma somehow outlasted Texas Tech 66-59 in Lubbock
  • The Sooners and Red Raiders combined for 1,708 yards of offense
  • Crazier is that they both tied at exactly 854 yards apiece
  • Patrick Mahomes tied Connor Halliday’s FBS record for passing yards in a game with 734
  • Mahomes threw 88 passes, one short of Halliday’s FBS record of 89
  • Mahomes did set the new FBS record for total yards with 819
  • The Sooners became the first team ever to have a 500-yard passer, 200-yard receiver, and 200-yard rusher in the same game
  • Baker Mayfield set a new Oklahoma record with 7 passing touchdowns
  • Joe Mixon became the first Sooner ever with 200 yards rushing and 100 yards receiving in a single game

It felt like arena football but outdoors.  And despite it being fun, I can understand why the Big XII doesn’t get the respect of the other four Power Five conferences.  Come College Football Playoff time I can’t see this kind of thing winning championships.

Alright it was a wacky full day of college football on Saturday (along with some Thursday and Friday night action).  In there was also the Chicago Cubs beating the Los Angeles Dodgers to advance to the first World Series in way too long.  Now let’s hope Cubs fans don’t become like Red Sox fans.

Let’s go over some of the fun stuff, sound good?  And there was a lot of, well, let’s call it pretty good stuff.


  • Boise State held on against BYU. And I mean HELD ON.  That game was closer than it should have be; however, many forget that all of BYU’s losses have been close.  They could have very well been undefeated coming into this one as well.  Either way, it was a wild finish.  BYU had a field goal blocked with 8 seconds left but recovered it behind the line of scrimmage.  Since they tried the field goal on 3rd down they had another chance but were now too far away to try another.  So the Hail Mary attempt was batted down in the end zone and Boise stayed undefeated.  Good way to start the week.
  • Troy became bowl-eligible which is pretty good considering it had been a few years since they had even been a decent team.
  • Miami continues their free fall after their amazing start. They have played themselves out of the ACC Coastal race unless something else crazy happens.


  • Speaking of falls from grace, I think Mark Helfrich has run out of time in Eugene. It is almost a surety now that the Civil War between Oregon and Oregon State will be to stay out of last place in the Pac-12 North.  Also, I am very happy I set the PVR to record 5 hours.  The game ended at about the 4 hour, 50 minute mark.  I get that there was two overtimes but I know that there are recorders in the States that will record a full game regardless of how long it goes.  Why can’t we have these good things in Canada?
  • So the American Conference has now played itself out of a New Year’s Six spot…probably. USF’s loss to Temple gives Temple the inside track to go back to the AAC Championship game.

Saturday Early

  • College Gameday is a show I usually don’t watch much of. I mean I am going to watch about 14 hours of live action, I can’t add three more at the start of the day.  Those hours are spent actually getting shit done around the house.  Saying that, I do try to watch the picks part.  And it was one of the best ever with Verne Lundquist helping the panel pick the games.  To be honest, I am just glad it wasn’t another country singer.
  • Syracuse and Boston College continued the college football tradition of at least one game being played in a downpour. The weather was bad and Boston College’s offense was worse.  I think the Stone Cold Steve Addazio experiment is about done in Chestnut Hill.
  • Why is Texas delaying the inevitable? Another poor showing by the Longhorns against Kansas State just showed, again, why Charlie Strong just isn’t a fit for Austin.  I don’t know what the issue is but there is an issue.  I think a Group of Five team is going to have Strong fall in their lap in the off-season which may be the best thing for him at this juncture.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Rutgers almost won a conference game. Minnesota should be fined for even allowing it to be that close.
  • Speaking of allowing a game to be too close, how did South Carolina not bury UMass? Don’t get me wrong: Will Muschamp is starting to right the ship in Columbia but he still obviously has a ways to go.
  • Well there goes my idea that Louisville had to watch out for NC State. From the opening whistle, it was patently obvious that the Wolfpack were no match for the Cardinals.  And now, considering what all happened this weekend, The Fighting Petrinos will have to dominate the rest of the way to clinch a New Year’s Six bowl game.
  • Houston, there is no problem…for now. Bart Houston replaced Alex Hornibrook (Do I Make you Hornibrook baby?) early on against Iowa.  Not exactly the greatest of wins but the Badgers will take it going into their showdown with Nebraska next week.
  • Northwestern with another big win. They lost to Illinois State earlier in the year.  College football, ladies and gentlemen.
  • UCF left the Diaco Cup after their Civil ConFLiCT victory? Say it ain’t so!  Bob Diaco is an idiot.

Saturday Afternoon

  • Alabama flexed their arms against Texas A&M. It was close for three quarters and then the Tide kind of ran away with it.  Speaking of running, Bryant-Denny Stadium had a bit of a plumbing problem.  They announced to fans not to use the bathrooms due to a water pressure area.  That was probably the most uncomfortable Tide fans have felt all season.
  • So Jeff George, Jr. started for Illinois. God I feel old.
  • Colorado is now bowl-eligible after their fantastic 10-5 victory over Stanford. Sorry…”fantastic.”
  • So on ABC, at least in my area, I got Purdue-Nebraska. So what was on the specialty pack?  Purdue-Nebraska.  Not TCU-West Virginia which is what should have been on there.  Sometimes I think I should just find a way to get the games illegally and be done with it.  It would cause much less frustration at this point.
  • I have to admit that Eastern Michigan has become a decent team in the MAC. I can’t believe I am saying this.  You know what that means though?  Chris Creighton is as good as gone if he gets the opportunity.
  • Want to know how mediocre the SEC East has become? Missouri lost to Middle Tennessee in a close game that should have been not very close at all.
  • An absolutely crazy one at the Rose Bowl ends with Utah winning over UCLA. This means that the Utah-Colorado game will be the biggest game of the year in the Pac-12 South.  Let that marinate for a bit.
  • I’m still trying to find someone who actually likes Dr Pepper.

Saturday Primetime

  • Penn State had their annual White-Out game and then proceeded to potentially put some whiteout on Ohio State’s College Football Playoff chances. tOSU still holds their fate in their own hands.  If they win out, they go to the CFP no question.  But it has put some intrigue into the Big Ten East race.
  • I think I watched about five minutes of the Arkansas-Auburn game. Man the Iron Bowl, if things keep going this way, is going to be REALLY good.
  • The schedule wasn’t all good. Somehow ESPNU got stuck with Tennessee State-Vanderbilt.  An FCS team on ESPNU on a Saturday in October.  There is way too much variance between weeks nowadays when it comes to game quality.
  • Houston destroyed their chance at even a New Year’s Six as SMU destroyed them. That probably signals the end for Tom Herman in H-Town.  With no NY6 chance and no Big XII chance there’s nothing keeping him there other than that huge contract.  Then again he could probably make more elsewhere.  So yeah, who wants him?  There’s a few openings.
  • Also, buried way below the headlines: Kentucky, after their win over Mississippi State, is now sole second place in the SEC East. Mark Stoops may have finally saved his job.
  • Michigan State lost again, this time to Maryland. My pick of them going to the College Football Playoff is about as good as when I picked South Carolina to go to the inaugural CFP.  Yeah my predictions are garbage.

Saturday Late Night

  • Oh yeah, Leonard Fournette set a new school record for rushing yards in a game. Somehow this was overshadowed by everything else happening today.  LSU now becomes a dangerous out the rest of the way.  The night game against Alabama should be a dandy.
  • Raise your hand if you thought that Boise State-Wyoming would be the biggest game of the regular season in the Mountain West Conference. That’s what I thought.  Craig Bohl is finally weaving some of his magic in Laramie.  We all knew this would happen right?
  • Finally, the best part of the night may have been Todd Graham telling Mike Leach that his comments about sign-stealing were chicken shit. Gotta love when the cameras pick up on this type of stuff.

So there you go.  A long, fun day of college football.  And we have another one right around the corner.  And I get to watch it all.  No wonder my Sundays feel so much worse than my Saturdays.

Bossman Top 25

#1 Alabama
#2 Clemson
#3 Michigan
#4 Washington
#5 Louisville
#6 Nebraska
#7 Baylor
#8 Ohio State
#9 Texas A&M
#10 Wisconsin
#11 Florida
#12 Florida State
#13 West Virginia
#14 Oklahoma
#15 Auburn
#16 Boise State
#17 Tennessee
#18 LSU
#19 Utah
#20 Western Michigan
#21 North Carolina
#22 Ole Miss
#23 Penn State
#24 Navy
#25 Houston

Not a whole lot of change.  I punished (for lack of a better word) Ohio State by moving them down to #8 whereas the AP Poll has them at #6.  This feels a lot like when Bama lost to Ole Miss but only dropped to #4 or #5 if I remember correctly.  Gave them a really good shot to make the short climb back into the top four (which they did).  I still have Houston in the Top 25 since Oklahoma keeps moving up the chain.  At some point they may drop off but if Navy wins out, they beat Louisville (and Louisville destroys everyone else), and the Sooners also somehow win their remaining games, Houston starts to look pretty good.  Not New Year’s Six good but still pretty good.

Tomorrow the NFL recap/rant and then back to the grind.  At some point I should put out some way-too-early bowl projections although even at this point.  All I know right now is that I have three teams I feel pretty good about putting into the CFP: Alabama, Washington, and Clemson.  The fourth is the interesting one.  Now that Ohio State has lost a game, I can see the Big Ten having a slight chance of being left out of the dance.  And if there is anything that will cause a move to an 8-team playoff sooner than later, It’s the B1G or SEC being left out.  If the Big Ten champ doesn’t get in, I expect Baylor to sneak into that spot.  They still haven’t been challenged and we will see how they do against Oklahoma but I could see them running the table.  Honest!


2 thoughts on “You get ALL THE POINTS – Week 8 College Football Recap

  1. I find that predicting the winners of College Football games this year has been very hard. Who honestly thought that Colorado & Eastern Michigan would be good this year? Or that Penn State would beat Ohio State? I had them covering the spread but certainly didn’t think that they would pull off the upset.

    On Bell Satellite (I get the Boston channels), so I was stuck with TCU @ West Virginia and not my Cornhuskers. Their game at Wisconsin should be fun to watch. Here’s hoping the Cornhuskers remain undefeated!

    I couldn’t watch a portion of Texas A&M @ Alabama as the WBZ & WSBK transmitters went down.

    Michigan State & Oregon have really fallen this year. Yep, I think Helfrich is done at Oregon.

    Verne Lundquist helping the Gameday crew with their picks. Makes sense as CBS is the over the air broadcaster of the SEC & he calls The Masters on Thursday & Friday when coverage is produced by ESPN. Now that Mike Tirico is at NBC, if it isn’t Scott Van Pelt who takes over the hosting role, maybe it would go to Jim Nantz or hey, they will give it to Uncle Verne.on Thurs & Fri since it’s ESPN. I bet that at least more than half of College Gameday would be devoted to the SEC if CBS weren’t the SEC’s OTA broadcaster or if CBS bought ESPN in the future.

    I might get ripped on for this, Dr. Pepper is something I actually like. I would drink a bit more of it if not for the fact that it’s a Pepsi product here in Canada. My cola preference would be an ice cold Coke.

    1. Colorado somewhat surprises me but the Pac-12 is almost as big a mess as the Big XII. Eastern Michigan is surprising EVERYONE I am sure…even Eastern Michigan.
      See, the reverse mirror sets up all sorts of issues because Bell and Rogers tend to not get it right with which game we should get through ESPN2 because it’s different based on where you live.
      As for how college games are broadcast, it could change drastically in a few years or when the Big XII eventually implodes, which it will. I, for one, wish we could just pay for a package of ALL college football games, separate from everything else. It’s 2016, I don’t think everyone should even have to pay for basic cable unless you want those specific channels. I guess the CRTC, Rogers, Bell, and others didn’t get the message.

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