NFL TV Schedule

When you’re a shitbag – NFL Edition….oh and the Week 7 NFL TV Schedule


This isn’t news.  Some athletes are complete shitbags.  There, I said it.  This isn’t a new phenomenon, people.  This starts when these assholes are in high school and get praise for everything they’ve done and get no worse than a slap on the wrist for any wrongdoing.  They are treated like gods.  Then they go to college/university and, lo and behold, it continues.  No wonder some of these guys get to the pros and feel like they can do whatever the hell they want and get away with it: because they’ve already been doing it for years and the people who could have done something turn a blind eye because God forbid the local high school football team doesn’t make the playoffs because their best player is now suspended.  Wouldn’t that be a tragedy?

Besides, the NFL loves these guys right?  If they didn’t, they would make a bit more of an example of them.  I just hope one day, ONE DAY, they get it right the first time, suspend some asshole indefinitely because of something he did and then when a court of law determines that was the case, ban the fucker for life.  But that would be bad for business.  It’s just like the NFL’s quasi-disgusting selling of everything pink during Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Do you honestly think the NFL truly cares about breast cancer, breast cancer survivors, or a cure for ANY type of cancer?  Some do, most don’t give a shit.  They want money.  So they co-opt the campaign to make it seem like they are doing great when in reality, they want money.  Sure some of it goes to breast cancer research and in the end that is a good thing; however, the NFL (and many other big organizations) do this is as a PR move to try and overshadow the grimy bullshit that happens on a near weekly basis.  I’m not saying other leagues are better.  I love college football and I know a lot of players are fuckwads and the NCAA itself is a terrible organization.  But the NFL is quickly approaching FIFA as the worst sporting entity in the world.  They wonder why ratings are down?  That is one of the reasons for sure.

Phew!  That was long-winded.  Now on to the task at hand…the week 7 schedule.  Here it is followed by, let’s call it, “analysis.”  Yeah that works.


NY Giants vs. Los Angeles (in London) 9:30, CTV


Oakland at Jacksonville Seattle, Spokane, Minneapolis
Baltimore at NY Jets Burlington TSN2
Buffalo at Miami Buffalo, Rochester, Boston Northern Ontario, Kitchener, Toronto, Montreal, Atlantic
Cleveland at Cincinnati Cleveland
Indianapolis at Tennessee
Minnesota at Philadelphia Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane, Minneapolis, Rochester, Burlington, Boston BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Ottawa CKPR, CHEX, CITL, CKWS
Washington at Detroit Detroit
New Orleans at Kansas City


New England at Pittsburgh All affiliates All affiliates (except Atlantic) Atlantic
San Diego at Atlanta Buffalo TSN2
Tampa Bay at San Francisco

Sunday & Monday Primetime

Seattle at Arizona Sunday, 8:30, NBC/TSN1/3/4/5
Houston at Denver Monday, 8:30, TSN 1/3/4/5


Vikings at Eagles – The entire country gets this game somewhere.  I just find it interesting that Sam Bradford is the quarterback of the only undefeated team left in the league.  And no Adrian Peterson.  It’s Bizarro-NFL.

Giants at Rams – Why doesn’t the NFL play a game in a country that is a true football hotbed?  I’m talking about Germany.  They fucking love football.  Hell, the Vikings even drafted a received out of there.  So why not have a game in Berlin or Munich?  Obviously Commissioner Gingerhammer desperately wants a team in London so he ignores the rest of Europe.  Good job there dumbass.

Bills at Dolphins – There is a distinct possibility that the Bills could be 5-2 and atop the AFC East by the end of Sunday.  Somehow Rex Ryan is becoming a Coach of the Year candidate.  We live in some weird times, people.

Patriots at Steelers – This tells you how much the NFL seems to be downplaying their primetime games.  The game of the week is EASILY this one, yet the Seahawks and Cardinals play the Sunday nighter.  Either the NFL is playing the long game and saving (for lack of a better word) chances to put on marquee games for later in the season or they are stupid.  I kind of think it’s the latter.

Redskins at Lions – Very few people will get this game (I will be) because only people who get FOX out of Detroit will see this.  Too bad since these are two teams known for being quite shitty playing some good ball and one of them will get an early leg up on a playoff spot with a win here.

Seahawks at Cardinals – Somehow, the Cardinals, playing horrible football, are 3-3 and a game and a half behind Seattle in the NFC West.  That’s how good and deep this team is.  If they get their act together, I could easily see them pulling off six or seven wins in a row and getting way out in front in their division.

Texans at Broncos – I would hope they would play that one Brock Osweiler meme of him getting his helmet to get in the game only to see Peyton Manning run on to the field and him visibly showing his disappointment.  Show it over and over on the scoreboard.  Elway should challenge him to a QB contest since I am sure he’s still got the stuff.  The Texans might end up winning the AFC South but it sure as hell will have less to do with Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrock Osweiler than with their stout defense because he has been mediocre at best under his new big contract that the Broncos refused to give him (and rightfully so).

So there you go.  The schedule in all its glory.  I am not doing any more gambling on the NFL because I am sick of losing money on games I am caring less and less about.  It is sad because other than a few games every week, I could do without watching the NFL other than highlight shows.  Take last night’s Bears-Packers game.  I watched maybe five minutes of it.  It was awful.  I feel it is becoming like the NHL in a way.  The NHL used to be a ton of fun to watch almost every night.  It was better than junior hockey in every way.  Nowadays, many games are slow and plodding and defensive and somewhat boring at times.  Junior hockey seems more exciting than the NHL.  I don’t know if this is just because of the style of play in the NHL or if junior hockey has become better.  The same comparison can be said for the NFL versus college football.  I am a bit biased since I am a huge college football fan but the NFL as a product is not as good as it once was.  I have outlined one reason above.  There are others.  The games in London are usually bad.  The teams that are usually sent there are not very good.  It makes no sense.  Maybe having football on Thursday night and Sunday morning is oversaturation of the product.  Who knows?  All I know is that my interest in the NFL is waning a bit and it has everything to do with the product as a whole (both on and off the field).

Alright, a few games in college football tonight including two late night affairs.  I didn’t make it to the end of the BYU-Boise State game last night (I PVRed the rest of it).  I tried but with work today there was no way I could get through with only about four hours sleep.  Not saying I don’t do that at other times but I try not to when work is involved.  Plus I was really exhausted.  Maybe the change in weather has a lot do with it.  Yesterday was dreary and today’s no better.  Rain is my least favourite weather.  I would take snow over this.  Plus football in the snow is much more enjoyable to watch (and even play) than football in the rain.  Football in the rain just looks awful.  Football in the snow tends to look hilarious.

As another aside, I will be live-tweeting for most of tomorrow (@LikeABauce1978 on the Twitter machine) because I am insane.  I mean I have to be to watch 14+ hours of college football right?  The only question is what shitty food will I eat and how much caffeine will I consume.  I love college football season!  Enjoy the games everyone!


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