The (Short) Week 1 NFL Recap – Sponsored by Jack Del Rio’s Massive Sack


I don’t want to make this more NSFW than it already is (although I try to keep the fucking swearing to a minimum).

Yes, let’s discuss the grapefruits on ol’ JDR.  To be honest, it was probably the best call to make.  Drew Brees threw for about a million yards on the Raider defense and if the Saints had won the overtime coin toss, they might as well have packed up all their shit and left immediately.  So was it ballsy?  Sure.  But it was a very calculated move and the type of thing that is going to get Oakland to the playoffs there.  Well, that and an amazing QB and some good young talent.

The Colts Defense.  Yes, let’s start with a low point, at least for me at the time.  Coming into the last minute of the Lions-Colts game, I was undefeated.  Perfect 11-0.  Amazing.  I’m thinking “Hey, I could get some of that sweet, sweet ProLine money.”  Then the Colts allowed the Lions to march down the field with ease and win it on a Matt Prater field goal.  I was deflated (no not a Patriots joke…this time).  Thankfully (for my sanity) the Cards and Rams lost as well so I don’t feel like I missed out on a lot of money by one point and a really bad defense.  Poor Andrew Luck having to deal with that.

Speaking of the Rams… what was that?  What a complete piss poor performance by that team.  Aaron Donald’s ejection was the icing on a shit cake.  If the Rams continue this, fans in Los Angeles might not even care enough about a new stadium to support this team.

A tale of two Carsons.  Let’s start with Carson the Elder.  It’s not that Carson Palmer was bad.  He just wasn’t that great.  The Pats were ripe for the picking (kind of) and he just didn’t lead his team to victory.  As for Carson the Junior, Wentz showed he belongs in the NFL.  But let’s not crown him Rookie of the Year just yet.  This was against the Browns defense remember.  And speaking of Cleveland…

It is now obvious.  RGIII has not learned a damn thing.  His reckless style of play continues and, lo and behold, he’s now out for eight weeks with a shoulder injury.  Not that the Browns really had a chance but what now?

We have found another graduate of the Les Miles School of Clock Management.  But this time he’s a player and not a coach.  Look, Jason Garrett doesn’t need any more heat on him.  Coaching in Big D is tough enough.  But what Terrance Williams did with very little time left was a complete brain fart.  Not saying the Cowboys would have hit on what would have been a 50+ yard field goal.  But to not get a chance to even attempt it really sucks.

Remember, it’s only Week One.  Therefore:

  • Jimmy Garoppolo is not the second coming of Tom Brady.
  • The Bills won’t be THAT pathetic on offense all season.
  • Carson Wentz isn’t a Pro Bowler yet.
  • The Rams aren’t that inept. OK maybe they are but let’s give them a chance.
  • The Bengals, Chiefs, Packers, and Seahawks are all probably better than what they showed.

Looks like we are getting back into the swing of things.  Expect the college schedule either Wednesday or Thursday every week and the NFL schedule every Friday.  College recap on Monday and NFL recap on Tuesday barring any issues.  You can set your watch to it…if you were so inclined to do so.


2 thoughts on “The (Short) Week 1 NFL Recap – Sponsored by Jack Del Rio’s Massive Sack

  1. Despite the penalty on Crabtree for unsportsmanlike conduct after the two point conversion was scored, the Raiders gained a net positive of five yards on the ensuing kickoff since the touchback was moved to the 25 yard line for this season. The Raiders are going to be awesome this year and they should beat Atlanta on Sunday no problem. Matt Ryan & the Falcons are not so great straight up & against the spread in Week Two.

    It doesn’t help that Case Keenum is the starting quarterback for the Rams. Next year, they need to make a splash in free agency and get themselves a big name quarterback. The fan support is going to be there in Los Angeles. Give it another year or two and the Rams will be ready for primetime. Fox & CBS are happy that the NFL has returned to America’s second largest city and I cannot see another team leaving L.A. again.

    The Cleveland Browns show once again that they are the Factory of Sadness. Fortunately, Clevelanders have the Cavaliers & Ohio State Buckeyes to make them feel better sports wise.

  2. True. I have the Raiders and Broncos battling it out for the AFC West crown this season.

    If the Rams (i.e. Jeff Fisher) were smart, they would throw Jared Goff in there as quick as possible. Otherwise what was the point of drafting him first overall in the first place? Start him at least half the season so he’s ready next season when the Rams are (hopefully) ready to compete for a playoff spot.

    The Browns are such a sad-sack franchise. They don’t help themselves for sure but they have had a lot of bad luck. More than any other team by a country mile.

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