Let that be a lesson to you sweetie. Never love anything. – Week 3 NFL Recap



I am, of course, referring to fans of the Cleveland Browns.  I have heard of certain kinds of torture but this seems to take the cake.  You have to be a true die-hard to love a franchise that seems so inept and so full of bad luck.  There may not be a team in all of North American pro sports that has had the string of futility that the Browns have had since they rejoined the league.  And they keep breaking their fans’ hearts.  Look at this past Sunday’s game against the Dolphins.  If Cody Parkey hits one of those three field goals he missed, the game is over and the Browns hold on for a victory.  They should have won the game anyway since Miami was awful.  Any other team probably would have finished them off.  Not Cleveland.  I feel bad for some of the talented players there since if they went elsewhere they may end up superstars.

Sorry to start this week’s recap on such a glum note but I feel for you Browns fans…wherever you may be.  To be honest I don’t see fans of very many teams other than the Bills, Lions, Broncos, Packers, and Patriots in these parts.  There’s the odd fan here and there of another team but truly not many.  Although I will say I have never seen a Jaguars fan in this area.  Ever.

  • And how about dem Bills? It’s that game that happens every week where the underdog that probably has no place in winning the game not only wins but dominates.  That’s what happened in Orchard Park as Buffalo completely destroyed Arizona in every facet of the game.  How the Cards are only 1-2 to start the season I don’t get.
  • Hey maybe Minnesota will still make the playoffs! They woke up after most of the first half and beat Carolina.  They’re 3-0.  OK this season has been kind of bizarre so far.
  • Speaking of bizarre, there was a long lightning delay of almost 70 minutes in the Rams-Bucs game. It was such a long delay, they didn’t even show highlights on Football Night in America.  Too bad because it sounded like it was a close finish with the Bucs blowing their chance to win in the end.
  • It is going to be very interesting when Tony Romo comes back in about a month. If Dak Prescott and the Cowboys continue to play like they are playing, do you really want to upset the apple cart and the chemistry of the team to put Romo back in?  It will be a tough call that I am sure Jason Garrett will mess up.
  • Back to the Rams, it sounds like the one NFL coach who could end up at LSU coaching the Tigers is Jeff Fisher. Why?  I just don’t get it.  He is a mediocre coach at best who gets opportunities everywhere he goes.  And for what reason?  If someone can explain it to me please do.
  • Is Carson Wentz for real? In Philly it has to be so far, so good since he has looked great.  They picked apart the Steelers in a game I thought Pittsburgh would win.  Again, it was a bit of a bizarro week in the NFL.
  • You can’t blame Rob Ryan anymore. So who will the Saints blame for their continuing ignorance of basic defense?  Just like the Broncos defenses of the past few years (and this year) is one of the best, the Saints since the turn of the decade have been deplorable on defense.  I struggle to find a team that has been worse…even Cleveland isn’t this bad on defense.

A quick look at the undefeateds

I suppose I should do this for college football as well but let me start with the NFL teams left that have yet to taste the agony of defeat.

New England – This does surprise me.  What surprises me more is how dominant they were against Houston with Jacoby Brissett under centre.  I pegged them for either 2-2 or 3-1 before Touchdown Tommy comes back.  They may actually be 4-0.  Watch this happen and then they inexplicably end up 11-5 at the end of the season.

Baltimore – This also surprises me but not as much as with the Patriots and mainly because of their easy early-season schedule.  The Bills, Browns, and Jaguars are all teams they had a good chance to beat.  They did but barely in all three.  They get the Raiders this Sunday so that might come to an end.

Denver – This does not surprise me.  I am surprised, however, at how good Trevor Siemian was against the Bengals this past week.  He has grown into the starting quarterback job which, to be perfectly honest, is all he has had to do.  With a dominant defense and a pretty good rushing attack, all he needs to do is not be bad.  So far, so good.

Philadelphia – Raise your hand if you thought this would be the case through Week 3.  Now everyone put them down because you’re all full of shit.  No one thought the Eagles would be this good.  Some thought Carson Wentz would be the real deal.  I would chuckle a bit if they were two games up on the rest of the NFC East going into November.

Minnesota – I thought this might be the case but I figured it would be with Adrian Peterson.  I wonder if this team could be even better without him.  They will have to find out since I have this funny feeling Peterson has played his last game as a Viking and in the NFL period.

So that’s it.  Five teams.  Parody reigns supreme through the first month of the season.  Let’s revisit this at the end of October and see where we are.  I am sure some teams can be eliminated from playoff contention by the eight or nine game mark.

Same old, same old.  College football schedule Thursday.  NFL schedule Friday.  Sometimes I feel like a robot with this scheduling.


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