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College Football Week 5 Recap: An ESPN Production (probably)


Brace yourselves.  Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Masterpiece College Football Theatre.  You are about to witness an amazing story of a fantastic weekend of the gridiron, in five acts.  Shall we begin?  RAISE THE CURTAIN!

Act I

Scene I

This felt easy but everyone wondered what Houston do with what amounted to a revenge game for the Cougs.  And they ended up getting their revenge on the Fighting Diacos as they continue their march to, hopefully, a College Football Playoff spot.

Scene II

The first of the trio of Top 10-on-Top 10 matchups, I thought it would be close between Stanford and Washington.  I figured Christian McCaffrey would be the X Factor.  He most certainly was not.  Washington beat the holy hell out of the Cardinal and stated their intentions for the CFP.  Jake Browning may have started a Heisman campaign in this one.

Scene III

This is where the craziness of this weekend started.  Due to the Blue Jays-Red Sox game enduring a rain delay on ESPN2, we didn’t get to start watching the Toledo-BYU game until about an hour or so in.  This was fine by me (and all other viewers) as they saw a gem that went down to the wire.  Thanks to Jamaal Williams record-setting night, the Cougs from Provo won on a last-second field goal.

Act II

Scene I

Notre Dame and Syracuse decided to not play defense at all the first five minutes of the game.  36 points in total in that time frame.  And 47 points in the last 55 minutes.  So yeah, the overreaction on Twitter was epic for sure.  Also, let’s making something very clear: Brian VanGorder was a big part of the defense problem at Notre Dame.  Has been for a while now.  So as many looked at Saturday and said “Oh there you go, I hope he’s smiling at home”, I thought, no, they should have also fired Brian Kelly.

Scene II

While Notre Dame-Syracuse was getting all the attention, Texas and Oklahoma State were doing the SAME EXACT THING in Stillwater.  A lot of points.  But it’s the Big XII so we expect that right?  Oh, and I think the seat in Austin is now set to volcano for Charlie Strong.

Scene III

Yes Ohio State beat the tar out of Rutgers.  No I was not really impressed.  Let’s see what the Buckeyes do next week in Madison.

Scene IV

That contract extension given to Kirk Ferentz was TOTALLY worth it right?  I don’t think they have that great a chance to win the Big Ten West anymore and they are only two games into the conference schedule.  That’s how little faith I have in them now.


Scene I

Where the hell do I begin?  I guess we can start with what happened in Tallahassee.  Florida State just does not look like the Florida State of the last few years.  Saying that, they are still a good team but now have no shot at winning their division.  Larry Fedora finally gets his signature win after a 54-yard field goal from Nick Weiler ended the game and gave the Tar Heels the victory.  Now it’s probably the Heels and Canes for the ACC Coastal title unless something crazy happens.

Scene II

Now the insanity that was the game Between the Hedges.  Tennessee had Georgia on the ropes.  Then UGA had the Vols up against a wall.  It went this way through the last few minutes.  It looked like Jacob Eason has brought the Dawgs to a victory with a touchdown pass with ten seconds left.  Unfortunately, a dumb penalty on the guy who caught the damn touchdown resulted in a 15-yard penalty tacked onto the kickoff.  Then offside on the kickoff gave the Vols just enough for Joshua Dobbs to heave a hail mary into the Georgia end zone for an improbable touchdown and a Vols victory.  Basically, unless something crazy happens in the SEC East (there’s that word again: crazy) the Vols may have just clinched that division.

Scene III

The second of the Top 10 Throwdown matchups was a defensive classic.  Michigan was able to hold on to defeat Wisconsin and the coup de grace was a one-handed interception for the ages by Jourdan Lewis that snuffed out any Badger hopes for this one.  If this keeps up, The Game is going to be (arguably) the biggest one ever.

Scene IV

I’m throwing Oklahoma-TCU into the afternoon games rather than the primetime games.  I mean it started in the afternoon so that makes sense right?  I can’t get these nutso new timeslots that some of these games end up on.  I say that when I can’t watch them live.  When I can then it’s FUCKING SWEET!  I had a feeling the Sooners would give the Horned Frogs a run for their money.  I didn’t think they’d basically blow them away.  This, coupled with Baylor barely beating Iowa State might mean that the Big XII’s hopes for the College Football Playoff rest on, gulp, West Virginia.

Act IV

Scene I

The final of the Top Ten Throwdown-type matchups was the best.  Louisville and Clemson started with a scoreless first quarter which made many wonder what the hell was going on.  They finally got around to doing what they do best: score a lot of points.  78 of them to be exact…in three quarters.  Impressive.  Clemson held on in a match for the ages.  The Cardinals aren’t out of it quite yet but this definitely puts the Tigers in the driver’s seat for the ACC Atlantic crown.

Scene II

I’m going to put a game that none of us here could see (unless you got the Pac-12 Network online).  Cal pulls off, what I believe, a massive upset of Utah stuffing them near the goal line on the last play of the game.  So Cal and Colorado, of all teams, are possibly contending in the Pac-12.  Wacky times.

Scene III

Yes Indiana beat Michigan State in overtime.  No this isn’t a misprint.  So now Michigan State and Texas have looked mediocre at best and both beat Notre Dame.  Not a great time to be a fan of any of those teams.

Act V

Scene I

Our play ends with a resounding thud.  Boise State, Wyoming, and UCLA all pulled off relatively easy victories and the late night affairs made me quite happy that I hardly watched any of these games after I PVR’ed them.

So there you have it.  The crescendo was definitely in the afternoon and some of it bled over into the primetime slot.  What a great weekend of college football.  They can’t all be like this so let’s savour it.  OK, enough savouring, we have to move on.

Time for the Bossman Top 25.  Kind of like my own AP poll but with perhaps a bit more objectivity and less bias….wait that’s the Coaches poll.  Sorry.

#1 Alabama
#2 Michigan
#3 Clemson
#4 Ohio State
#5 Washington
#6 Tennessee
#7 Houston
#8 Louisville
#9 Texas A&M
#10 Wisconsin
#11 Baylor
#12 Stanford
#13 Miami
#14 Ole Miss
#15 Nebraska
#16 Florida
#17 Oklahoma
#18 Arkansas
#19 West Virginia
#20 Florida State
#21 North Carolina
#22 Colorado
#23 Boise State
#24 Utah
#25 Virginia Tech

Yes I have Ohio State down at #4.  You should be rewarded for huge victories so that is what I did with Michigan and Clemson.  Now tOSU will have an opportunity to counter that next week with their game against Wisconsin.  Alabama has a somewhat big test next week with Arkansas so if they win big they should be rewarded for it.

We are finally getting into the meat of the conference schedules which means almost every week coming in has a lot of big games.  Even the one crappy week we always get in October and the week before American Thanksgiving (ESPN should call it SEC Restful Saturday) usually has at least one big game.  I, for one, am looking forward to it a lot.

Tomorrow you will get your fun-time NFL recap.  You’re welcome.


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