Everything’s coming up Bradford – Week 2 NFL Recap


I will admit I was a bit shocked to see Sam Bradford play so well.  I think most of us fans are ingrained to think that Bradford is no better than a good backup.  He hasn’t really proven he is a great quarterback.  Besides, he gets up in the morning, gets ready to go to the stadium, and has about a 88.6% chance of getting injured on the way there.  We have to remember, though, that Bradford is a former #1 overall draft choice.  He was sensational at Oklahoma (again, when we wasn’t injured) so it’s not like this should be super surprising.  I think it’s just a long time coming.  It’s also only one week.  And without Adrian Peterson for who knows how long, Sammy will have to shoulder the load.  If the Vikings can somehow make the playoffs then he may cement himself as, perhaps, a top 10 quarterback in this league.  Until then, let’s just hope he doesn’t get injured in the drive-thru at Arby’s.

Other Observances from the Week

  • I will be honest, slopitch playoffs played a bit of havoc with my NFL watching this past Sunday. Not that I minded, I love playing slopitch and the weather was nice at least (unlike Saturday which sucked balls and we still had to play).
  • Speaking of being the real deal, could Carson Wentz already be showing he’s going to be something special in the NFL? Let’s not crown him yet but he has looked pretty good.  And now he has actually played a decent defense, unlike the Browns.  Speaking of the Browns…
  • …the Browns are already on their third quarterback of the season. This may be a good thing.  Cody Kessler was drafted in the third round of this past draft.  I assume it was to become the Browns starting quarterback in the next year or two.  Not many thought it would be in the third game of the season.  But hey, it’s worth a shot right.  Could it get any worse?  They blew a 20-0 first quarter lead against the Ravens and lost by 5.  If things don’t turn around they may rival the winless 2008 Detroit Lions for worst team ever.
  • I think it’s kind of stupid to penalize for taunting in this day and age. I’m not going off the deep end and go on about “Murica is getting soft” or anything of that nature.  But it’s the NFL we’re talking about.  I guess you can bash someone’s brains out as long as you don’t make fun of their mom after doing it.
  • So tame. With no Vontaze Burfict, this game seemed to lack the intensity the last few years of Bengals-Steelers games has provided us.  But this game wasn’t without controversy.  Tyler Boyd fumbled late for Cincinnati, thwarting their chances of tying the game up.  Problem was it wasn’t a fumble.  Not even close.  So we can still say the replay system isn’t perfect.
  • Back to speaking of being the real deal, the rookie QB who could end up looking the best (at least through this season) might be Dak Prescott. He looks really comfortable as the signal caller for the Cowboys.  It’s going to be very interesting when Tony Romo comes back for week 8.  If the Cowboys are 4-2 or even 5-1, Jason Garrett is going to have to think long and hard about the decision to just plop Tony Baloney back into the starting role.
  • So now Jimmy Garoppolo, this year’s Matt Cassel doppelganger, is down with an injury so he will miss at least the next game. So now the Patriots give the ball to Jacoby Brissett, fresh out of NC State.  This is a serious opportunity for Brissett since once Brady is back, he would battle Garoppolo for the backup spot (at least through the end of this season).  One or two good games and Jacoby B might look like a better option than Jimmy G.
  • Yes I picked the Rams to beat the Seahawks. No, I didn’t think they’d do it with no touchdowns.  So the Rams are tied at the top of the NFC West without scoring a touchdown.  Give Jeff Fisher an extension!  Oh wait, it sounds like they are thinking about it.  OK I was being sarcastic, please for the sake of the Rams franchise, don’t do it.  They need a new man to coach this team.  The offense is brutal and shows no signs of improving.  A new voice at the top could do wonders for this young team.
  • Some good news: Jim Nantz’s head didn’t explode during the Colts-Broncos game.

There you go.  Another relatively short recap of the NFL.  Hopefully tomorrow (but more likely Thursday) I will have the college football schedule up.  Friday is your NFL schedule day as per usual.


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