So what the hell is happening down in Arizona? – Week 4 NFL Recap


They have the talent to win the NFC West.  Not easily, mind you.  With Seattle there it would be tough.  But overall they have probably the best team in entire league.  Problem is you have to play the games.  And they have looked like shit for the most part.  Pretty much non-competitive.  Worst part is they had Los Angeles and Buffalo on the schedule and looked bad in both.  Games they should have won.  With Tom Brady out they should have beat the Patriots.  They should be 4-0.  Should.  But they aren’t.  They’re 1-3.  I figured they’d end up 13-3 this season.  So get moving Cardinals.  Maybe Bruce Arians just needs a new funky hat.  A red sombrero perhaps?

Other Things

  • American Football in London. In the morning (here at least).  On the west coast it started at 6:30.  6:30!  I get the whole West Coast-bias thing but that has to be one of the positives.  Finished watching Sunday Night Football at 9:00?  Sweet!  Oh yeah, by the way, the game was actually pretty good between two relatively bad teams.  Jacksonville should just be happy to get a national audience.
  • Buffalo shut out New England. No this is not a misprint.  So the Bills finally win a big game (albeit against a third-string quarterback) and I, in my brilliance, picked the Patriots to win.  Thanks for ruining my gambling, Rex.
  • Do the referees understand what a fumble is? Duke Johnson fumbles the ball for the Browns and then comes out of the pile with the ball.  The refs signal Washington ball.  Huh?  I get that officials have a tough job but come on.  It seems like more and more they are getting important calls wrong.  Not the “pass interference that may or may not be pass interference calls.”  Those are fine.  It’s the “last play of the game and is it a touchdown or not” type of call that they seem to blow time and time again.  Not good.  And why do they still have the chain gang?
  • Speaking of teams that are really underperforming, what’s up with the Panthers? Another team that should have moved relatively easily through their division schedule.  So what do they do?  Start 1-3 including a loss to Atlanta where the Falcons put up 48 on them.  No wonder the dab is dead.
  • The Raiders are for real. I repeat, the Raiders are for real.  Great win for Oakland over Baltimore (who has been surprisingly good so far this season).  I think we are going headlong into a Raiders-Broncos AFC West showdown since the Chiefs and Chargers look awful.
  • OK what is it this season with playing football in Tampa? For the second straight week there was a weather delay in a Buccaneers game.  And for the second straight week the Bucs lost.  This one wasn’t nearly as close though.  I will say it again: even God doesn’t want the Bucs to play.
  • Why do the primetime games seem so awful? Almost none of them have been close this season.  An epidemic?    I am sure Twitter has weighed in and they now have a battle royale Tweet-off to determine the winner.

OK that is it, that is all.  Next week, I will be watching college football and the NFL pretty much all weekend because I am insane.  At least I will have fun.  Now I have to figure out what awful (but tasty) food I will get to accompany my smorgasbord of football.


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