College Football

So when are we getting that Jim Harbaugh reality show?


Because we are so getting a Jim Harbaugh reality show.  And to be honest, it is a reality show I might actually watch.  Does The Amazing Race still qualify as a reality show?  If not then I don’t know if I watch any.  I don’t even watch the news.  I just find news online at places like Yahoo! which was sold at an absolutely fair price to Verizon, right Marissa Mayer?  Can’t believe this woman being so completely below-average (at best) at her job and getting a payout of possibly more than $100 million.  And we wonder why there are a lot of pissed off people in the world these days.  Ok let’s drive back on to the road here…

We’ve made it.  Or more like I’ve made it.  I don’t know if you have.  You may qualify as insane if you have.  It’s the final conference predictions post for 2016.  And what a better way to end than with the conference that most of us see in this area (unless you’re a Bell subscriber), the Big Ten!  Or as many are starting to call it, the Jim Harbaugh Conference since he’s so damn entertaining.  But wait!  There are other teams in the conference.   And other coaches.  And some of them are even successful.  Like Urban Meyer, Mark Dantonio, and….um….hmmmm OK I will stop there.

The Big Ten is considered on par with the SEC…financially at least.  I wouldn’t say they are quite there on the football field but Ohio State and Michigan State have definitely done their part in the past few years (and Michigan seems to want to join them in that club).  Luckily for us Bell customers the major Big Ten games are always on either ABC or ESPN/2 (for specialty pack subscribers).  Would it be nice to have BTN?  I have said it before, yes it would be.  But I don’t feel like I miss much in terms of quality of games.  I mean how often do you really want to watch Illinois play Purdue?  Alright it’s time for the final batch of conference standing predictions followed by an EXPLOSION of thoughts:

             Conference                  Overall
East W L W L
Michigan State 9 0 11 1
Ohio State 8 1 10 2
Michigan 6 3 9 3
Penn State 5 4 7 5
Indiana 3 6 6 6
Maryland 2 7 5 7
Rutgers 0 9 2 10
Iowa 8 1 11 1
Wisconsin 6 3 8 4
Nebraska 5 4 7 5
Northwestern 5 4 8 4
Minnesota 3 6 6 6
Illinois 3 6 4 8
Purdue 1 8 3 9

EXPLOSION of Thoughts

  • Yes, Rutgers, Maryland, Purdue, and Illinois will still be pretty bad. No shock there.  The shock will be if Darrell Hazell somehow avoids getting shitcanned by the end of the season.
  • Also notice that, yes, the B1G has gone to a nine-game conference schedule.  I am on the fence on whether I think this is good or bad to be honest.
  • You thought Iowa had an easy schedule last season? That’s nothing compared to this season.  I have them losing one game, to Wisconsin, and even that could be in doubt.  Their non-conference schedule is a bit of a joke and they have most of their “tougher” game at home.  I kind of hope that future Mountain West conference member North Dakota State upsets them.
  • Pretty much everyone has Ohio State or Michigan winning the Big Ten East. I say not so fast, my friend.  Michigan State, again, will have the schedule to run the Big Ten table this season.  And they get the two big games, against the Buckeyes and Wolverines, at home.  That should put them over the top.
  • I can’t see Nebraska making any big gains this season other than being on the right side of .500. Mike Riley is going to need to have the Huskers winning at least 9 games starting next season or otherwise he will be Pelinied.
  • Same goes for Pat Fitzgerald. The up-and-down Northwestern has to show more consistency or otherwise the patience of the Wildcat faithful will wear thin.
  • So a rematch for the Big Ten Championship? You got it!  Winner still gets into the College Football Playoff?  That’s right.  And same result as last season?  Now you understand!

It’s over!  The conference predictions are complete.  Next up will be the annual Hot Seat Report.  I was bang on last year with number one.  It was so good that my first choice, Tim Beckman, didn’t even make it to the start of the season.  Impressive, no?

Oh and it’s 29 days until the first official college football game of the season.  Getting geared up!!!  Only problem is I don’t feel right exactly wearing my Baylor shirt anywhere.  That makes two after receiving a Penn State a few years back.  So I am just warning Kansas State, Missouri, and West Virginia that you may have some problems soon since I own shirts bearing your program’s logo.  Just sayin.


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