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Well that escalated quickly – Week 1 College Football Recap

well that escalated quickly

ESPN hyped the absolute shit out of college football’s opening weekend.  So of course everyone, including myself, wondered if the weekend would live up to the hype.  To everyone’s glee, it certainly did.  College football should take note of this and replicate it as best they can next season.  Having Sunday and Monday night games also made it a must-see weekend where I watched almost every minute of it.  To be honest, I don’t know how I am functioning right now.  But I would have kicked myself if I had missed that weekend-plus of football.  It was so crazy and a lot happened in the top 25 that sometimes doesn’t happen in three weeks combined.  I would say it was good practice for what the season will bring us but that’s like saying you’re about to learn how to swim without water wings and they drop you in the ocean from a cruise ship.

Anyway, let’s go over what was undoubtedly a great five days of college football.  I’ll do the same format as I did with the schedule and see if that works.


  • It all started Thursday night where Appalachian State made many Vols fans shit their pants. What a close game that the Mountaineers probably should have won.  Brent Musburger was right in saying the Volunteers survived.  Funny thing is, after all that happened, Tennessee may move UP in the rankings.
  • Indiana started REALLY slowly but showed why they are a solid middle-to-low-end Big Ten team in their win over Florida International.
  • Guess who is (technically) leading the SEC East right now? If you guessed the Vanderbilt Commodores you’d be wrong…STUPID!  You so stupid!  Somehow Vandy gacked the game away against South Carolina who won it on a pretty long field goal with almost no time left.  This meant that Will Muschamp yelled at his team about 15% less after the game.  They deserved it.
  • I thought if Wake Forest had lost to Tulane then my prediction of them making a bowl game would have gone in the toilet. They won.
  • Lamar Jackson went ham on Charlotte. Eight first half touchdowns!  I know it’s just Charlotte and they really don’t even belong in Conference USA but good lord that’s amazing.  Maybe Louisville will have something to say about Clemson and Florida State’s recent ACC dominance.
  • If you haven’t seen Western Kentucky’s entrance to their opening game, look it up.   Except for the one guy that started the pileup.  I don’t think he thought it was too funny.
  • UConn barely got by Maine. I don’t see how that gives the Big XII any confidence in them.


  • Christian McCaffrey made an appearance and, other than highlights, no Canadian got to see it. I sure hope that changes next year.  Oh, by the way, he still looks like a really good football player.
  • Michigan State didn’t look too good against Furman but they too may move up the rankings.
  • Well there goes one of my winless predictions. Eastern Michigan destroyed Mississippi Valley State.
  • First FCS-over-FBS upset of the year belongs to the Great Danes of Albany as they upended Buffalo.
  • Uh-oh. Temple loses to Army.    The Black Knights may sneak into a bowl.  Temple better hope that was an aberration since it does not look good on the resume.  On top of that, the Owls were told they will not be invited into the Big XII.  A bad day overall.
  • The Rocky Mountain Showdown was more like a Rocky Mountain Beatdown. Colorado beat Colorado State pretty damn easily.  Hey, maybe the Pac-12 will be really tough this year from top to bottom.
  • Toledo-Arkansas State ended up only in SD for us. Up until early last week it was showing up on the TSN schedule.  Then it was removed.  Eventually it showed up on Rogers and Bell schedules but only in SD.  Someone dropped the ball.

Saturday Early Afternoon (and Morning)

  • I caught most of the Georgia Tech-Boston College game from Dublin Saturday morning. Was too busy to watch it all the way through but I did catch the last five minutes which were great.  A good start to the day.
  • Jimmy Harbaugh put a royal beatdown on up-and-coming Tweeter Nick Rolovich and his Hawaii program. Wasn’t even close.
  • I don’t get the Big Ten Network and it didn’t seem to matter as Ohio State also decided to open up a can of whoopass, this one on Bowling Green.
  • Well guess who is Rowing The Boat? Western Michigan pulls off the big upset of Northwestern and now I can’t really see how they won’t be at least 11-1 if not 12-0 going into conference championship week.
  • And speaking of possibly going 12-0, unless Houston coughs one up, they seem destined to make the College Football Playoff Committee’s job difficult after starting their season with a win over #3 Oklahoma. Impressive doesn’t even start to tell how good this win was.  Big XII, just invite them already and make this a conference game next season.
  • Back on the upset conversation, how about South Alabama? They pull off one of the biggest opening day upsets ever, beating Mississippi State when the Bulldogs’ short field goal on the final play doinked off the left upright.
  • So Navy pulled a quarterback out of the crowd in their game against Fordham. He had to get out of his uniform whites and into his football uniform to get to the sidelines once Tago Smith went down to injury.
  • The Justin Fuente era started well, I guess. They beat Liberty but it took almost three quarters for them to get going.  They won’t get that same leeway in the Battle at Bristol next week.

Saturday Mid-to-Late Afternoon

  • Thanks LSU. Now my national championship pick looks terrible.  Then again, Wisconsin’s defense came to play.  They didn’t totally shut down Leonard Fournette but he definitely didn’t look like a Heisman candidate for most of the game.  Brandon Harris, however, was terrible.  Just didn’t look comfortable at QB and it showed.  All the Tigers have to do to make it back to the CFP is run the table.  Easy right?  Oh, and cue the Fire Les commentary.
  • The SEC’s Tour de Failure almost continued as Texas A&M blew a pretty big lead to UCLA to allow the Bruins to force overtime. The Aggies won in the first extra period but it shouldn’t have even been that close.
  • Louisiana Tech almost made it another upset of an SEC team as they came oh so close to beating Arkansas, losing by 1 in the end.
  • Penn State’s kicker is ridiculously big…for a kicker at least. Hilarious to see him lay out kick returners although it is a distinct Nittany Lion advantage.
  • Staggered start times work great (a few websites have preached about this). I agree (as long as I am home to watch the games).  Georgia-North Carolina got the later afternoon start time on their own and took advantage of it.  UGA came back from a deficit to beat the Tar Heels and Nick Chubb looks like an early true Heisman candidate with his second half performance.
  • The Bronco Mendenhall era started with the worst Power Five loss to an FCS team in recent memory, losing to Richmond and not being even close.

Saturday Primetime

  • Kentucky was up 25 on Southern Miss. They ended up losing.  I think Mark Stoops is done unless a miracle happens.  Also, Wildcat fans are already checking out when basketball season starts.
  • UMass kept it real close with Florida for three-and-a-half quarters. What in the hell was wrong with the SEC this weekend?  The highlight of this one was clearly Steve Spurrier’s speech after the field was named after him.  Despite what many South Carolina fans think, Spurrier being back as head coach would be great for the game.
  • You know, early on I thought USC would keep it close with Bama. And the way they were playing, that looked like a good prediction.  Then the Tide turned it on, ran away with the game and gave Lane Kiffin a measure of revenge on USC (for his shitty head coaching while he was there).
  • The class move of the week: Nebraska lines up for their first punt with only ten men. Their punter, Sam Foltz, had been killed in an auto accident during the summer so in his memory they lined up one man short and took the delay of game penalty.  Have to give Fresno State credit as well as they declined the penalty.  A great and poignant scene.
  • The night ended (pretty much) with Clemson almost Clemsoning the game away against Auburn. I don’t know what the hell Dabo Swinney was thinking but it tells me that he has no faith in his kicker at all.


  • Notre Dame-Texas basically made it so that every Labour Day Sunday for at least the next decade will have a college football game. That was an absolute thriller of a game.  Hell, the Irish even tied it up late and sent it to overtime with a blocked extra point returned for two.  The Longhorns sewed it up in the second overtime period on Tyrone Swoopes’ rushing touchdown.  Is Texas back?    Is Notre Dame going to be not as good?  Maybe.  It is week one remember.


  • Wow, way too many sections here. Won’t have this problem going forward.  Anyway…Ole Miss built up a 22-point lead and many thought, at the very least, they would hold on to upset the Noles and give the SEC a much needed boost after a pretty bad weekend.  Instead, they blew that lead pretty quickly and ended up losing.

So there you go.  Opening weekend in the books and what a weekend it was.  To be honest, this coming weekend won’t be nearly as good.  It’s almost impossible unless there are some crazy finishes to accompany what is arguably the weakest slate of college football all season.  I should have the schedule up tomorrow since it’s almost already set (I am honestly shocked).

And then we get the NFL starting up as well on Thursday night!  I should have the NFL schedule, as usual, up on Friday for Week 1 of the NFL season.  Football is back.  Finally.  It took long enough.


4 thoughts on “Well that escalated quickly – Week 1 College Football Recap

  1. I thought Houston was going to keep the game close and come up short. But the way they played against Oklahoma was awesome. If they run the table and Oklahoma wins the Big XII, Houston HAS to be included in this year’s College Football Playoff.

    South Alabama knocking off Mississippi State is impressive in and of itself.

    At the end of the Clemson @ Auburn game, nice play by Jadar Johnson to swat the ball then come up front and knock it down.

    Notre Dame @ Texas turned out to be an instant classic! Even better that the Fighting Irish lost! The race in the Big XII this year should be extremely interesting. If the Longhorns exceed expectations, Charlie Strong’s job is probably safe. Having a game or two on Labour Day Sunday will be awesome!

    In the rematch of Super Bowl 50, will the Broncos defense bail out Trevor Siemian or is Cam Newton going to get his revenge?


  2. Here’s the thing with Houston: even if they run the table will The Committee select them over the third-best Power Five conference champion? Also, there is a possibility that there could be four undefeated Group of Five teams going into conference championship week since, along with UH, there is Boise State, San Diego State, and Western Michigan all looking like they may not lose until then.

    I think the Panthers rout the Broncos. The Broncos will be good enough to at least grab a wild card spot this season but they won’t make it far in the playoffs.


  3. I really enjoyed the Sunday night game in prime time. I hope this becomes a staple on Labour Day Sunday.

    This was the best opening weekend in college football history.

    LSU looked terrible, but at least they played someone instead of playing a cream puff.


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