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Juuuuuust past the half-way mark – Week 8 College Football TV Schedule


Yep, we have just crossed the median into the second half of the college football season.  This is where things get VERY interesting.  And we have already had quite a bit of chaos through the first seven weeks of the season.  That amount of craziness usually fills a full season…unless you are talking about 2007 or 1990 and we could very well make it to that point…if Bama loses.

Let’s be honest, a lot of crazy shit can happen this year but if Bama loses it could put the entire season in a state of turmoil and who the fuck knows what happens with the College Football Playoff then.  Chances are the Tide sneak in as the number four (at this point that is my prediction) but could go higher or be out altogether…ahahaha, no that’s stupid.

Alright on to the good things…this week’s college football schedule.  Here we go!


US Canada
Miami at Virginia Tech 7:00 PM ESPN TSN3/TSN5
Troy at South Alabama 7:30 PM ESPNU SP
BYU at #14 Boise State 10:30 PM ESPN TSN3/TSN5

This is highlighted by the late game out in (probably already chilly) Boise.  BYU has the chance to show those darn Big XII presidents what they’re missing and at the same time ruin Boise State’s very slim CFP chances and very good New Year’s Six chances.  Also, The U and VaTech play in an ACC Coastal Elimination game.  Winner has to somehow beat out North Carolina to get to the ACC Championship game.


US Canada
USF at Temple 7:00 PM ESPN SP
Oregon at California 10:30 PM ESPN SP
San Jose State at San Diego State 10:30 PM ESPN2 SP

Nothing of importance although I am curious to see how far Oregon has fallen.  A loss to Cal would almost certainly signify the end for Mark Helfrich.

Saturday Early

US Canada
NC State at #7 Louisville 12:00 PM ABC ABC/TSN4
Indiana at Northwestern 12:00 PM BTN BTN
North Texas at Army 12:00 PM CBSSN CBSSN
#10 Wisconsin at Iowa 12:00 PM ESPN TSN1
Texas at Kansas State 12:00 PM ESPN2 TSN2
Rutgers at Minnesota 12:00 PM ESPNU SP
UMass at South Carolina 12:00 PM SEC Network SP
Kennesaw State at Gardner-Webb 12:00 PM Peachtree Peachtree
Syracuse at Boston College 12:30 PM ACC Network WSBK/SP

As usual, the appetizer to the main games later on has some intrigue.  NC State travels to Louisville with a legitimate shot to pull off an upset.  Lamar Jackson needs a good game here to keep his hopes of leading the Heisman race going as we are now at that point where some experts almost want him to falter so that they can prove…something, I don’t know what it is.  I’m not saying he is a lock to win it (I don’t think he will) but it’s the same feeling we had going into October when Leonard Fournette was WAY out in front of the Heisman race.  It wasn’t people saying there was still two months to go; it was people saying that Fournette wasn’t the frontrunner at that point?  Seriously?  Talk about a try-hard who has gone to HOT TAKE CITY to make himself (or herself) stand out from the crowd.  Anyway…

Oh yeah, Wisconsin tries to keep pace with Nebraska as they face Iowa and Charlie Strong hopes not to get fired as his Longhorns travel to Manhattan to face Kansas State.  Three TSN games so that is good for you non-specialty pack humans.

UPDATE: Cuse-BC not showing up on specialty pack, at least for Bell customers, as far as I can tell.  Still on WSBK out of Boston so we all get the game anyway.

Saturday Afternoon

US Canada
#22 North Carolina at Virginia 3:00 PM FSN – Regional SP
Purdue at #8 Nebraska 3:30 PM ABC/ESPN2 ABC/SP*
TCU at #12 West Virginia 3:30 PM ABC/ESPN2 ABC/SP*
Eastern Michigan at #20 Western Michigan 3:30 PM ASN MyTV
Illinois at #3 Michigan 3:30 PM BTN BTN
#6 Texas A&M at #1 Alabama 3:30 PM CBS CBS
Memphis at #24 Navy 3:30 PM CBSSN CBSSN
Tulane at Tulsa 3:45 PM ESPNU SP
#19 Utah at UCLA 4:00 PM FOX FOX
Middle Tennessee at Missouri 4:00 PM SEC Network SP
Charlotte at Marshall 5:30 PM beIn Sports beIn Sports

Here we go.  Arguably the game of the year (other than The Game) will be TAMU-Bama.  This may be the only real opportunity for an opponent to beat the Tide.  Too bad this in Tuscaloosa; otherwise I would have given the Aggies a fighting chance.  I kind of do hope they win just for the chaos it might cause but I wouldn’t bet on it.

We also have some reverse mirror fun this weekend.  If you receive ABC out of Detroit or anywhere west of there, you will receive the Purdue/Nebraska game on ABC.  If you receive ABC east of there you will receive the TCU-West Virginia game on ABC.  As per usual, whatever game you don’t receive SHOULD go to the specialty pack.  Rogers and Bell have messed this up before but they were spot on last week with it so we should all be fine.

UPDATE #3: Of course it wouldn’t be fine.  At least in this area (southern Ontario) Purdue-Nebraska on both ABC and the specialty pack.  What a fucking joke.

Finally, FOX has the first game of their doubleheader in this timeslot.  It just works out that the Cubs-Dodgers are on FOX Sports One and not the main network.  I’m not complaining at all but it just shows that baseball, despite it being the hot ticket here in Toronto this season (and last), is not moving the needle as much as college football does (at least down in many areas of the U.S.).

UPDATE #2: North Carolina-Virginia added to the specialty pack schedule to start at 3:00.

Saturday Primetime

US Canada
#17 Arkansas at #21 Auburn 6:00 PM ESPN SP
East Carolina at Cincinnati 7:00 PM CBSSN CBSSN
#11 Houston at SMU 7:00 PM ESPN2 SP
Michigan State at Maryland 7:30 PM BTN BTN
Tennessee State at Vanderbilt 7:30 PM ESPNU SP
Mississippi State at Kentucky 7:30 PM SEC Network SP
#2 Ohio State at Penn State 8:00 PM ABC ABC
#16 Oklahoma at Texas Tech 8:00 PM FOX FOX

Don’t want to call it the underrated game of the week but Arkansas-Auburn is supremely important, especially for Auburn.  With only one loss, the Tigers are technically still in the SEC West race and a win here would be huge.

We are back into these idiotic 3-hour windows for ESPN.  A big part of the blame for these 6:00 starts has to lie with CBS.  As part of their deal with the SEC, an SEC game on ESPN cannot be shown until starting at 6:00 so as to not compete with what is considered the SEC Game of the Week.  I just wish they started at 11:30 in the morning.  I think it would alleviate some of these issues.

Also, we know how Ohio State deals with Penn State…not very well.  For some reason the Nittany Lions can sometimes put a huge scare into tOSU.  Just one of those college football things I guess.

Saturday Late Night

US Canada
#23 Ole Miss at #25 LSU 9:00 PM ESPN SP
Fresno State at Utah State 10:30 PM CBSSN CBSSN
Wyoming at Nevada 10:30 PM ESPN2 SP

I will say I do kind of like the 9:00 start on ESPN for a major matchup.  It is usually done around 12:30-1:00 and doesn’t feel too late…oh who am I kidding, I will stay up to watch Wyoming-Nevada like the lunatic I am.

Now these…these are the games you need to watch

#6 Texas A&M at #1 Alabama (3:30, CBS) – A no-brainer for the top spot this week.  As I said above, this is the game of the year except for The Game between Ohio State and Michigan.  If TAMU somehow wins, it sends the college football world, and especially the SEC West, into a bit of chaos.  There’s a good chance the Aggies would be no worse than #3 but Bama would continue to lurk at, say, #5.  I still believe the Tide are the only team that could lose one game and still be a lock for the College Football Playoff.

#17 Arkansas at #21 Auburn (6:00, specialty pack) – The SEC West undercard is another great one and should get a lot of eyeballs thanks to the somewhat odd start time (that is starting to become more the norm).  Arkansas wins they keep their chances of a New Year’s Six spot alive.  Auburn wins and American Thanksgiving weekend could become even bigger, with The Game and the Apple Cup already on the docket and then, potentially, the biggest Iron Bowl since the Kick Six game.

#23 Ole Miss at #25 LSU (9:00, specialty pack) – Don’t think you are seeing the first five to six minutes of this game since there is no way Arkansas-Auburn ends by 9.  Many are bemoaning the fact LSU is in the Top 25.  To be honest, LSU with everyone healthy (and halfway-decent quarterbacking) is a very dangerous team and could cause a lot of issues down the stretch.  No way they make the CFP but a NY6 spot could become available if they can somehow run the table the rest of the way.  Same with Ole Miss.  Loser has to hope for a New Year’s Day bowl (well January 2nd but you get the idea) at best.

NC State at #7 Louisville (Noon, ABC/TSN4) – The Lamar Jackson Heisman push continues here.  Remember, one average game and the experts will shit all over him.  And that might happen here as NC State played Clemson very tough last week and should have beat them.

#2 Ohio State at Penn State (8:00, ABC) – ABC’s love affair with the Big Ten continues with this game.  However, I don’t mind this since this is one of the better games of the week.  I wouldn’t say James Franklin’s job is on the line here: but if the Nittany Lions somehow win, he probably gets through the 2017 season at least.  A Buckeye loss opens the door wide open for the Fighting Harbaughs of Ann Arbor.

BYU at #14 Boise State (Thursday, 10:30, TSN3/TSN5) – The Broncos’ last true speed bump comes tonight at home on the Smurf Turf.  BYU is very close to being undefeated themselves so Boise should not take them lightly.  Plus I always enjoy these two teams when they play late night affairs.  Two of the very few Group of Five teams that I would consider college football must-watch teams most of the time.

Alright, place your bets

I have been all over the board with my college football selections this season.  A few very good weeks and at least one sub-.500 week.  It all adds up to jack shit anyway.  So here are my picks with the normal warning to take these with more than a grain of salt:

Alabama over Texas A&M

Auburn over Arkansas

LSU over Ole Miss

Louisville over NC State

Ohio State over Penn State

Boise State over BYU

Wisconsin over Iowa

TCU over West Virginia (let’s call it the upset of the week)

UCLA over Utah (mini-upset in the chaotic Pac-12 South)

Oklahoma over Texas Tech

OK so there are three games tonight with two of significant importance.  Also the Packers and Bears play tonight in what is hopefully not a shitty Thursday Night Football matchup.  Three games tomorrow night with two of them in the late night slot.  Then comes the main event Saturday!  Enjoy the games everyone!


6 thoughts on “Juuuuuust past the half-way mark – Week 8 College Football TV Schedule

  1. I think that I would prefer to watch Miami @ Virginia Tech & BYU @ Boise State over the Bears @ Packers game in the NFL tonight. The Atlantic Coast Conference is very hard to predict when it comes to the pointspread & straight up selections. So I normally don’t touch that conference. I think that Miami & Boise State will be the winners tonight. As for CHI-GB, I would take the under tonight. A pair of swiss cheese defenses and one offense cannot get anything going. As for my winner, I will take Green Bay. Now they will lose since I picked them.

  2. The Bears are awful so I don’t think you have much to worry about.
    I have to make sure I stay awake for BYU-Boise State. Should be a good game and is very important, at least in the New Year’s Six race for the Group of Five.

  3. Speaking of Da Bears, Hoyer got hurt last night. Next Monday Night when they take on the Vikings at home, I hope that Cutler is the starting quarterback. It should be a real treat for myself & every Vikings fan and a nightmare across the city of Chicago.

    The BYU @ Boise State game had some of the shittiest officiating and 4th down play selection I have ever seen. A Boise State drive ended because of poorly worded terms by the referee. BYU tries going for it on 4th & Long. Then the Boise State player spiked the football after the play was over. Granted, it wasn’t a touchdown. But are football players no longer permitted to show any emotion? Pretty soon, they won’t be allowed to spike the ball after scoring a touchdown.

    1. Maybe Da Bears will sign another quarterback. Isn’t Johnny Manziel available?
      I still think the fake punt from deep in their own zone that BYU did could be the dumbest thing I have ever seen.
      I am sick of the celebration penalties and taunting penalties. Completely ridiculous.

  4. Maybe they can make a trade for Tampa Bay’s backup quarterback Mike Glennon. They would have to give up quite a bit for him though. Glennon would be slightly better than Hoyer and an upgrade over Jay Cutler in my opinion. What did Cutler do to earn that all that money again? When Bridgewater got injured, I thought the Vikings should have traded for Glennon. Sam Bradford seems to be playing well so far this season. As long as he continues to play error free football and he stays healthy, it will go a long way as they have a dominate top three defense.

    The other part about the celebration and taunting penalties that bothered me is that it could have cost Boise State the game as well as a shot at being in this year’s College Football Playoff.

    1. Who knows. The Bears are a mess. Marc Trestman was fired because the Bears were terrible and it’s almost a guarantee John Fox will be as well. Not totally fair to those two guys when they don’t have the talent on the field. I like the idea of Glennon who could work in the right offensive scheme. Bradford has FINALLY shown what made him the #1 pick years ago. Just took a few years I guess.
      One day, one of those types of penalties is going to cause a major controversy and they will have to truly look into them. Until then we all have to just grudgingly accept that they are a part of the game now. And most of us don’t like it.

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