I hear that some Patriots player was returning this week. Any truth to the rumour? – Week 5 NFL Recap


Don’t get me wrong.  You can make the argument that Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all-time.  But the constant dick-riding of the guy is why many people hate him and also hate many figures in sports media.  Not blaming Brady for that.  It’s the nature of sports media these days and we all just have to live with some of these insufferable pricks who consider themselves experts (and probably actually are for the most part) so they feel they have a license to say whatever they want and fuck you if you don’t agree.

Phew!  Ok done with the rant.  Let’s get on with the recap shall we?


  • Speaking of Brady, the Patriots defeated the Browns this weekend. The Browns.  He didn’t pass for 500 yards and the Pats didn’t score 50-plus points. Cut.  His.  Ass.
  • So when is Todd Bowles going to be fired? Don’t know if he deserves that fate yet but the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets have been Awful, Awful, Awful the first quarter of the season.  HAH-vud grad Ryan Fitzpatrick has probably played himself out of any future deals with any team and the defense has been atrocious.  Revis Island has been swallowed by the Atlantic Ocean obviously.  Tough to watch even if you aren’t a Jets fan.
  • Even though he finally threw his first interception which finished off the Eagles loss to the Lions, we have to say that Carson Wentz is for real. The Rams may be kicking themselves for taking Jared Goff over him but it’s still way too early to speculate that.
  • Yes Miami is bad. I don’t know why this comes as a surprise.  I honestly didn’t think they’d be this bad.  And speaking of the AFC East…
  • The Bills are 3-2 and looking pretty darn good. We say that now and watch Buffalo go into a tailspin.  No wonder New England has waltzed to the division title almost every year for the past fifteen.
  • The only undefeated team remaining? If you chose the Minnesota Vikings to have this honour at the start of the year, put your hand down because you’re a dirty liar.  Sam Bradford (SAM BRADFORD??!?!??!) could very well end up being in the running for the MVP this season.  Strange times we live in folks.
  • I guess the Atlanta Falcons are also for real? They played pretty well in Denver which is a tough place to win ballgames.  Matt Ryan looking like the Matty Ice of old instead of what we’ve seen the past few seasons.  Again, if you picked Minnesota and Atlanta to be the NFC leaders at this point, go to Vegas NOW!
  • The Chargers are trying to catch up with the Browns as the most sad-sack franchise in football. The way they lose games is becoming fantastic to watch: like one of those weird documentaries that you can’t stop watching.  Mike McCoy is basically dead man walking at this point.

I could have recapped some more but I was somewhat busy that day and also watched the SEC game the same day between Georgia and South Carolina.  I have concluded that Sunday afternoons is for NFL football only since that game was horri-awful.

Remember, tomorrow night Appalachian State and UL-Lafayette play on the specialty pack.  College schedule Thursday.  NFL schedule Friday.  Same old, same old.


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