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Forgetting this blog post? That’s a paddlin’ – Week 7 College Football TV Schedule

I guess if you read it normally that’s not an issue.  But for you casuals…get on this bandwagon while you can.  Not like it will get full but it’s like getting premium seats instead of nosebleeds.

Alright, time for the college football schedule again and there seems to be less hype this week despite the fact there are two big games: one in Madison and one in Knoxville.


US Canada
Duke at #7 Louisville 7:00 PM ESPN SP
Memphis at Tulane 8:00 PM ESPNU SP
San Diego State at Fresno State 10:00 PM CBSSN CBSSN
Mississippi State at BYU 10:15 PM ESPN SP

For the only time all year, there are no Thursday night college football games to compete with the NFL.  It’s totally weather-related but still, it will feel weird to not be watching college football and basically ignoring the TNF game until it’s in the fourth quarter.  As for the games on Friday, there’s four of them.  That’s more than normal and makes up for Thursday.  Louisville may have a trap game with Duke and I don’t know Mississippi State will cope in the altitude of Provo against BYU.

Saturday Early

US Canada
NC State at #3 Clemson 12:00 PM ABC ABC/TSN5
Lafayette at Army (Rogers & Fibe) 12:00 PM CBSSN CBSSN
Kansas State at #19 Oklahoma 12:00 PM ESPN TSN3
Iowa at Purdue 12:00 PM ESPN2 TSN1
Minnesota at Maryland 12:00 PM ESPNU SP
Vanderbilt at Georgia (Bell) 12:00 PM SEC Network SP
Pittsburgh at Virginia 12:30 PM ACC Network WSBK/SP

It took a while but the guides finally show the proper ABC games.  However, I find it odd that TSN only has games on TSN1, TSN3, and TSN5, yet the Rogers and Bell schedules both show games for TSN4 at noon with the teams to be determined.  One of two things could happen here:

  1. TSN will show a game on TSN4 and it will be Minnesota at Maryland.
  2. TSN will not show a game on TSN4 and then we have to figure out if Minnesota at Maryland will make it to the specialty pack. It should because it’s an ESPNU game but when has that ever stopped them from not showing a game they should show?

UPDATE: Minnesota-Maryland now showing up on the specialty pack although you will have to search for it since in the guide there is nothing.

UPDATE #2: Looks like Georgia Southern-Georgia Tech will be showing up on the specialty pack as well (thanks to reader Greg for the notice).

Saturday Afternoon

US Canada
#10 Nebraska at Indiana* 3:30 PM ABC/ESPN2 ABC
Bowling Green at Toledo (Rogers & Fibe) 3:30 PM ASN MyTV
Northwestern at Michigan State (Rogers) 3:30 PM BTN BTN
#1 Alabama at #9 Tennessee 3:30 PM CBS CBS
#24 Western Michigan at Akron (Rogers & Fibe) 3:30 PM CBSSN CBSSN
Wake Forest at #14 Florida State 3:30 PM ESPN SP
North Carolina at #16 Miami* 3:30 PM ABC/ESPN2 SP
USC at Arizona 3:30 PM FOX FOX
#17 Virginia Tech at Syracuse 3:45 PM ESPNU SP
Missouri at #18 Florida (Bell) 4:00 PM SEC Network SP

Big afternoon highlighted by Bama-Tennessee.  I will make sure to put six hours into the PVR for this one.  Also, quite a few games that could be considered trap games:  Nebraska has to travel to Bloomington to face a pretty good Indiana team; Florida State hosts a surprisingly good Wake Forest squad; and Miami plays up-and-down North Carolina in a big ACC Coastal game.  If The U wins, it sets up what is probably the division title game against Virginia Tech the following Saturday.  Also, the WF-FSU and UNC-UM games aren’t showing up yet on the specialty pack guide but there are slots there that say TBD.  Well, with only two games to put there I can safely say they will appear at some point in the guide.

Saturday Primetime

US Canada
UTSA at Rice 7:00 PM beIn Sports beIn Sports
UConn at USF (Rogers & Fibe) 7:00 PM CBSSN CBSSN
#12 Ole Miss at #22 Arkansas 7:00 PM ESPN SP
Tulsa at #13 Houston 7:00 PM ESPN2 SP
Temple at UCF 7:30 PM ESPNU SP
Stanford at Notre Dame 7:30 PM NBC NBC
Southern Miss at LSU (Bell) 7:30 PM SEC Network SP
#2 Ohio State at #8 Wisconsin 8:00 PM ABC ABC

The other huge game, tOSU-Wisky, falls here and of course it’s on ABC because ABC fucking loves the Big Ten.  Probably a good thing since, if things don’t change, we will be getting less Big Ten games next year.  Wouldn’t please me at all.  If Bama loses to Tennessee, then the Ole Miss-Arkansas game will get a LOT of eyeballs as all of a sudden, one of these teams would become an SEC West contender again with a win.

Saturday Late Night

US Canada
Colorado State at #15 Boise State 10:15 PM ESPN2 SP
Nevada at San Jose State (Rogers & Fibe) 10:30 PM CBSSN CBSSN
UCLA at Washington State 10:30 PM ESPN SP

A couple of #MWLateNight games and a fairly big #Pac12AfterDark matchup.  Boise State could keep slowly climbing the ladder and it would not surprise me if they were in the Top 10 come November, meaning a College Football Playoff spot would not be out of the realm for the Broncos.

You might want to watch these ones

#1 Alabama at #9 Tennessee (3:30, CBS) – It was a toss-up between this game and the tOSU-Wisky game for top spot.  I went with this one because the ramifications here, I think, will be much higher, even if Bama wins.  Let’s say things happen the way they probably should and the favourite Crimson Tide beat the underdog Volunteers.  This means the Vols will have two conference losses.  This brings us back to the LSU-Florida fiasco and now that game would become monumentally important to play.  On the other hand, let’s say the Vols pull off the upset and beat the Tide.  This means the SEC West becomes pretty wide open with Texas A&M in front, the Ole Miss-Arkansas winner in the hunt, and even Auburn lurking in the weeds.  So yeah, to say this is huge is an understatement.

#2 Ohio State at #8 Wisconsin (8:00, ABC) – 1B to Bama-Tennessee’s 1A this week.  Luckily, everyone involved was smart enough to get these games at two different times (although considering the Vols are playing the earlier game may still be on when this one starts).  The Buckeyes win this, then it’s still full steam ahead to quite possibly the most important version of The Game ever.  Wisconsin wins and they keep in step with Nebraska in the Big Ten West.

#12 Ole Miss at #22 Arkansas (7:00, specialty pack) – Not that it isn’t a big game but compared to the first two, it’s like apples and mushy raspberries.  Saying that, it all changes if Bama loses.  Both coaches in this one are praying that happens so this game will mean a whole lot more.  No matter what though, this has New Year’s Six implications for sure.

NC State at #3 Clemson (Noon, ABC/TSN5) – Amazingly enough, the Wolfpack’s only loss was a close one to East Carolina of all teams.  That has what kept them from being undefeated and squarely in the Top 25.  The Tigers will not take this game lightly as they get a much deserved bye week after this one and then Florida State up the following week.  If the Wolfpack somehow win this, put them in the CFP conversation.  Why not right?

Kansas State at #19 Oklahoma (Noon, TSN3) – Most years this is a huge matchup as one or both of these programs is usually near the top.  The Sooners are hanging on by a thread for any NY6 consideration and KSU is trying to get themselves back into the Big XII elite, less for this year and more (possibly) for potential realignment Armageddon down the road.

#10 Nebraska at Indiana (3:30, ABC/specialty pack) – Depending on where you live, it may be on ABC or the specialty pack.   This means there is a strong possibility Rogers and Bell will fuck this up and put the same damn game on both.  Anyway, Indiana is a good team and will go bowling this season barring a disaster.  The Huskers are playing their best football in years and Mike Riley is now considered a savior.  If he somehow loses four games from here to the end of the season, I know Bo Pelini will be somewhere laughing (while possibly petting a cat).

So you like to gamble eh?

I don’t really gamble on college football.  Maybe I should start.  Then again, I already hate losing money on the NFL so I don’t feel like losing more money on college football.  Plus the payouts aren’t as good.  Anyway here are some picks:

Alabama over Tennessee

Ohio State over Wisconsin

Ole Miss over Arkansas

Clemson over NC State

Oklahoma over Kansas State

Nebraska over Indiana

Louisville over Duke

Western Michigan over Akron

Houston over Tulsa

Boise State over Colorado State

I will try to keep apprised of any updates to the schedule.  Reminder that the NFL sked comes out tomorrow.  Also, the Broncos face the Chargers tonight.  I would say it’s unopposed but I am sure a lot of people will watch the Dodgers-Nationals Game 5 as well.  Enjoy the games everyone!


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