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I knew the shitshow was coming – Week 5 College Football TV Schedule

Of course I did.  It had gone all pretty smoothly up until this point.  Too smoothly.  I had to know that there would be fuck ups at some point.  And here we are.  Getting into October and we get our first SHITSHOW WEEK.  So many issues with this week’s schedule.  So let’s just get right down to it since I am not in the mood to put a positive spin on this.


Hampton at North Carolina A&T 7:30 PM SP X X X
UConn at #6 Houston 8:00 PM SP X X X

Two games tonight.  One a MEAC game and the other a potential REVENGE game for Tom Herman and the Mighty Cougars of Houston.  UConn put the only blemish on Houston’s record last year and cost them the possibility of a College Football Playoff spot.  I am sure, with this game being in H-Town, the Cougs are going to try and put up 70 on the Huskies to prove a point.


#7 Stanford at #10 Washington 9:00 PM SP X X X
Toledo at BYU 10:15 PM SP X X X

Two more games, one of them MASSIVE!  Stanford-Washington is a huge Top 10 matchup on a Friday night.  I honestly don’t remember this ever happening.  A few times on Thursdays but never on a Friday.  So this is a nice early treat for all of us.  Winner looks like a true CFP contender.  The loser isn’t out of it but has a tough road to climb afterwards.  The later game is at BYU who now seems to be almost out of the running for a Big XII spot.  Then again, it looks like everyone will be out of a spot in the Big XII.  Stupid realignment.

UPDATE #2: The Jays-Red Sox game started late due to a rain delay.  This means we won’t see Toledo-BYU on the specialty pack until that game is over.

Saturday Early

#22 Texas at Oklahoma State 12:00 PM ABC X X X
Georgia State at Appalachian State 12:00 PM Peachtree X X X
Rutgers at #2 Ohio State 12:00 PM BTN X
UCF at East Carolina 12:00 PM CBSSN X X
Notre Dame at Syracuse 12:00 PM TSN4 X X X
#14 Miami at Georgia Tech 12:00 PM TSN3 X X X
Northwestern at Iowa 12:00 PM SP X X X
#23 Florida at Vanderbilt 12:00 PM SP X X
Alcorn State at #20 Arkansas 12:00 PM SP X X
Virginia at Duke 12:30 PM WSBK/SP X X X

Here’s where the shitshow begins.  A reminder to everyone, an asterisk (*) means something funny is going on with that game.  First of all, let’s start with the good.  There are quite a few good, but not great, early games this week.  Texas-OSU, Miami-GT, and NW-Iowa are important conference games.  Now the not-so-good.  Texas-OSU and ND-Syracuse show up on the specialty pack.  Not a big deal right?  Well they’re also on TSN or ABC.  That is a no-no and it never happens.  So my guess is it will be taken off the specialty pack.  But when?  The fact that it is up there already makes no sense.  Also, Virginia-Duke is not on the specialty pack for Bell.  It’s already on MyTV (WSBK) Boston but it always shows up on the specialty pack guide as well.  Why it’s not I don’t know but I assume it will replace one of the two games I mentioned above.

UPDATE: ND-Cuse is actually on TSN4.  Ryder Cup Day Two is on TSN5.  ND-Cuse still appears on the specialty pack, at least for Bell.  No access to Rogers SSP guide right now as it is down.

UPDATE #4: Virginia-Duke has shown up on the guide (SD only).  And I guess for the first time that I can recall, games will show up on both a regular channel and the specialty pack as ND-Cuse and Texas-OSU still appear on the specialty pack at this point.

UPDATE #7:  I KNEW IT!   I F’N KNEW IT!  Guess which two games are NOT on the specialty pack right now?  That’s right, Notre Dame-Syracuse and Texas-Oklahoma State because they are already on TSN4 and ABC respectively.  Who the hell sets the guides?  You have to be a complete dumbass not to understand your own rules.  Anyway, Northwestern-Iowa replaces ND-Cuse and Alcorn-Arkansas replaces Texas-OSU (for Bell subscribers)(these games were already in SD on the guide).

Saturday Afternoon

#8 Wisconsin at #4 Michigan 3:30 PM ABC X X X
Northern Illinois at Ball State 3:30 PM MyTV X X
Purdue at Maryland* 3:30 PM SP X
Minnesota at Penn State 3:30 PM BTN X
#11 Tennessee at #25 Georgia 3:30 PM CBS X X X
Navy at Air Force 3:30 PM CBSSN X X
North Carolina at #12 Florida State 3:30 PM SP X X X
Illinois at #15 Nebraska 3:30 PM SP X X X
Kansas State at West Virginia 3:30 PM SP X X X
ULM at Auburn 3:30 PM SP X X
#9 Texas A&M at South Carolina 4:00 PM SP X X
Oklahoma at #21 TCU 5:00 PM FOX X X X

Now we start to see why I rated this week the number one week of college football this season.  Wisconsin-Michigan, Tennessee-Georgia, UNC-FSU, and Oklahoma-TCU all start in the afternoon timeslot.  That’s insane but awesome for fans who can watch the game lives.  I, on the other hand, will have to make some tough decisions as to what gets left off my PVR.  Not a fun decision to make.  Now to the stupidity: North Carolina-Florida State and Illinois-Nebraska don’t show up on any specialty pack anywhere.  There are spots that say TBD.  So why aren’t the games just put there?  It’s an easy fucking process of elimination.  There are only two games to put in two slots.  How the fuck can you screw this up?

UPDATE #5: UNC-FSU and Illini-Huskers are now showing up, at least for Bell.  For some reason I cannot get access to the guides for Rogers’ Super Sports Pack so I can’t say for sure if Purdue-Maryland is on the specialty pack there or not.

Saturday Primetime

Western Michigan at Central Michigan 7:00 PM CBSSN X X
Kentucky at #1 Alabama 7:00 PM SP X X X
Memphis at #16 Ole Miss 7:00 PM SP X X X
USF at Cincinnati 7:00 PM SP X
Missouri at LSU 7:30 PM SP X X
#3 Louisville at #5 Clemson 8:00 PM ABC X X X
Florida Atlantic at FIU 8:00 PM beIn Sports X X X
#17 Michigan State at Indiana 8:00 PM BTN X
Arizona State at USC 8:30 PM FOX X X X

Louisville-Clemson.  Do we have to say anymore?  Everyone can shit all over the ACC all they want but every year for the past several years, one of the biggest regular season matchups always comes from the ACC.  Granted it usually involved Florida State.  Not this year!  This could be Louisville’s true coming out party if they can pull this one off.  Winner could be #1 by Monday.  And don’t scoff at that.  There are a lot of voters who already have both these teams BARELY behind Alabama and Ohio State so a win of this magnitude could launch them to the top spot.

Memphis-Ole Miss is an interesting case.  You will notice that one of the afternoon SEC Network matchups (ULM-Auburn) is on at 3:30 instead of 4:00.  This is because the World Cup of Hockey might be on Saturday night.  This will only happen if Canada loses to Europe tonight.  My guess is the top forward line and top defensive pairing AND top goaltender all have to be injured for Europe to have a chance.  They should have just called it the Canada Cup since Canada was going to win anyways.  So if there is a miracle (Do you believe in miracles????  Not really Al, no.) and a game 3 will happen it will go at 7:00 on ESPN2.  This means Memphis-Ole Miss would move to the SEC Network alternate and probably off of Rogers completely.  If no game 3, all specialty pack subscribers should get the game at 7:00.  Confusing I know but at least ESPN has made it very clear as to what the situation is.

UPDATE #3: Team Canada did everyone a solid on two fronts.  One, their win made it so we know Rogers and Bell subscribers will get Memphis-Ole Miss as it now goes to ESPN2.  And two, their win ended the gimmicky garbage-y World Cup of Hockey.

Saturday Late Night

Utah State at #24 Boise State 10:15 PM SP X X X
Wyoming at Colorado State 10:15 PM SP X X X
Fresno State at UNLV 10:30 PM CBSSN X X
Arizona at UCLA 10:30 PM SP X X X

Four games late at night.  Sweet…unless you are PVR’ing it.  I’m telling you, one day my PVR will quit on the middle of a Saturday when I am not at home all day.  I won’t lie, I will probably cry when that happens.

Arizona-UCLA is showing up nowhere.  There’s a spot I can see on the Bell Fibe guide that says TBD so again, it obviously has to be this game since the other two are already appearing.  Who fucking runs this?

UPDATE #6: AZ-UCLA is now up on the guide (at least for Bell…I assume for Rogers as well).

Yeah so best week of the season (probably) and I will be using my PVR.  Pray for me.

These are the games I know, I know.  These are the games I know…

…that are the games of the week that is.

#3 Louisville at #5 Clemson (8:00, ABC) – One of the games of the year on (arguably) the college football week of the season.  Deshaun vs. Lamar will be the focal point of this one.  I feel very sorry for both defenses since this could get out of hand quickly.  Watch it end up being 13-10 in two overtimes.

#8 Wisconsin at #4 Michigan (3:30, ABC) – Normally this game would get all the hype.  Thanks to UL-CU this isn’t happening.  But holy shit did ABC ever get a great couple of games this week.  This is where we find out who is a real contendAH in the Big Ten and who is a pretender…or at least a team that will have to fight for a New Year’s Six spot.  Jimmy Football should be at his insane best in this one.

#7 Stanford at #10 Washington (Friday, 9:00, specialty pack) – THREE top 10 games this week.  THREE!  That’s 60% of the top 10 in three games!  Awesome!  This is basically for Pac-12 supremacy (unless Utah has something to say about it).  This could be the first truly national look at Jake Browning.  And we all know that C-Mac will hope to go off on the Washington defense.  Should be fun as long as I can stay awake.

#14 Miami at Georgia Tech (Noon, TSN3) – This is the first true test for The U as they travel to Atlanta to play a resurgent Ramblin’ Wreck.  Normally defending the option offense makes coaches pull their hair out so it will be interesting to see if the Miami D, which has been very good so far this season, can stand up to the Paul Johnson offense.

North Carolina at #12 Florida State (3:30, specialty pack) – UNC isn’t out of the ACC Coastal race yet.  A win for the Heels there doesn’t just put them in a battle with Miami for top dog in the division, it also pretty much eliminates the Noles from playing in the ACC Championship.  FSU can’t afford another conference loss with the way Louisville and Clemson are playing.

#11 Tennessee at #25 Georgia (3:30, CBS) – This is pretty much your 2016 SEC East Championship Game.  I can’t really see a scenario where the winner of this game doesn’t win the division.  Which means it totally could happen.  Watch Georgia win and put the division in all sorts of chaos anyways.  Watch Butch Jones go back to the Vols of old and blow a lead instead of comeback from a deficit.  Just watch, OK?

A few picks for you people who like that kind of thing

My NFL picks were good for the first two weeks and then I tanked the last week.  So yeah, use these for entertainment purposes only since you probably won’t win money for any of this.

Clemson over Louisville

Michigan over Wisconsin

Stanford over Washington

Georgia over Tennessee

UCLA over Arizona

Florida State over North Carolina

Iowa over Northwestern

Oklahoma over TCU

LSU over Missouri

Boise State over Utah State

Remember there is also an NFL game tonight during BRIGHT COLOURS THURSDAY with Jeem and Seems.  Two disappointing teams clash in southern Ohio, one more disappointing than the other.  It’s the Dolphins (relatively disappointing) against the Bengals (quite disappointing) if you couldn’t figure it out.  NFL schedule will be up tomorrow.  Enjoy the games everyone!


2 thoughts on “I knew the shitshow was coming – Week 5 College Football TV Schedule

  1. So I’m sitting here watching TCU-Oklahoma and Memphis-Ole Miss games on the Rogers SSP when, BOOM – Ole Miss game is suddenly gone at about 745 pm. No explanation – just replaced by the rolling guide. I’ll bet this is a case of the left hand not knowing what the right is doing down at Rogers – and neither hand having a fucking clue about CFB. This is the ultimate first world problem but FFS I am sick of this shit from Rogers. My focus will be on Louisville-Clemson in a few minutes but that is not the point.

    1. Bell had issues as well with the Memphis-Ole Miss game. The first hour or so of the game was replaced with the SEC Network Alternate logo. This is what happens when games get shifted all over the place in the specialty packs. I have advocated that one channel should be ESPN, one ESPN2, etc. This way when games get put on TSN channels, they are easily replaced and we don’t get this garbage.

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