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Quick Look-Ahead Post for Week 1 of the College Football Season


Yes we have finally made it.  Tomorrow night, Cal and Hawaii will play a game in Sydney, Australia.  Only us, the ardent college football fans we are, would consider watching this.  It is akin to watching Tennessee play Cleveland this year in the NFL.  You’d have to be a huge Titans or Browns fan or be a lunatic NFL fan just to flip to whatever Sunday Ticket channel this game is on.  But this is what happens when you wait months for any semblance of college football.  And I think the NCAA knows this.  Why put on two premier teams when you can ease into it with this, ahem, “showcase?”  Also we have Thursday and Friday night games to watch before the real opening showcase happens on Labour Day Saturday.

Saying all that, you’d think we would see this game on the specialty pack listings.  So far, nope.  I checked this morning (around 7) and no sign of either this game or the FCS Kickoff on Saturday night.  I am sincerely hoping this changes sometime tonight as we have played this game before and it’s not incredibly fun at all.  I assume they are on since I was notified I was signed up for the U.S. College Sports Package again.  I don’t think Bell would mail that out if they weren’t doing it.  So I can safely assume those games will be on both the Bell and Rogers specialty packs (and any other specialty packs out there).  So how about I switch to what the true Week One will look like.  UPDATE: The game has shown up on the Bell Fibe and Satellite schedules.  Haven’t seen anything for Rogers yet but I am sure it will show up soon.  UPDATE #2: So I finally got a response from someone at Rogers and they said that they did not have the rights to air it on the Super Sports Pack at this time.  I have no fucking what they mean but it smells like bullshit (as I mentioned to a reader).  Ridiculous.  I feel bad for Rogers Super Sports Pack subscribers.


A few specialty pack offerings with BTN and CBSSN showing a game each.  Nothing too special although App State-Tennessee looks intriguing if the Mountaineers can keep it close going into the fourth.


Again, not a whole lot although we get our first TSN offering.  Toledo-Arkansas State, a good Group of Five matchup, will appear on TSN2 and TSN3.


We start with BC-GT in Ireland for some MORNING FOOTBAW!!!  I am surprised more teams haven’t figured this out.  They don’t even have to be overseas games.  Just start at like 10:30 in the morning and the whole damn country will have only one game to watch for the first half…yours.

The early afternoon offerings are relatively slim but highlighted by a MASSIVE game: Houston against Oklahoma.  This game will make or break Houston and could break the Sooners if they don’t get the job done.

Saturday afternoon has some great games including LSU-Wisconsin, UCLA-Texas A&M, and Georgia-North Carolina.  I’m salivating thinking of this.  This is when it will truly start to feel like a special Saturday: when there are multiple options on at the same time and your remote control wants to tap out.

Primetime gets us the juiciest games.  Bama-USC of course.  But don’t forget Clemson-Auburn which could be sneaky good.


For the first time ever, ABC will have college football on primetime on the first Sunday of the season.  Let’s hope Texas makes a game of it and doesn’t let Notre Dame walk all over them.


Let’s hope last year’s Labour Day game debacle doesn’t repeat itself this time around.

So there you go.  Early next week I will put up the (hopefully) confirmed schedule.  Waiting on all the specialty pack games at this point (and perhaps an ASN offering although it looks like we won’t be getting one week one in this area).  We’ve arrived!  We’re here!  Enjoy the games!


13 thoughts on “Quick Look-Ahead Post for Week 1 of the College Football Season

    1. Yeah I don’t see it on the SSP schedule or in any Rogers guide I can see. I still don’t understand why Rogers isn’t putting SEC Network games on their specialty pack. It’s absurd.

  1. Thank you for your blog. I enjoy it. Do you think TSN will show Florida State vs. Ole Miss on Labour Day Monday on one of its five channels?

    1. Thanks for the kudos. Unfortunately, FSU-Ole Miss will not be on any of the TSNs. With the Labour Day Classic contractually obligated to be on four of the five TSN channels, it only leaves one left and the TSN is also contracted to show U.S. Open tennis. After last year’s debacle with the Labour Day college football game, I am not surprised TSN isn’t showing it.

      1. Why does TSN feel the need to show the CFL on 4 channels. This aggravates me beyond belief. One channel could have the NCAA game. I don’t understand why they do that. Thanks for the reply.

      2. It’s not TSN, it’s the CFL. Or at least it’s both in tandem here. As far as I know, the CFL on TSN contract states that all games, regular and post-season, must be on TSN1, 3, 4, and 5 (since TSN2 is technically the “alternate” TSN feed). And the reason it is this way is because some people do not get more than TSN2 and their “local” TSN. In most of Ontario that is TSN4. Why people wouldn’t get all the TSNs has everything to do with greedy cable companies.
        So yea, I don’t agree with the policy either but I understand the reasoning behind it.

  2. Watched some of the game with the ESPN live feed on my “Other” TV box. Will be signing up before Thursday for the SSP on Cogeco. But since even by paying them 35 bucks a month I still can’t get all the games, i’ll use the other too watch some also.

    At least this year i should be able to watch the SEC network and fox sports 1 games. The streams aren’t perfect but it’s better than not getting the games at all.

    All those should be available for what they charge up here. TSN is a joke.

    1. As I’ve said before, the fact that we cannot get the games we want to watch if we are willing to pay for them is ridiculous. It will be a few years yet before any real change happens since pick n’ pay hasn’t done much for the consumer.
      Next year should be interesting since the Big Ten has at least one game a week on FOX Sports One thanks to their brand spankin new FOX deal. Which means we will get even less of the best college football games up here in Canada.

  3. Any idea as to when the Rogers contract ends for them to show (which they NEVER do anymore) college football games from Fox & FS1? Pick n’ pay doesn’t start until December unfortunately.

    1. I received a message (finally) from Rogers. It stated that they no longer have exclusive rights to FOX college football games. I do find that hard to believe but I wonder if it could be true. TSN would have no spots to even put FS1 games this season. Next year, however, with a few Big Ten games every week moving to FS1, TSN will definitely want those games, especially for southern Ontario which very much is Big Ten country. At that point I could see TSN acquiring that package. It will be a very interesting offseason when it comes to FOX college football games on FS1 and even FSN.

  4. Not just the Big Ten games here in Ontario, TSN will probably want the package of Fox Sports One college football games so that they could give those in British Columbia their fix of Washington Huskies and other Pacific 12 games when they are not showing on any of the ESPN Networks or ABC.

    1. Yeah it will be very interesting what happens after this season is over. Something has to give or else both Rogers and Bell will lose subscribers to their college football specialty packs which, to them, is a hit to the bottom line. I assume they will do something. What that will be I can’t even begin to guess.

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