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Bobby, just go play in the puddles outside OK? – Week 6 College Football Recap


Now wasn’t that fun to watch?  Game after game after game seemed to be played in what amounted to a swamp…OK maybe a poor choice of words there.  Amazingly enough, most of these games were in North Carolina, punctuated with the Notre Dame-NC State affair that was terrible football but fun to watch…in a car wreck kind of way.  So get in the boat and help me navigate this recap alright?


  • It looks like it was a fun time in Ruston, Louisiana Thursday night. You know, unless you’re a WKU fan.  Conference USA looks like a mess.  No team seems to want to win the damn conference.  Hmmm…kind of sounds like college football as a whole other than about a dozen teams at this point.
  • So again we have the three of the top four teams in the American Conference in the West division. And it’s the same three teams as last year.  No offense to Tulsa, Tulane, and SMU, but Houston, Navy, and Memphis are way up the ladder from you.  Memphis showed they were real even without Justin Fuente and Paxton Lynch as they beat Temple and went to 4-1 on the season.


  • Clemson and Boise State won their games easily. Ho hum.  The best game of the night is the one I couldn’t get all of on my PVR.  For fuck’s sake I put FOUR HOURS for the SMU-Tulsa game and it wasn’t even close.  There were still over 3 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter of a game that went to overtime (and was won by Tulsa).  I mean what the fuck college football?  This is getting out of hand.  But the worst on this was yet to come.  Stay tuned.

Saturday Early

  • Thanks to LSU and Florida playing a rousing game of “Not My Fault”, the schedule for TV (at least up here) went to shit. It’s like as soon as that happened, Bell, Rogers, and whoever else has these special college football packages lost their ever-loving god damn minds.  I had to do so many updates (eleven) that day.  It set a record (for this blog).  If you didn’t get back to the blog before I started updating the hell out of it, I’m sorry.  I won’t blame Hurricane Matthew for this.  I blame LSU, Florida, and the SEC for being complete fuckwads about this whole thing.
  • Now to the games and boy did we have a doozy to begin with. The Battle at Carter-Finlay Stadium Lake was disgusting football at its best.  I mean if these two teams went on with this game, then I don’t know.  Anyway, NC State won in a game with missed snaps, bobbled snaps, slipping, sliding, horrible kicks, and massive celebrations over normally easy field goals.  Notre Dame continues its slide as they may not even make a bowl game this year.  Yeah it’s that bad there.  They should just fire Brian Kelly now and get it over with.
  • Pitt and Georgia Tech played a fantastically underrated game over on the ACC Network. A close game that came down to Pitt kicker Chris Blewitt not blowing it by banking the winning field goal off the upright and in on the final play of the game.
  • Kansas gave their yearly scare to TCU. I don’t know what it is about the Jayhawks but Gary Patterson and his Horned Frogs want NOTHING to do with those guys.  And it shows.

Saturday Afternoon

  • This is where things got ridiculous. Let’s start in Annapolis where Navy is still good, just so you know.  It looked like for a while that they would put a scare into Houston and then the Cougars would eventually win.  But they could not get up on the Middies.  Navy pulls off the upset of the Group of Five year so far and means that we are down to two G-5 CFP hopefuls: Boise State and Western Michigan.  Also, that scene at the end with all the servicemen and servicewomen running onto the field was epic.
  • So Virginia Tech is good again? It took some time but Justin Fuente has made this team a contender in the ACC Coastal again.  They beat North Carolina up on another soggy field although this didn’t look nearly as bad as the game in Raleigh earlier.
  • And now we go to our PVR-buster Game of the Week! Tennessee and Texas A&M went almost five friggin hours on Saturday.  Why does CBS insist on only giving the SEC Game of the Week a 3.5 hour window?  It almost never ends by 7:00.  Just put four hours in and tell local news to shove it up their ass.  Oh, and the Aggies are lucky they won.  Well, no, Trayveon Williams is lucky.  The Aggies looked good most of the game.  All he had to do once he got that first down late in the fourth is go down and the game would be over.    Be greedy and go for the touchdown.  The Tennessee defender was able to knock it out of his hands for a touchback and that allowed the Vols to tie it up.  What is it with ball carriers this year?
  • So Michigan State lost to BYU. Not that BYU is bad but the Spartans are looking awful now.  Makes my pick for them to win the Big Ten look really stupid.  I stand by my pick since they should have had the team to run the table.  Hindsight is always 20-20 of course.

Saturday Primetime

  • So Alabama basically made the Hogs their bitch. By the end of the first quarter, I felt like being done watching that.  But that was one of the closer games of this timeslot.
  • What Michigan did to Rutgers should have been a felony. Then again, this is what the Big Ten gets for getting all that TV money with the NY/NJ market.  I hope Rutgers is a doormat forever.
  • Mark Helfrich should just go hide. Oregon hasn’t been this bad since…OK let me check…2004 when they last missed a bowl.  They went 5-6 that year.  I will say that Mike Bellotti went on to coach four more seasons before leaving to be an analyst on ESPN and be paired with the completely mediocre Allen Bestwick.  But I don’t think Helfrich will get that same amount of time.  He gets them to a bowl game or after the season he will be shitcanned, mark my words.  Oh, and Washington is really, REALLY good this season.
  • All those Wide Rights and now we have this. It’s karma (kind of).  The U to lose on a blocked extra point is heartbreaking for a team that still has not made it to the ACC Championship since joining the conference.  Amazing stat but it’s true.  Florida State would have fallen out of the Top 25 if they had lost and Jimbo Fisher might have started getting interest in other head coaching positions.  Looks like that won’t happen though.  I think.

Saturday Late Night

  • Or #Pac12AfterDark if you wish. And something sure did go dark.  Stanford’s Pac-12 hopes.  Washington State beat them pretty bad.  Now Stanford has lost two straight games to the Washington schools by big margins.  The Apple Cup on American Thanksgiving weekend is looking tastier every week (despite the fact Wazzu barfed up a game against an FCS opponent to start the season…a Cougar tradition).
  • Arizona State has quietly moved into contention in the Pac-12 South. It helps that no team other than Colorado seems to want to win the damn division and even the Buffs are going off the rails now.  I could easily see a four-loss team go to the Pac-12 Championship.  Wouldn’t the Rose Bowl love that?


  • After seeing the Georgia-South Carolina game, I don’t know if I want SEC football on a Sunday ever again.

Now we have an SEC game to reschedule and no one wants to agree to any ideas.  Basically they are:

  1. Have Florida cancel their game with Presbyterian by buying them out on November 19th. Then have LSU do the same with South Alabama.  Presbyterian can play South Alabama then.  The buyout for USA will be a lot more than the buyout for Presbyterian so either the SEC or Florida have to pay LSU the difference.  Then comes the gate that LSU would lose for that game which can be easily rectified by Florida giving at least half of it to LSU.  Finally, it would make it so LSU has three straight road games and would play Texas A&M on American Thanksgiving night five days later.  Not ideal but may be the only real option.  If this happens, let’s hope South Alabama wins either 5 or 7 games so we don’t have any bowl bid controversy.
  2. Play the game December 3rd in what would have been the SEC Championship timeslot. Move the SEC Championship game to December 10th but put it on in primetime to be fair to the Army-Navy game.  The Army and Navy people will piss and moan about this but remember, this tradition of playing the game on its own day started way back in…..2009.  Yeah so who gives a shit really.
  3. Play it on October 29th. This has been detailed on other sites so let me give you the bare bones.  They would move the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party back to the 22nd (Georgia-Florida game for you teetotalers).  Do this since Georgia and Florida both have a bye week that week.  Then move the LSU-Florida game to the 29th.  This would be the toughest to do since I am sure most of the people attending the Cocktail Party have already bought their tickets and reserved hotel rooms in Jacksonville.  From a football standpoint it probably works the best but logistically could be too much of a nightmare to do.

All this becomes a moot point if LSU and Florida both don’t have chances to win their respective divisions.  LSU probably won’t win their division unless they beat Bama which then means all hell breaks loose in the SEC West.  The SEC East is the crapshoot that everyone is watching, especially since Tennessee lost to Texas A&M meaning, well looky here, the Vols and Gators are tied for first.  It’s early on so much can change but I have this feeling Florida will make it so this game has to be played.  By that point, the October 29 date will be gone meaning the SEC has to sack up and make a decision.  If they hurt a school’s feelings, too bad.  What are they going to leave for the Pac-12?

So there you have it.  A crazy weekend that gave me fits on the scheduling front.  Hopefully it is much better this coming Saturday as I beat my PVR into submission once again.  Should be fun (except for the aforementioned PVR…sorry buddy).

Bossman Top 25

Hey, hey kids it’s time for another one of my Top 25s.  And yes I am relatively close with the actual AP Top 25 although I am sure some of you could poke a lot of holes into it.  And for that I say “I don’t care.”  Alright here we go:

#1 Alabama
#2 Michigan
#3 Texas A&M
#4 Clemson
#5 Ohio State
#6 Washington
#7 Louisville
#8 Wisconsin
#9 Baylor
#10 Tennessee
#11 Florida State
#12 Ole Miss
#13 Nebraska
#14 Houston
#15 Florida
#16 Oklahoma
#17 Miami
#18 Boise State
#19 West Virginia
#20 Virginia Tech
#21 Utah
#22 Western Michigan
#23 Georgia
#24 Arizona State
#25 Arkansas

Yes the top 8 are the same as the AP Top 8 teams, just not in the same order.  I give a lot of credence to big wins and Texas A&M got a massive win over Tennessee.  So tOSU fans don’t worry: you can get that back if you beat Wisconsin this weekend.  Western Michigan makes their first appearance in the Top 25 and I have Boise State up at 18.  If teams continue to fall above them, you almost have to move them up, right?  Boise has to hope San Diego State wins out and goes into the Mountain West Championship at 11-1 for them to have any chance of getting into the College Football Playoff.  WMU needs a miracle really thanks to their now relatively poor MAC schedule.

Finally, I might as well put up my CFP picks now.  Just so you understand, my CFP selections aren’t based on if the College Football Playoff started today: it’s how I feel like they will end up at the end of the year.  And really, I can’t see much of a change.  These are the matchups I have at this point:

Fiesta Bowl: #1 Washington vs. #4 Alabama

Peach Bowl: #2 Ohio State vs. #3 Clemson

No real surprises here and it almost mirrors what most people have except for Bama.  I think they will lose a game down the stretch (could be in the next few weeks) but still win the SEC Championship which get them to #4.  As of now, I wouldn’t see any controversy with these selections.

A more disturbing trend is how I see the rest of the bowl games.  Right now I have a lot of bowl bids being unfulfilled and multiple 5-7 teams filling them.  More than last year when there were three.  I love college football and all but we may have finally got to a true breaking point where it has gotten way out of hand.  Which means I am sure we will see seven more bowl games added by the end of the decade.

Tomorrow I will have my NFL recap up after a much better day with my picks (but still not perfect…I need to be perfect just once).


6 thoughts on “Bobby, just go play in the puddles outside OK? – Week 6 College Football Recap

  1. There is always a risk in making such a pronouncement so early in the season but I think the 4 playoff teams will come from among the top 7 in your rankings. I don’t think the Big 12 champ will make it because I don’t see Baylor or West Virginia running the table and OU’s two out of conference losses (one a beat down at home) will drag everyone down by association in any event. The Pac 12 is such a car wreck that I think Washington needs to remain undefeated to make it. Wonder if this could be the year we see two teams from the same conference make it.

    Heading to Notre Dame this weekend to scratch that off the bucket list. The game looked a whole lot more enticing 6 weeks ago than it does now. Hopefully McCaffrey will play.

    I have nothing against them but expect Nebraska to get absolutely massacred at Ohio State in a few weeks. At the time their win over Oregon kinda’ looked pretty good. Now the closeness of that game makes Nebraska look bad. This is part of why I don’t think their should be any rankings until after the 7th week of the season when everyone will have played at least half their games.

    1. There is but as you said it is becoming pretty cut-and-dry as to who will probably make it. I don’t foresee Washington losing the rest of the way although the Apple Cup will be very interesting. Big XII is gone unless Baylor or WVU run the table and I don’t see that happening.

      I am very jealous of you getting to go to Notre Dame despite the fact the team is a shitpile right now. One day I will get to a college football game in an actual college football stadium…I hope.

      I agree that, at the very least, pre-season rankings should be abolished. I mean ESPN and other networks can do their unofficial rankings, but until Week One is completed there should be nothing. That is how teams stay in the Top 25 most of the season despite their records not being nearly as good as some other teams who struggle just to get in there.

  2. Yes, you must get to a game. College atmosphere is great. I have seen games at FSU (8 times – they are my team), LSU, UCLA, Virginia and USF (although they play in the Bucs stadium so nothing special about that). Georgia, Auburn and Alabama are on my list in the next 5 years or so.

    On Sunday we are heading up north to see the Cowboys at Green Bay. My interest in the NFL has waned enormously over the past 20 years or so but Lambeau is a must-see, as much for historical reasons as anything else. I’m just annoyed they are honouring Brett Favre at half time. Not a fan of him and I will have to sit through the ceremony – plus I probably paid a premium for that “privilege”.

    1. I have only been to two games but they were both bowl games and they were both the ill-fated International Bowl. It was fun but I know it was a small-scale version of what it is really like at a true college football stadium.
      Also have only been to two NFL stadiums: New Era Field (the old Ralph Wilson/Rich Stadium) and Ford Field. My NFL interests have also waned quite a bit since about five years ago or so. I don’t do fantasy football anymore (and traditional fantasy football hit its peak like 2-3 years ago) and other than my weekly ProLine ticket I never gamble on it either.
      If I have a full weekend to myself in the fall, I will spend Noon until 2 or so in the morning on Saturday watching college football (with a few breaks in between to keep my sanity and go to the bathroom). But then on Sunday I just can’t get into watching the NFL from 1 until midnight. I’ll watch here and there but not seriously. I guess now that I am older I have “chosen” the sport I want to invest my time in watching and the rest fill in the gaps.

      1. I went to all the International Bowls – they were fun.

        Your NFL fandom arc seems to be following mine. 25 years ago I lived for the NFL but now… meh. I check for any bad weather and failing that, PVR the Bills to watch later in the afternoon. I might peak in around 7 pm and 1030 pm to see what is happening late. But Saturday is king – noon to 2 am like you say.

      2. I used to follow many more sports years ago, especially the NHL. I barely watch that anymore, barely watch the NBA, watch a bit of college basketball here and there, don’t watch soccer, and struggle to find time to watch the NFL. At some point, unless you’re a single guy with NOTHING else to do on an entire weekend or you are a family man who just ignores his wife and/or kids, you have to pick and choose which sports you want to watch and rely on the internet and highlight shows for the rest. It is what it is.

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