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Weak Week 2 Schedule? That’s a Paddlin’. – Week 2 College Football Recap


I think I kind of get it now.  College football doesn’t want to rain on the NFL’s Opening Week parade.  Or they think the NFL will murder them in the ratings so why try.  Actually, no.  That makes no sense.  The NFL games are on SUNDAY you idiots.  I still don’t understand this horrible Week 2 schedule.  Was it so no one would take the steam out of the Battle at Bristol (which, other than the fact it was cool to see that many people watching a college football game, kind of sucked)?  Oh well.  To be honest, it made me feel not bad at all to not be able to watch the games live this past Saturday because it felt like I missed…nothing at all really.

#TessEffect.  When I finally got to Arkansas-TCU and saw that JOE TESSITORE was calling the game, I knew this game would either go down to the wire or to overtime.  Thus is the Tess Effect.  This guy has called so many games that people anticipate it when he’s the play-by-play guy.  Talk about lofty standards to try to uphold.

Well that was different.  Central Michigan beat ranked Oklahoma State on the road on an insane last play-hail mary-chest pass/lateral back to a teammate who ran the wrong route who then ran clear across the field to just score the touchdown.  Complete insanity.  Problem is, the play should have never been run.  OSU got an intentional grounding penalty on the final play.  Normally, if this happens on fourth down, the opposing team would get one untimed down to finish the game.  This happens unless it’s a penalty that also involves loss of down, which intentional grounding does.  Do I think it’s a dumb rule?  Yes.  But it’s the rule and the MAC officiating crew and the Big XII replay official both missed it.  So there you go.  Controversy and it’s only week two.  Other than highlights we didn’t get to see this game.  Thanks CRTC.

Battle for Carolina I.  This is how bad the schedule was this past Saturday.  The NC State-East Carolina game ended up being one of the better games to watch.  It was a great finish.  Battle for Carolina is probably stretching it though.

Battle for Carolina II: Not Quite Basketball Season Yet.  In the second installment of this thrilling series, Wake Forest ended up beating Duke.  Again, it was a close game but the first 55 minutes of it wasn’t exactly inspiring.

Back to games we didn’t get…  Supposedly Arizona State beat Texas Tech in a shootout.  Supposedly.  And shootout might not be the word for it.  What’s more than a shootout?  Missile fight?  I don’t know.  Anyway, Kalen Ballage went insane, scoring eight touchdown, tying an NCAA record.  Glad we didn’t get that one.  Ugh.

Someone has put in their early Heisman reel.  If you didn’t see Lamar Jackson play on Friday night, you missed something special.  He went off (again), this time on Syracuse.  He was one rushing yard short of 400 passing/200 rushing which is insane even in college football these days.  I sincerely hope he hasn’t clinched the Kenny Hill award (Early September Heisman favourite who falls WAY down the list by early October).

Clemson.  Georgia.  That’s not the way to earn Style Points on Style Point Saturday.  What a stupid name.  I would have called it Horri-Awful Scheduling Saturday or Perfect Fall Wedding Date Saturday.  Anyway, Clemson and Georgia almost (ALMOST) lost games this weekend.  Clemson to Troy who does actually have a decent defense and Georgia to Nicholls.  NICHOLLS.  One of the worst teams of the Southland Conference took the Dawgs to the brink.  There go the style points.  Whatever that means.

Did you remember to bring the binoculars?  Don’t get me wrong: it would be cool to tell people you were at the Battle at Bristol the other night.  The scoreboard looked cool.  Over 150,000 people watching, a new college football record.  But seriously, did you see some of the sight lines?  You’d be in the next county and have a better view of the game.

Let’s do this more often.  Glad to see BYU-Utah and, especially, Penn State-Pittsburgh back on the schedule.  They need to do these games more often.  They had the most people EVER for a college football game at Heinz Field for this one.  Don’t tell me these rivalries don’t matter.  So now we need Texas-Texas A&M and Oklahoma-Nebraska back on the sked.  Get on it you four!

Undefeated service academies.  All of them.  Even Army.  Yeah.  Crazy isn’t it?  This could be the best year in a loooooooooooong time for the three service academies as a whole.  Navy and Air Force are basically shoo-ins for bowl games.  Imagine Army going as well?  When’s the last time that happened?  How about never.  Yeah I was shocked too.

OK maybe Northwestern isn’t that good.  I’ll give them the loss to Western Michigan.  But Illinois State?  Not acceptable.  I still have them going to a bowl but being BARELY eligible.  That might change in the next few weeks.

What is up with all the delays?  Ok I can’t be the only one who noticed this but what is with all the weather delays we see nowadays?  There were a few during week one and now another bunch this past Saturday.  I know because we see more games, we see more of what happens but there is no way there were this many weather delays even a decade ago.  Did they just not care back then or is the weather seriously that much more erratic?

And now for something new… my totally unofficial Top 25.  Since everyone else does one, why not me?  This can lead into my very own CFP rankings since everyone seems to do two of those.  So here it is, with a bit of explanation afterwards:

#1 Alabama
#2 Florida State
#3 Clemson
#4 Ohio State
#5 Michigan
#6 Stanford
#7 Houston
#8 Washington
#9 Michigan State
#10 Iowa
#11 Oklahoma
#12 Wisconsin
#13 Louisville
#14 Texas
#15 Notre Dame
#16 Tennessee
#17 Georgia
#18 Ole Miss
#19 LSU
#20 Texas A&M
#21 Baylor
#22 Oregon
#23 TCU
#24 Florida
#25 Arkansas

Yes I still have Clemson at #3.  I get that they struggled against Troy but they shouldn’t have fallen below Ohio State and Michigan as well.  Other than that there are no other big changes from what the AP poll would show, although I do still have TCU in my top 25 since I think Arkansas is actually a pretty good team.

Tomorrow I will have my NFL recap.  I was so pissed off once Detroit somehow beat Indy because it ruined my perfect day.  Now that the Patriots also won, I feel less bad.  Having one loss is much, MUCH worse than having two or three losses because it means you were so close to winning (potentially) a lot of money.  Oh well.


5 thoughts on “Weak Week 2 Schedule? That’s a Paddlin’. – Week 2 College Football Recap

  1. Yes. As a Huskers fan, this rivalry is missed very much. Also, make it an opening kickoff weekend game sometime in the near future. I am with you Bossman regarding the Texas vs Texas A&M as well. Make it an annual Thanksgiving Friday tradition once again and in primetime on either ABC or Fox.

  2. There is no reason that these rivalries can’t exist. This is why I am hesitant to put support behind 9-game conference schedules. Realignment has destroyed rivalries. 8-game conference schedules alleviates the issue here.
    Also, these games don’t have to happen every year. If they were played every other year or every third year then it would satisfy the fans and allow the networks to show different matchups every season.

  3. “Realignment has destroyed rivalries.”

    Exactly. When I wrote my comment earlier today, Texas A&M moving to the SEC clearly was not taken into account. If Texas A&M is the home team against the Longhorns, the game must be aired on an ESPN Network or CBS.

  4. True. I think this may be part of the impetus to break off the Power Five conferences or the top schools (like I have posted previously). Being able to show as many high-profile games on TV whether they be conference or non-conference games.

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