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College Football Week 6 TV Schedule – It was about time we had another hurricane…said no one ever

You know, for all the nice weather the people of the coastal states get for about 11 months of the year, it really isn’t worth it for that one month of really random (and sometimes catastrophic) weather.  I am being very general with this as I am sure hurricane season runs from early September to later October but you get my drift.  The amount of shit the people of those areas take from this extreme weather is something I could never get myself to do.

On top of that (and I know this is a very minor point), it can potentially screw with the college football TV schedule.  Bell and Rogers have a difficult enough time setting the schedule when everything is set in stone six days in advance.  I remember last year when the LSU-South Carolina game had to not only move from Columbia to Baton Rouge (which wasn’t that big a deal on a scheduling front) but also move from Noon to 3:30 (which created a massive scheduling issue up here).  Basically it was a clusterfuck from Noon until primetime that weekend and not fun to deal with AT ALL.  So hopefully, if games get postponed (like you will see below) or moved to a different time that it is all figured out by Friday morning at the latest.  Otherwise I am going to rip my hair out dealing with this (which will be tough because I am bald).

Going with a slightly different format since Rogers and Bell (and other smaller companies like Cogeco and Eastlink) have the same games with a few known differences every week.  Don’t want to alarm any readers.


US Canada
Norfolk State at North Carolina A&T 7:30 PM ESPNU SP
Western Kentucky at Louisiana Tech 8:00 PM CBSSN CBSSN
Temple at Memphis 8:00 PM ESPN TSN2

Tonight we have three games: one FCS and two FBS/Group of Five games.  I guess Temple-Memphis would be considered the highest profile game here but these two teams have dropped off a bit since last season.  Still good but not able to contend in the American.


US Canada
#3 Clemson at Boston College 7:30 PM ESPN SP
SMU at Tulsa 8:00 PM ESPN2 SP
Tulane at UCF (postponed) 8:00 PM
#19 Boise State at New Mexico 9:00 PM CBSSN CBSSN

You’ll notice one game that is empty.  Tulane-UCF has already been postponed to November 5th.  Probably a good thing to be proactive here.  Clemson-BC is the highlight here but if things don’t go all insane, the game should be essentially over by the five minute mark of the third quarter.

Saturday Early

US Canada
Cincinnati at UConn (Rogers/Fibe) 11:30 AM CBSSN CBSSN
Notre Dame at NC State 12:00 PM ABC ABC/TSN5
Maryland at Penn State (Rogers) 12:00 PM BTN BTN
LSU at #18 Florida (postponed) 12:00 PM
Iowa at Minnesota 12:00 PM ESPN2 TSN4
TCU at Kansas 12:00 PM ESPNU SP
Auburn at Mississippi State 12:00 PM ESPN TSN3
Georgia Tech at Pittsburgh 12:30 PM ACC Network WSBK/SP
Missouri S&T at Kennesaw State 1:00 PM Peachtree Peachtree

LSU-Florida might be affected by Hurricane Matthew but again, at this point who knows.  A couple of good ones here including the aforementioned Tigers-Gators game in what could be an actual swamp by game time.  ND-NCSU could be sneaky good along with GT-Pitt.  Amazingly enough, TCU-Kansas, which is on ESPNU, is not showing up anywhere.  And there seems to be no spot for that game either.  Bizarre.  But somewhat typical I guess.

UPDATE: LSU-Florida has been either postponed or cancelled depending on who you ask.  At the very least, it will not air this Saturday.  There seems to be no spot open to be able to reschedule this the rest of the season unless both Florida and LSU cancel their week before American Thanksgiving cream puff games (then again, South Alabama is no cream puff).  Now we have to see how ESPN shuffles its Noon lineup.

UPDATE #2: Auburn-MSU has moved to ESPN.  Chances are this means it will replace LSU-UF on TSN3.  It hasn’t been changed yet and probably won’t until tomorrow morning at the earliest.

UPDATE #6: TCU-Kansas now confirmed for the specialty pack.  Don’t know what took them so long.  Auburn-MSU is also now confirmed.  It goes to TSN3.  It is still showing up on the guide for the specialty pack but I am sure it will be removed or just nothing will show up on that channel come gametime.

UPDATE #7: Geez, too many updates.  For Bell customers, if you are so inclined, the specialty pack is showing the SEC Green Room for the Auburn-Mississippi State game.  Kind of like Finebaum Film Room from the Iron Bowl of a couple years ago except without Finebaum and his awesome call-in viewers.

Saturday Afternoon

US Canada
#6 Houston at Navy (Rogers/Fibe) 3:00 PM CBSSN CBSSN
#25 Virginia Tech at #17 North Carolina 3:30 PM ESPN2/ABC SP
Ball State at Central Michigan (Rogers/Fibe) 3:30 PM ASN MyTV
Purdue at Illinois (Rogers) 3:30 PM BTN BTN
#9 Tennessee at #8 Texas A&M 3:30 PM CBS CBS
Indiana at #2 Ohio State 3:30 PM ESPN SP
BYU at Michigan State 3:30 PM ABC/ESPN2 ABC
Iowa State at Oklahoma State 3:30 PM ESPNU SP
Vanderbilt at Kentucky (Bell) 4:00 PM SEC Network SP

Our first reverse-mirror fun-time fiasco for us Canadians.  For people in the west or east coast It’s pretty cut and dry.  It’s in the middle it becomes an issue.  If you get ABC out of Detroit, you will get the BYU-MSU game there and VT-UNC on the specialty pack.  If you get ABC out of Buffalo, it’s the reverse.  Fun right?

UPDATE #8: I think this is a record for updates in one blog post for me.  Anyway, they snuck Army-Duke in there, at least for Fibe and Satellite (although I assume Rogers may have it as well).

UPDATE #10: Yep we’ve hit double digits.  Anyway, in my neck of the woods, at least, BYU-Michigan State is showing on ABC AND the specialty pack.  Yes, someone dropped the ball…again.

Saturday Primetime

US Canada
Northern Illinois at Western Michigan (Rogers/Fibe) 6:30 PM CBSSN CBSSN
#1 Alabama at #16 Arkansas 7:00 PM ESPN SP
#4 Michigan at Rutgers 7:00 PM ESPN2 SP
Texas Tech at Kansas State 7:00 PM ESPNU SP
#5 Washington at Oregon 7:30 PM FOX FOX
Georgia at South Carolina (Bell) (moved to Sunday) Sunday 2:30 PM SEC Network SP
#23 Florida State at #10 Miami 8:00 PM ABC ABC

Another huge schedule for primetime.  Not like last week for afternoon and primetime but still pretty good.  I still wonder if FSU-UM will move to earlier in the day.  With all the other Florida games possibly postponing to later dates (UCF and FAU so far), I can’t see how this one would stay in an ABC Primetime spot.  It would look terrible.  I guess buy windshield wipers for the cameras.

UPDATE #3: First non-Florida game on this schedule with a changed time. UGA-SC moved to Sunday afternoon.  Rumour has it that it will start at 2:30 but it hasn’t been verified yet.  Don’t know where it would air either.

UPDATE #4: OK the time for the UGA-SC game has been confirmed as Sunday at 2:30.  Still don’t know if this will still end up on the SEC Network.  Have to assume at this point that that will be the case.

UPDATE #5:  Why don’t I just wait.  A mere twenty seconds ago, it was confirmed for the SEC Network so it should show up for Bell customers.  Key word being should.

UPDATE #9: Holy shit with the updates.  Syracuse-Wake Forest added to Fibe and Satellite.  I will check on Rogers.

UPDATE #11: Good lord this is ridiculous.  Now Alabama-Arkansas is up on TSN1 and TSN5.  When the hell did this happen?  I checked the guides this morning and there was nothing there about this.  I give up.

UPDATE #12: Last update, I promise.  UGA-SC confirmed for Bell.  Sorry Rogers customers.

Saturday Late Night

US Canada
Utah State at Colorado State (Rogers/Fibe) 10:00 PM CBSSN CBSSN
Washington State at #15 Stanford 10:30 PM ESPN SP
UCLA at Arizona State 10:30 PM ESPN2 SP
UNLV at San Diego State 10:30 PM ESPNU SP

Four games with three from the Pac-12.  Isn’t what that conference didn’t want at all?  I don’t blame them to be honest.  It’s one thing to have one or two conference games that late at night but three?  That’s half the conference at a timeslot that many in the east will not watch unless they’re like me and insane and will watch college football until two in the morning.  Yes I have problems.

Games El Fantastico

#9 Tennessee at #8 Texas A&M (3:30, CBS) – A few choices for game of the week but I chose this one.  The Vols can take a giant leap towards the SEC East title and the Top 5.  The Aggies are an underrated contender to Bama in the SEC West and if they win here, their game against the Tide in two weeks could be massive.

#1 Alabama at #16 Arkansas (7:00, specialty pack) – Many feel this is a game the Tide should win easily.  Remember what the Hogs almost did to Bama the last time these two teams met in Fayetteville?  Don’t be surprised if the Razorbacks put, at the very least, a scare into the Crimson Tide.

#23 Florida State at #10 Miami (8:00, ABC…for now) – I can honestly see this game being moved to Noon and causing all sorts of problems.  Arguably the biggest ACC game in Miami history is this one.  If they win, they move closer to the Top 5 and would be pretty much a win over North Carolina later this season from the ACC Championship (for the first time).  Speaking of North Carolina…

#25 Virginia Tech at #17 North Carolina (3:30, ABC/SP) – First true reverse-mirror this season.  Basically what amounts to an ACC Coastal elimination game.  Winner will have to beat The U later on this season to win the Coastal division.

LSU at #18 Florida (Noon, TSN3) – I have this feeling this game will not be played at noon.  Maybe it will be moved off to Sunday, I don’t know.  Man this is shaping up to be a bit of a disastrous weekend.  Oh, and I hope Florida residents do listen to their governor who basically said they could very well be killed if they don’t leave the east coast of the state like ten minutes ago.

#6 Houston at Navy (3:00, CBS Sports Network) – A bit of a trap game for the Cougs here.  Navy isn’t quite as potent as it was the past few years so it’s not like last season when there was a legitimate chance for the Middies to beat Houston.  It would be considered a pretty big upset if Navy won but you can never say never in this conference after Houston took a big meaty crap against UConn last season.


Here are some picks, even including some games in Florida now.

LSU over Florida

Texas over Oklahoma (Red River effect)

Florida State over Miami

Oregon over Washington

Michigan State over BYU

Tennessee over Texas A&M

Alabama over Arkansas

North Carolina over Virginia Tech

Houston over Navy

USC over Colorado

That’s right.  I think ESPN is going to rename this coming weekend Upset Saturday.  My guess is I will get two of these picks right and one of them will be Alabama.

Alright, a few games tonight.  A few tomorrow night.  A ton on Saturday (for now).  And then the NFL on Sunday.  Enjoy the games and the turkey everyone!


4 thoughts on “College Football Week 6 TV Schedule – It was about time we had another hurricane…said no one ever

  1. Hurricane has already passed Miami so I don’t see the start time for FSU-Miami being changed. As a Rogers customer I am hoping that (a) UGA-USCe ends up on ESPN AND (b) the clowns at Rogers are alert enough to get it onto the SportsPak. of course I don’t expect that but without hope we have nothing. Would be nice to get a real football game on a Sunday rather than being limited to the inferior NFL. 🙂

  2. Well that’s good for the people of Miami and the game. I can’t imagine what ABC would do if the game had been postponed.
    UGA-SC is on the SEC Network on Sunday afternoon. Sorry, man.
    And I kind of agree with you. Don’t get me wrong, I like the NFL. But college football has just more great games to watch. And the primetime games for the NFL, for the most part, have been hot garbage.

  3. Yes, like you I was thinking there was a chance the UGA game could move to ESPN – Auburn-Miss St has moved from the SEC Network to ESPN with the LSU game being postponed. But as of now (midnight Thursday) the ESPN CFB page is showing UGA on the SEC Network. Means I can be pissed with Rogers for not showing SEC network games rather than for being asleep at the switch.

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