College Football

And now we get to the conference that keeps me up until about 2 in the morning almost every Saturday in the Fall….the Pac-12! #Pac12AfterDark


I’m not complaining.  Just stating a fact.  I can understand why the Pac-12 wouldn’t want more than one game on that late every week.  Until about midnight or so I am fine.  Then I start to fade.  I’m not exactly a young buck anymore.  But I tough it out and make it and then collapse, wake up much later than I normally would on Sunday and feel like my day has already gone to shit.  Good times.

So it feels like Washington has been selected as the odds-on favourite to win the Pac-12.  I say (and so does Lee Corso) “Not so fast, my friend.”  As you will see in the upcoming predictions I see things a bit differently.  Watch me be totally wrong.  Anyway, predictions followed by a Mandarin buffet of goodies:

             Conference                  Overall
North W L W L
Stanford 8 1 10 2
Washington 7 2 10 2
Oregon 6 3 9 3
Washington State 5 4 9 3
California 2 7 4 8
Oregon State 1 8 2 10
Utah 7 2 10 2
UCLA 7 2 8 4
USC 5 4 7 5
Arizona State 3 5 6 6
Arizona 3 6 5 7
Colorado 0 9 2 10

Mandarin Buffet of Goodies

  • Not so hot take: Oregon State and Colorado will be pretty bad this season. Why did Gary Andersen leave Wisconsin to go to Corvallis again?
  • Somewhat hotter take: Arizona and Cal will miss out on bowl season. I think many people have them on the fence anyway so this is not a big thing but it’s a pretty big drop from last season, especially for the Bears.
  • Scorching hawt take: Yes I have Utah winning the Pac-12 South.   Yes.  No, I am not on meth.  I don’t see USC, ASU, or UCLA having the horses to win this race.  Also, the Utes have a very favourable schedule with USC and Oregon at home.
  • OK to be perfectly honest I don’t think anyone in the Pac-12 South has a good schedule at all. Utah has the most favourable and even that’s littered with minefields.  I can’t see anyone coming out with less than two conference losses from that division.
  • Another pretty damn hot take: I don’t think Washington is quite ready for division supremacy yet. Yes Jake Browning is a fantastic talent and Chris Petersen is a great coach but they have a pretty brutal schedule.  I believe the game against Stanford will be for the division title and that the Huskies will fall short.
  • Eight bowl teams from the Pac-12.  Ah, ah, ah.  I can’t honestly see more than that thanks to the tough schedules that the Pac-12 faces this season (yes, tougher than the SEC).
  • Stanford in the Pac-12 Championship AGAIN? Yes I think it will happen but I see Utah finally ascending to the top of a Power Five conference by beating Stanford in a close one to claim the Rose Bowl berth (which would be another first for the program).

We are heading into the final stretch…of these prediction posts.  I’m sure you’re happy this national ordeal is almost over.  Next up is the creator of November weekday night football, the MAC and their crazy MACtion.

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