College Football

The Land of the Undefeated 2.0


As you may have read (hopefully), I did a list of the undefeated teams left in the NFL.  All five of them.  Yeah, that’s it.  Then again, that’s over 15% of the teams in that league.  If that was the case in college football right now there would be around twenty undefeated teams.  Which may very well be the case so I don’t really know what my point is here.  Hmmmm…

Anyway, as I have done at least once before, I will go through the undefeated teams remaining and give you my prediction on their chances for the rest of the season of going to the CFP or NY6 or barely being bowl-eligible.  Here we go.

#1 Alabama (4-0) – The Tide have looked pretty damn good all season.  They were a little shaky in the first 27 minutes against Ole Miss but other than that it has been smooth sailing.  Thing is they still play in the SEC West so running the table could turn out to be difficult.  I expect a hiccup along the way but, even with that, they will be included in the CFP.  Predicted record: 11-1.

#2 Ohio State (3-0) – Another team that has been really impressive so far this season.  Problem is the Big Ten East is quickly becoming one of the best divisions in college football (Rutgers and Maryland notwithstanding).  So again, I say this with all due respect to Buckeye fans, I can’t foresee a way to run the table.  However, only one loss would put them in serious College Football Playoff contention.  Predicted record: 11-1.

#3 Louisville (4-0) – There is a TON of hype heaped on Lamar Jackson and the Cardinals Juggernaut Machine.  So I have to be the one to give the very unpopular opinion that I think the Fighting Petrinos will lose not just one, but two games down the stretch.  It should still afford them a New Year’s Six spot so at least there’s that.  Predicted record: 10-2.

#4 Michigan (4-0) – Back to the Big Ten East we go with the Wolverines and Head Coach Captain Insane-o.  You thought my Louisville prediction will be unpopular.  Predicted record: 9-3.

#5 Clemson (4-0) – This Saturday night’s MEGA-MATCHUP between the Tigers and Louisville deserves all the hype it is getting.  Should be an entertaining affair that I believe Clemson will win.  Could it push them to #1?  Probably not but it will be close.  Again, I think they will barf one up down the stretch but have a good enough resume to get to the CFP.  Predicted record: 11-1.

#6 Houston (4-0) – Other than Louisville, do you see any potential landmines the rest of the way?  I sure don’t.  And I think they will beat Louisville in a close one in November.  To be honest, I think we have finally come, in the third season of the College Football Playoff, to this major milestone where a current Group of Five team gets in.  And it will be Houston.  Predicted record: 12-0.

#7 Stanford (3-0) – The Pac-12 North isn’t what it once was.  Oregon is down a bit this season and Wazzu isn’t up to what they were last season.  Which leaves Stanford and Washington who play each other this Friday night.  My prediction is that Stanford wins this one but I think at some point they will be beaten down enough that they will lose a couple of games, costing them a CFP spot.  Predicted record: 10-2.

#8 Wisconsin (4-0) – I will be honest in saying the Badgers are really surprising me this season.  It also helps that LSU isn’t nearly as good as everyone thought they would be and Michigan State played horrible against them last weekend.  With the bulk of the conference schedule upcoming, I still can’t see how Wisky comes out of this unscathed.  Predicted record: 10-2.

#9 Texas A&M (4-0) – Speaking of surprises, here’s another one.  Not saying I didn’t think the Aggies were good; but they have looked way more dominant than most would have thought.  Again, they have an SEC West problem that will make it almost impossible to go undefeated through conference play.  I also think they will come back down to Earth with a thud sometime in the next few weeks.  Predicted record: 8-4.

#10 Washington (4-0) – I get all the hype surrounding Jake Browning (there’s that word again).  I just don’t think the Huskies are quite there yet to fully take over the Pac-12 North (and essentially the Pac-12 itself).  Predicted record: 10-2.

#11 Tennessee (4-0) – OK maybe 20 undefeated teams sounds about right.  We’re down to #11 in the polls and still haven’t hit a team with a loss.  The Vols look like the team to beat in the SEC East but this is the SEC East and they tend to beat up on each other for the right to get their ass handed to them by Bama in Atlanta in December.  Again, I expect a couple of hiccups by this team down the stretch.  Predicted record: 10-2.

#13 Baylor (4-0) – Wow has the Big XII looked woefully bad so far this season…at least for a Power Five conference.  One of their very few hopes to make the College Football Playoff lies in Waco.  The Bears finally faced decent competition this past weekend so we can’t say they have faced all scrubs.  I don’t think they will run the table.  Also, depending on who they lose to, they may end up with the best overall record and not even win the conference.  Predicted record: 11-1.

#14 Miami (3-0) – The Canes have had it pretty easy so far.  Wait until they get into the meat of their ACC schedule.  Well, more like wait until they face teams like Florida State.  I still see them winning the Coastal (hey I got it right first shot!) but possibly being unranked at the end of the regular season.  Predicted record: 9-3.

#15 Nebraska (4-0) – Well at least if Mike Riley loses exactly four games this season, there won’t be any pissing and moaning in Lincoln.  OK there will be a little but not as much as was directed at Bo Pelini.  Predicted record: 9-3.

#18 Utah (4-0) – The Utes are underrated AGAIN.  I selected them to win the Pac-12 South and the Pac-12 title in my preseason predictions and I kind of stand by it.  Kind of.  There are some landmines for sure but I think they will somehow come out on top of the Pac-12 South rubble.  Maybe a first-time Rose Bowl berth for Utah?  Predicted record: 10-2.

#19 San Diego State (3-0) – Does anyone see the Aztecs losing a game the rest of the way?  I sure don’t.  It will be very interesting if an undefeated SDSU gets to face an undefeated Boise State.  Does the winner get the New Year’s Six automatically?  If that happened, CBS would be kicking itself for not renewing their contract for the Mountain West Championship.  Predicted record: 12-0.

#24 Boise State (3-0) – Might as well just look at the San Diego State paragraph above and ask the same questions.  I foresee a massive game that ESPN will have to really think of where to put on the schedule that weekend.  No way they bury that game at the same time as the Big Ten Championship and ACC Championship if these two teams are undefeated going in.  Predicted record: 12-0.

Arizona State (4-0) – It says a lot that an undefeated Pac-12 South team isn’t even ranked.  I don’t think anyone has any faith that ASU can do anything of note this season.  I tend to agree.  Predicted record: 7-5.

West Virginia (3-0) – This is the Big XII’s other great hope of landing a team in the College Football Playoff.  Again, the dream that the Mountaineers will make the CFP or even the NY6 will probably die over the next few weeks.  Predicted record: 7-5.

Western Michigan (4-0) – Expect the Broncos to sloooooooooowly move up the rankings every week as the teams above them fall to the wayside.  I don’t think they lose again during the regular season but with three better Group of Five teams in front of them, they will get scant attention in the race to the New Year’s Six.  Predicted record: 12-0.

Wake Forest (4-0) – Now THIS is a massive surprise.  Wake Forest.  Without Jim Grobe.  Is undefeated through September.  College football, folks.  At least 40 crazy and odd things happen every season and this is one of them.  Wake will go to a bowl game but not much beyond that.  That means Dave Clawson should be coach of the year.  Predicted record: 8-4.

Memphis (3-0) – Completely under-the-radar, the Tigers could do very well with very little fanfare thanks to Houston being in their division.  They won’t win the division but I think the program will prove that it wasn’t all Justin Fuente and Paxton Lynch.  Predicted record: 7-5.

Maryland (3-0) – To be honest, I didn’t even think they would be 3-0 at this point.  But I stick with my guns and say they will not make it to a bowl game.  Remember, they now start their Big Ten schedule and it will be a bit of a gauntlet.  Predicted record: 5-7.

Toledo (3-0) – So Northern Illinois looks awful this season which opens the door for Toledo to FINALLY push through and get to the MAC Championship.  So what happens?  Western Michigan happens.  Poor Rockets.  It will be another good season by MAC standards but not enough to move the needle any.  Predicted record: 9-3.

Minnesota (3-0) – I think this team got no AP votes.  None.  And they are undefeated.  I think they will make a bowl game but it will not be easy.  Predicted record: 6-6.

Air Force (3-0) – There seems to be a wide gap between the top teams and the rest in the Mountain West.  The Falcons are a step below Boise and SDSU but still top tier.  All it will take is one loss to knock them out of a potentially historic MWC Championship.  I predict two.  Predicted record: 10-2.

OK I was wrong.  There are 26 undefeated teams left.  Wow!  My guess is, like every year, the amount of perfect teams will drop drastically in October.  I am predicting, right now, there will be five remaining undefeated teams from this list.  The four Group of Five teams I mentioned and one Power Five team: Ohio State.  This is feeling a bit more like 2007 than people want to think at this point.

Tomorrow I will post the college football schedule.  Bell is cooperating for the most part but I can’t seem to find much info on Rogers yet so hopefully over the next twelve hours or so I can gather that info.  The NFL schedule will be up Friday as per usual.  A reminder that there are two CFB games in our area tomorrow night and one NFL game.


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