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It’s time to say a few final farewells – Week 4 College Football Recap

First off, on a serious note, my heart goes out to the families of Miami Marlins ace pitcher Jose Fernandez, golfing legend Arnold Palmer, and Calgary Stampeders defensive back Mylan Hicks.  All three passed away over the weekend.  Totally different circumstances with all three but it was still a bit of a shock to see this happening in such a short timespan.

On a less serious note, Les Miles was let go as head coach at LSU.  I am not surprised in the least by this.  Cam Cameron was also shitcanned and deservedly so.  Mister Interim Ed Orgeron fills in for now.  It is kind of ironic that the King of Terrible Clock Management had his last game marred by…you guessed it, poor clock management.  A horrible way to end his coaching career at LSU.  He will be in line for the first good Power Five opening in 2017 I am sure.  It’s too bad it came to this but let’s be honest, LSU’s offense has been horrifically bad this season even with Leonard Fournette.  I am shocked because I had them making a big comeback from last season and winning the national title.  I guess that, like most of my predictions, went up in smoke.  Thanks.


  • How Clemson didn’t beat Georgia Tech by like 50 I will never know. They were so dominant it was frightening.  Saturday’s meeting with Louisville has become must-see TV for sure.  I have the over/under at 100 and I might be understating it a bit.


  • Didn’t get the USC-Utah game here but it looked exciting. I sure hope something happens when it comes to FOX Sports One college football broadcasts next season.  If not, we will be losing more big games.  It’s like we’re going backwards in this country with college football coverage.  Again, if it isn’t hockey, it doesn’t seem to matter as much.  Sad but true.
  • I see there was a protest at the end of the Wyoming-Eastern Michigan game. And no they weren’t protesting the fact that Eastern Michigan still has a football team.  It had to with racial graffiti on campus a few days previous.  So I am glad they did it since that type of crap has no place in society these days.  Oh and Eastern Michigan is 3-1.  I’m shocked as well.

Saturday Early

  • The early slate was positively awful. Other than really Colorado State-Minnesota and Iowa-Rutgers, none of the games were even close.
  • I am starting to sense that Iowa isn’t the Iowa of last year. Same goes for Wisconsin.  Which is great for Wisky and bad for the Hawkeyes.
  • I think it’s now Tennessee’s SEC East to lose after seeing what Georgia did against Ole Miss. I still have the Dawgs winning most of the rest of their games but I am bit nervous about that.
  • Florida State is still good but could somehow play third fiddle in their own division. Has the ACC Atlantic become the toughest division in college football?  It has to be close.  If it wasn’t for Boston College I’d say for sure it is.

Saturday Afternoon

  • Here’s what it picked up. Poor Les Miles lost the game and his job at Auburn.  I am still amazed that at one point they figured the play got off in time.  At no time did I think that was the case.  I am glad they got it right.  And another thing, I would really like to see a study of how many calls have been actually overturned, meaning the referee got it wrong originally.  I have a feeling it’s quite low meaning the refs, for the most part, are still doing a good job.  Problem is when they screw up, boy do they screw up (COUGH*Oklahoma State*COUGH).
  • Duke-Notre Dame somehow went down to the wire. How many people had the Fighting Irish losing more than three games this season?  OK most of you put your hands down since I don’t remember seeing anyone having them at lower than 9-3 anywhere.  Maybe we were all wrong about this team.  Who knows?  All I know is that their defense is horri-awful and how Brian VanGorder still has a job is beyond me.  UPDATE: VanGorder has been fired.  About time.
  • I thought Pitt was looking like the real deal. Evidently not.  The ACC Coastal looks like the opposite of the Atlantic.  Other than Miami I really do not see a contender there.
  • BREAKING NEWS: Wake Forest is 4-0. No this is not a misprint.

Saturday Primetime

  • This was a bit of a shitshow with the PVR thanks to the lightning delay in Stillwater. So that game was a wash since I wasn’t going to be able to see the ending.  I now wished I had recorded Stanford-UCLA instead since that game looked like gangs of fun and showed that maybe the Cardinal isn’t as dominant as we think.  Either that or the Bruins are for real.
  • Speaking of the game in Stillwater, Baylor won and looks like the last contender remaining in the Big XII. Watch West Virginia run the table and shock everyone.
  • Mark Stoops avoided being the second SEC coach fired this past weekend by holding on to beat South Carolina. He is not long for this SEC world I am sure but until he blows a gasket against a team that isn’t that great, he will hold on.  Even if they do lose to Bama by 70.
  • Arkansas and Texas A&M were close through 2.5 quarters. I thought this would be a game that went down to the wire.  Not even close.  Again, if you saw this coming with this Aggies team, go buy a lottery ticket now.

Saturday Late Night

  • Arizona State is actually good. Are we surprised?  We probably shouldn’t be since Todd Graham has always been one of the better coaches and always has decent to good teams.  Unless Utah somehow wins the Pac-12 South though, they could have a 3 or 4-loss team going to face either Stanford or Washington in the Pac-12 title tilt.

OK so this was a short recap.  I watched bits and pieces of the games and gorged on highlights yesterday.  Looks like next weekend (with its awesome slate of games) will be another PVR-riffic Saturday.  Oh well it comes with the territory and I just have to accept it (and make sure I have a caffeine source nearby…the amount of coffee and Coke/Pepsi/RC Cola I drink during college football season is absurd and probably really bad for my body).

Now I will put up my current Bossman Top 25.  No notes afterwards but I think it should be pretty close to what’s happening with the current AP Top 25 (except for San Diego State…that’s a surprise to see them that high):

#1 Alabama
#2 Michigan
#3 Ohio State
#4 Louisville
#5 Wisconsin
#6 Clemson
#7 Stanford
#8 Tennessee
#9 Houston
#10 Washington
#11 Florida State
#12 Texas A&M
#13 Michigan State
#14 Ole Miss
#15 Baylor
#16 Miami
#17 Nebraska
#18 Texas
#19 TCU
#20 Utah
#21 Georgia
#22 Florida
#23 Oklahoma
#24 Arkansas
#25 West Virginia

Tomorrow I will have the NFL recap and then wash, rinse, repeat for the next, oh, two months or so.


5 thoughts on “It’s time to say a few final farewells – Week 4 College Football Recap

  1. Even though the officials ruled correctly (after review) that LSU didn’t get the play off in time, maybe the NCAA, (as well as the NFL & CFL) should mandate that a horn sounds at the end of each quarter just like in hockey & basketball. Also, have the last minute of every quarter in tenths of a second. That would reduce so much confusion in these situations. It sucks to hear Les Miles has lost his job at LSU. They should have beaten Wisconsin though as Dave Aranda used to be the Badgers defensive coordinator. No excuses for that loss to begin the season.

  2. It has been discussed before on this blog. I have advocated for tenths of a second to be put on the game clocks. Then, yes, the amount of confusion in situations like this will be zero.
    LSU, in general, has been difficult to watch. I figured if they could get OK QB play, they’d be a shoo-in for at least ten wins. Harris was bad, Etling isn’t much better. Even Fournette isn’t as dominant as he could have been so far this season. A bad situation all around. As someone said (I believe it was Brett McMurphy of ESPN), the school was just waiting for justification for firing Miles going back to the last game of the 2015 season. Now they had it. He will be back soon enough.
    Now the question is who will take over for next season. If Houston doesn’t get into the Big XII, then I am positive it will be Tom Herman.

  3. On the television front this FS1 stuff is starting to annoy me. Looking ahead to Thanksgiving weekend it appears that OU-Texas at The Cotton Bowl is on FS1 which means we likely won’t see it in Canada. That’s disturbing.

    1. I know. First time in…well, I don’t know how long. As long as I can remember, the Red River Shootout has been at noon on ABC on the first or second Saturday of October. I truly believe Rogers and Bell will have to look into this for next season.

  4. That was often a great Saturday – in addition to OU-Texas you usually had FSU-Miami and LSU-Florida the same day. FSU-Miami has bounced around a little bit lately (I went to their game at Doak a few years ago that was played in November) but it returned to this weekend last year and is again on that weekend this year.

    I’m afraid I don’t have your faith in Rogers/Bell to rectify this FS1 issue. I hope you are right, though.

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